Friday, June 10, 2011

Why You So Mad Though?

I guess some of the material that I populate the internet with could be construed as inciting riots or just a bunch of women who want to burn shit. Sigh… that’s probably fairly accurate for the most part. I prefer to call it Ratchet Music. It’s pretty obvious that I don’t hate women because if I did hate women, why would I love them so. But anyway, here’s what I really think; I think that’s it’s confusing that my articles can cause someone so much anger or move people the way they do. (You can never tell someone they’re mad, they’ll argue to the death, “I’m not mad” “I’m not upset” “I’m not disappointed” … I usually just say “Well, you feel a certain way dammit, five minutes ago you were happy and now you’re not, so call it what you want.”) I actually think I have a good idea why they get like this too.

People view it as an attack

There are some people who just disagree for the cause. Have you ever had a friend who fought with you even though they weren’t actually in the situation? That’s how some women are, they are intending on fighting all battles against women. Men do this too, I don’t always write about women, contrary to belief. I just don’t get the need to so defensive all the time. At the end of the day, most of my conversations end like this, “Would you agree that although you and all your friends don’t do this, it is actually a real issue that is happening?” You’d be surprised, that’s usually when I can tell that someone is full of shit, because they’ll try and tell me that they’ve never witnessed any ratchet behavior. “All the Black women I know don’t do that Dr. J!” Yes, then I remember that this is the internet and most people who read blogs don’t actually interact with people outside of the internet, so all the Black people they know is a loaded statement.

People see a part of themselves, but don’t relate to any other parts of the article

Now who said that my articles were all encompassing? Have you ever thought that maybe the article was written in a way to reach several people instead of just one? What an idea!!! I usually make about 6-7 points in each article I post. Now if 2 of 6 pertain to you and the other 4 do not, I don’t care about an argument about how you can’t relate to the post or how you vehemently disagree. In my head, I’m thinking, “the only reason this makes you mad is because something rubbed you the wrong way.” But peep, I didn’t say, “all” of it rubbed you the wrong way.

People don’t see anything in themselves from the article and get upset that the spotlight is not on them

I’m going to trick you with what I’m about to say but people have this weird reaction to the spotlight not being on them. They don’t want you to think they are completely obsessed with themselves, and they aren’t. But they just get tired of either the upper echlon or the lower echelon being the one to get the spotlight. Really? I just wrote a post about basic broads and people got upset. Really? I wrote a post about ugly chicks who think they’re bad and people got upset. I even wrote a post about pretty women who have the best shot at getting married. The thing is people just want someone to say, “here’s a post about all the regular people … those people who go to work and do their job and never complain about shit.”

People see that the article is about them 100%

If I get one more email that says, “What’s wrong with a girl with a kid?” Listen, there’s nothing wrong with a woman with a kid, there’s something wrong with bad mothers and bad fathers. And even if there’s nothing wrong with the woman with a kid, it’s definitely something that you have to think about. But nevertheless, people see that the article is about them and then they see the recommendation or the fact that they’re being talked about and they say, “Shit I ain’t trying to have to do all that.” Yeah, because nobody wants to do the work to fix their problems or issues. They want to be left alone in whatever place they live.

Point is, that’s the reason why people get so upset. There is discourse, and discourse is encouraged. But when people are “moved” I am left wondering, “Why you so mad though?” And “mad” is disguised in many forms and fashions. Sometimes people act like they aren’t paying you any mind, but we know, we ALL know, that you mad. Your temperature is rising, and while you won’t speak in all CAPS, it has moved you. I am not a misogynist, neither do I hate women or Black people, I just try and write real shit to real readers, and I expect that people respect that.

"I spit real shit, so I must be an asshole." - Childish Gambino


jemie said...

I am a first time commentor, but I read this site and SBM. Let me first say I find you hilarious, but I can definitely see why people/women might say that you hate women. Not that I think you do. I'm not going to lie though, some of your comments are garanteed to incite a riot LOL. I don't necessarily think that most of the female commentors are mad, but probably more offended. Anyway keep doing what you do.

Anonymous said...

This is how deluded people deflect from the facts that they may be a few things..

1. An idiot.

2. A crappy writer.

3. An average looking dude that has no business talking about "10's"

4. An all around retard (different from idiot trust me)

5. A loser with a small ego who can't accept the fact that not everyone will like them, agree with, or even respect them so they write articles on the innnanetz about how people must only disagree with them if what they're saying applies to them.

Take your pick, personally I find all five apply to you.

Slim Jackson said...

I wish the anonymous person used a name.

Adonis said...

That was wack anon... but I understand why you had to keep it anon

Anonymous said...

@Slim and Adonis

What difference would it make?

So I guess instead of agreeing with my post because it'd offend your buddy - you nit pick on me being 'anon' when I could use a name like "flubbersmcgee" and it wouldn't make a difference since you still wouldn't know me, sorry I don't exactly make a habit of posting on blogs, lol. Though I do know the writer of BGAE personally.

SMH @ people nitpicking, lol. My name is Brian btw, doesn't make a different does it? lol.

Dr. J said...

You can always expect a comment like this Anonymous comment when you post something that's reflective of blogging in general. I can't be mad at that opinion, even if it's the minority.