Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22, 2009: The Day of the Metro Crash

Dear DMV:

I work downtown near Metro Center. I left work today at 4:30PM on the dot. I actually remember this for a fact because I hit the standby button on my laptop as soon as I saw the time. I walked to the Metro Center metro station to board the red line train in the direction of Silver Spring. As soon as I walk into the station i'm overwhelmed with humidity. I still don't understand why Metro can't spring for some A/C. As i'm walking into the station the station operator announces, "We're currently experiencing delays on the Red Line in the direction of Shady Grove because of mechanical difficulties. Trains are sharing one track between Van Ness-UDC and Friendship Heights." And as i'm walking in the station i'm like it's going to be freaking packed on these trains. So TWO trains come and as people try to force their way on the train, i'm like listen this shit ain't worth it, i'm just going to wait it out. I wait and catch the third one that came. I was actually able to get a seat and I felt good about my commute, after all I have to go all the way to Silver Spring, a seat is a godsend.

While i'm sitting in my seat, chatting on my phone, and I have a free seat next to me, so I have a little breathing room. Suddenly this lady comes and stands right over my seat, but doesn't sit down. She essentially blocks anyone from sitting down next to me. It bothers me because the woman was morbidly obese, but whatever. She gets off the train at maybe Union Station and then per usual... a bigger woman comes and sits next to me. Why is this always happening to me?! Whatever, it is what it is. As we are heading into Brookland metro station, the train suddenly stops. I'm like eff... The train conductor comes on the intercom and says, "We have been instructed to hold here because there are trains currently ahead of us."

As we sat for several minutes the train conductor comes over and says, "I apologize for the delay but there is currently a power outage at Fort Totten and Takoma station." About 20 minutes of sitting on the train, there are whispers of a train collision. I get a gchat from 718.

718: I assume your mom doesn't take the train.
me: I'm on the fucking train! Train crash?
718: Yep. This shit is all over the news.
me: What's the damage
718: One train's on top of the other at Fort Totten.

It is at this point that things became real. I realized that it was going to be a long day. A barrage of text messages, BBMs and gchats came in about the accident. Many loved ones and friends checking in on me and making sure I am okay, and i'm thankful for that. I get this BBM:

me: How bad is it?
Youngest MILF: Unknown number of casualties... at least one person killed, massive injuries.

Shit just got real.

After about an hour the train was reversed back to Rhode Island Ave. and unloaded. I called the original Dr. J, my mother and asked her to come scoop me. Disaster truly avoided. I am truly blessed and my prayers go out to the families of anyone who was killed or hurt. As i'm writing this I think that Metro is still only reporting 6 dead, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are more.

It's times like this that I realize how truly blessed I am. I have a guardian angel that I probably don't deserve. If I had forced my way on that train when I got to Metro Center, who knows what train I could have been on. I was nearly at the Brookland metro station when this whole thing went down.

With that said, Dr. J is okay. Thanks to all of you who reached out to make sure I was OK. But let's turn our focus and prayers to the ones killed, injured or unaccounted for at this time.

God bless.



Glad you are ok hun. A few of my friend's/fam called to check on me & I had no idea what they were talking about., I don't ride the train out that far, but from time to time, I have taken the red line. Everything happens for a reason & someone was looking out for you and the heart goes out to the fams. of the victims...

a.y.r. said...

damn and to think i thought you were wildin about the fat lady

Anonymous said...

so are u saying that if you stayed on that first train, you may have been involved in that accident?? wow, thats bananas! i'm glad you are ok, my prayers go out to all the victims and their families.

Anonymous said...

That is crazy! One split, patient decision can make a difference. Glad to hear you're safe. I still haven't heard from my friend who lives in maryland but comutes to DC. Not sure how he gets there or the location of the crash, just want to make sure he's all right. truly blessed.