Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Black Men Need To Wake Up

The following is from my Twitter Thought last night at midnight, many of you missed so I decided to make it a post. Enjoy!

Black men have a responsibility to mentor and develop the lives of young black boys. When we fail to do so we fail to be Black.

It's damn hard to be a Black man in America, but we didn't get here without hard work and a few good words from people ahead of us.

Each time you see a young black boy out of line and you don't do anything, if only but say a prayer that he figures it out. You fail.

Each time you do not set the example or pace, you fail. We must hold each of us accountable. We have to be honest with ourselves too.

Tonight ask yourself, what have you done for the next generation. When we as Black men stop asking this question. We fail.

It's said, "Born from the city of crack, I was born to be a rock star." Stop saying that shit. You have failed. We must raise the bar.

I for one, refuse to let d-boys define success in my neighborhood. Will you do the same? We can't do this is in mansions in the suburbs.

We can't do this at the club, or lavish vacations overseas. We have to do this in our communities. We must save ourselves.

Obama can't fix our community. Our community has to fix our community. And as Black men, our responsibility is three-fold.

We must protect our children, our women, and our family. Cops are not the only ones who "Protect and serve." So i'm asking what Dap asked.

When will you, [Black men], wake up.


Jaycee said...

iLike this. Many times people don't think of the next generation. It would be nice if black men begin to teach young black boys how t be successful.

Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical..............................................

Funms-the rebirth said...

This is a great post....i saw some on twitter. Its time for our generation to start thinking of the next...

Theone said...

I totally agree... But my only question is,

Why can you tell a street/hip-hop/THUG who is getting money, has cars & HAS THE WOMEN YOU WANT...

Just my though