Monday, December 28, 2009

How Do You Measure, A Year in the Life

I have been struggling to write a summation post for the year that just passed. I am emphatic about the fact that I am happy to see 2009 go. This year was filled with victories. But this year was about righting the ship. Cleaning out the closet and getting back to being great. Noticing that I had been stagnant and that I wasn’t looking to settle down, I was settling. To sum it all up, in 2008, I was not myself, and in 2009, I had to find myself. Lucky for me, I am not a hard person to find.

At times this year, I was angry and upset about life. Who doesn’t go through times where they question their surroundings and network? At times this year, I was perfectly resigned to just do nothing at all. As I neared the birthday this year I started to think about how short life is and how long it’s been since grade school, and how these cannot be used as excuses anymore.

I spent some time evaluating past situations in my life that I carried around as baggage. I realize that I really ain’t mad at nobody. It took me a while but I think that 2009 taught me one thing about people in this world; it’s not about b*tches, hoes, pimps, players, grimy people, cheaters, liars, etc. The fact is that the world is comprised of good people and bad people. Instead of labeling people all the time we should worry about how to identify a good person from a bad person. And the good people should focus on not associating with bad people. You see bad people are degenerates, they can’t do anything but bring you down. They destroy everything they touch. They may seem like they have good intentions but in the end they always make the same mistakes because it’s in their nature. Good people are truly that. You have people who will set out in life and say, “I want to be honest and not tell lies, this will make me a better person. And I’m willing to do whatever it takes to do so.” A good person will stick to that. A bad person will say, “I am going to try and not tell any lies anymore.” Big difference.

Anyway I’m sure that people are looking for words of wisdom. Well, I do have a few;
- There are no third chances in this game called life.
- Do not accept out of the order as the order.
- Trust your gut instinct.
- Sometimes you have to rebuild. The first step is rid yourself of the current team. A lot of us can’t ever move on because we can’t rid ourselves of the current roster.
- Draft your franchise player and build your dynasty around them. You can put together a team of stars, but you’re still going to have people arguing over the ball. Try to build around your franchise player and refuse to settle for anything else and you will see results.

One takeaway from the year? Women this year have had a dismal showing. Your names have been dragged through the mud, but some of you deserved to be there. We’ve allowed our entire environment and world tell women it was okay to stop conforming to social norms and “do them.” Well, just because men don’t get called a hoe for sleeping around doesn’t mean it’s okay for a woman to do the same thing. How about none of us exhibit that type of degenerative behavior? I used to hold the woman’s loyalty and ability to be up there so high, but after this year, I’ll have to say that the stock has fallen a tad. I know that women are better than this though, my expectations were set so high before because I know some phenomenal women, however in 2010, you will have to show it.

My epiphany came to me when I realized that I had come full circle. I feel like I lived Kanye’s last album in my own personal and professional life. I feel like I had to grow up over the last year to be ready to get a year older. I feel like I succeeded. I ended 2008 with Say U Will on heavy rotation in my speakerboxx, trying to convince people around me that they should do what they say and follow through on their word. By mid 2009, I had a dream and a few random people were in it, and I didn’t get it until I was walking home from the metro station and See You In My Nightmares came on my Storm, life had finally come full circle. (For some strange reason, Coldest Winter always skipped for me, the MP3 file I got was bad.)

All this to say, 2009, should have been called, Corrective Maintenance. Next year, I hope to call, Continued Success. I wish you all well in the New Year and hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve!

- Doctor J

Friday, December 18, 2009

I Thought I Closed The Door

I’m going to break my silence about high school. This should be as no surprise to any of you but by the time I had went to college I had been in 4 serious relationships at that point. One from 7th grade, who then moved out of the country and then came back and didn’t even tell me she came back which pissed me off. When I finally spoke to her about it she told me that she didn’t know what to say or if I wanted to just pick up where things left off, since it had been about 3 years. Three in high school in no particular order; one cheated, one was just awkwardly selfish and immature and the other was like my best friend but we have since drifted apart. Out of the three the one I really hoped would have materialized into something was the selfish and immature one. But it just didn’t seem to work out as planned. I went away to school and I think that kind of put a damper on anything that was going to come of it.

After my first year of college I came back to DC and I linked up with her to catch up, but she was a little hesitant at first, kept saying she had gained weight. I didn’t really care though, I just wanted to see her. And well, she had gained weight, moreover she had a new boyfriend who was a loser. I always knew she’d end up with a loser if I didn’t keep up with her and it happened. After that interaction I was like you know what I’m good off this. Plus I was in paradise at my college with the amount of women there it took no time forgetting all the women in DC. Then I graduated and I saw her again and again I was in a relationship at the time and she didn’t look better than the girl I was seeing at the time so it made it easier to just ignore her again. I always thought she was really pretty and beyond sexy, but I am always hesitant with dating certain women because of their likelihood of breaking a heart. If you know me you’ll know exactly what I mean, I won’t say it here because it’s not necessary.

Anyway, this morning I got on the train headed to work a few minutes late. It is freezing cold in DC by the way. I’m shivering my ass off and I can’t check my touch phone because you can’t do that with gloves on. So as soon as I get on the train I take out my phone and I start checking messages. As I roll into a station after a few stops I look up and immediately I recognized the girl it was her. You can’t forget certain faces. As soon as I saw her, she saw me and walked towards me. It was a crowded train so she wasn’t able to get to me until the next stop but immediately when I saw her I was like WOW, and by the look on her face her reaction was the same. She looked really good, like not just good, but really good. So we talked about things, caught up on things and asked where each other was going. She only had a few stops, but we were able to discuss how we fell out of contact and why we haven’t linked up in so long, maybe 6 years. Turns out she looked for me on facebook but my profile is 100% private, and I looked for her, but her page is 100% private. So we agreed we’d have to find a higher level. We exchanged business cards and she got off at her stop.

So I’m holding this business card and I’m thinking to myself, what do you do when you’ve closed the door on a particular chapter in your life for good reason. Do you look back and ask what if, or do you just keep moving on? I try and tell myself that everything happens for a reason so if it were meant to be, then it would be. Right?

I’ll be posting in a few days about whether I choose to use the business card or not. Let me first say this before I get hate email if I used this business card it would not be for the purposes of trying to rekindle an old flame it would only be to keep in touch with an old friend.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Ridiculous Excuses We Give Ourselves for Why We’re Single

People are inherently selfish and the natural reaction to everyone is to lie because we are afraid of the truth. We don’t care about our lies because they aren’t true, they aren’t really us, so you can convince yourself that that reality doesn’t exist. We also don’t like to be hurt, we are terrified of being hurt because we feel that this is a sign of weaknesses. However, I don’t think we were born with the ability to feel pain or hurt, if it wasn’t supposed to happen some times. So some people are single, married, divorced, talking to, messing with, sleeping with, in love, friends with benefits, complicated situations, questioning sexuality, and some people are alone. (Note: Single is not the same as alone.) The reasons don’t ever really add up though. The reasons why people don’t want to be in a relationship always seem shallow, and from having countless people sit on my couch, often times those weak excuses are defense mechanisms to protect the reality that they don’t think that anyone really wants to love them, or they are too selfish to admit they are really into themselves.

President Barack Obama has a love life. The busiest man on the planet, with all the pressure of the world on his shoulders, finds time to take Michelle out every now and then. And a man motivated since his early beginnings to be the President of the United States had time to meet the woman of his dreams, court her, and make her his wife. He went on to have two kids with a woman who was just as busy as he was. I think the excuse that you don’t have time for a love life because you are too busy is ridiculous compared to the Obama family.

If your strategy is to see what you like and therefore you aren’t thinking about getting married, your statement is flawed for a few reasons. First, just because you are in a relationship does not mean that you are ready to get married or want to marry that person. A relationship is an agreement between two people that they agree to exhibit certain rules of engagement and if for any reason they want to discontinue the relationship they let the other know. And also, a lot of people who make this statement are exhibiting signs of selfishness. You feel that since you do not want to be married you have to take yourself off the market. However, isn’t the decision to get married a mutual one?

So there really are only two explanations, you just don’t want to let go of those things that allow you to do whatever you want to do in life. You want to have your fun and not have any ties to anyone. Let me be clear, I’m not talking about just the gents, I’m talking about the ladies too. The other alternative is that you’re afraid of getting hurt, or don’t think anybody really wants you. You force yourself to be a hermit crab. You will have to have much more self esteem than that. You have to stand up for yourself and be seen. The truth is, maybe your dream guy doesn’t want you, but you know what, there is somebody for everyone. And sometimes you have to admit that you would rather be loved by someone who truly and sincerely cares about you, than have all of your boxes checked on your “List of Requirements.”

I hope this helps, if not, please call and leave me a message at, 1-800-Cmon-Son, ext. Dr. J

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Learning to Take the Dive

In relationships, learning to take the “dive” is as difficult as learning how to run a 2-3 zone defense. It’s hard to learn, takes a lot of maturity, but once perfected, it’s an unstoppable weapon. The dive is a tactic used by men to avoid arguments or as a desperation heave to win an argument. It’s effective because many women often practice for arguments in an advance and they enter disagreements already well trained in how to win even the weakest supported arguments.

[Jon is watching his favorite television show, enters Anna]
Anna: How come every Wednesday when I get home you are watching Law & Order?
Jon: This is my favorite TV show.
Anna: So Law & Order is more important to you than me? Cool. I think you need to get your priorities in order. [Jon has a confused look on his face] What… What do you have to say? I have been telling you for ever that I don’t think we spend enough time together, and then Law & Order takes precendence.
Jon: [Contemplates telling her that it’s his favorite TV show for one hour a week] Hmm… you know what babe? You’re right. Do you want me to turn it off or would you prefer we watch something together?

Jon has the option of actually explaining to Anna that she is overreacting. That in a week there are 7 days and 24 hours in each one of those days, and that he’s only taking one hour for himself. However, he knows that one of two things are going on right now; 1) She is craving attention by starting a silly argument, just to argue, or 2) This isn’t really about Law & Order, and without knowledge of what it’s really about anything can happen.

In my own life I’ve found that the dive can do you no harm unless you are compromise your values to take a dive. You have to stand up for yourself, but if it’s something petty and not worth you fighting to the end over, just take a dive. You’ll be surprised how she will react to your dive. She may react in strange ways, but the ball is now in your court and you are on the offensive.

She may react awkwardly to you taking a dive. If her intention was to get attention and have a conversation with you, you will not get off the hook that easy. What many men fail to realize is that at times women just want to talk and they resort to extreme measures to do so. She may react by showering you with praise for seeing her point of view for a change and being open to compromise. This is referred to as “the swindle.” If in the small chance you do get found out because you didn’t sell the dive with your hips, you will unlock a can of worms. She will not take a liking to your passive aggressiveness. My suggestion should you be found out? Take another desperation dive, if that doesn’t work, run for the hills.

In conclusion, next time you find yourself in the heading into battle, consider taking a dive. The dive is one of those tools available to men that we haven’t yet lost in the fire. For the women who are reading along, I’m sorry you have to find out this way. You may have thought you won an argument, but a man, though as dumb as you guys make us out to be, can agree to disagree. We will agree with you to the end of the world as long as it causes us to commit no action. If we don’t have to buy it, publicly support it, or move, then sure you can win every argument.

Yours Truly, Dr. J (@DrJayJack)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cohabitation: The 2010 Edition

The decision to share space with another person is always a big one. People are inherently selfish and don’t necessarily see how their actions impact the people around them. A preexisting relationship with someone can lead to not feeling as comfortable to raise issues that bother you because you do not want to hurt their feelings or damage the standing relationship. Lots of couples are cautious about moving in together because it will undoubtedly lead to arguments, which although healthy are still arguments, and it eliminates free space. The ability to go home and get a good night’s rest without the stress of your significant other hogging all of the covers is a godsend. I don’t disagree this is a civil liberty that anyone in a romantic relationship should have, but I don’t think it’s as realistic as it previously was. This is a classic example of an outdated principle that’s been taken out of proportion.

It’s really easy to blur tradition and the times. And you see that it happens throughout society in many ways. It comes across as a sever identity crisis to everyone. Women do not want men to treat them as helpless needy individuals, however, they still want the door opened for them and they’d like a man to pay for the meal. On the other hand, men do not want their wives to be at home and prefer they work, but they also would like for them to raise the children and do the household duties as well. Moreover, there was a time when a man at the age of 18 was a man and could go out into the world, take a wife, and provide for his family. I’ll be honest with you, chances are you may have moved out, but you will still rely on financial support from your parents until you are well over 21, building wealth is just not as easy and doesn’t come as early as before. Not ten years ago, if you would have been told that you would be making $50,000 upon graduating from college that was really good money and you would be “balling out the gym.” However, if I woke up and someone told me I was only making $50,000, I’d probably slip me an Ambien and Diprivan and hope for the worst.

I watch a little VH1 every now and then and remember a quote from an episode of, I Love New York, where a gentleman in hopes of becoming New York’s beau exclaims, “Let me tell you about my financial situation, I’m Broke.” The interesting thing about being broke is that it is a totally independent determinant on your love life. You will not suddenly realize that you are broke, and now you have no desire to date or continue in a relationship.

Relationships are changing these days too. To demonstrate the change, I want you to think to yourself about how courting took place before the mass production and use of the cell phone. Ironic isn’t it? How would you talk to someone for hours like you do now? How would you let someone know you were stuck in traffic and running late for a date? How would you communicate with your significant other throughout the day without having to pick up the phone in the middle of your board meeting? We previously thought that with the addition of text messaging and instant messaging, we would lose touch with the world. In fact, we’ve only created more channels for communication. And by more, I mean, hundreds more. Now your relationships are so much more intense at a faster rate and you are able to learn about one another so much quicker than before. To be honest, when you’re in a relationship you probably leave one open channel of communication all day and if you can count on one hand the times when you weren’t talking during that day. And when you aren’t using that open channel of communication, couples these days are spending every other waking moment with one another. As work hours continue to increase, free time is at a premium and you do everything in your best interest to spend that time with your mate. And pretty soon you will reach that point where you are either spending the evenings and nights at your mate’s residence, or vice versa. And I’d recommend that at the point where she has her own drawer, space in the closet, and bathroom space that you have a serious conversation about where things are going.

To be honest with you guys it really makes little to no sense to not live together, if you’re going to “live together.” Let me explain, again use the retrospective goggles to look at relationships in the past. People went on dates, they talked infrequently. There were no chat or text messages, there were handwritten or typed letters. Phone conversations came at a premium, most women lived at home until married. A man at age 18, got a job, and got his own place to live. And a few years later a wife would come along. Listen, real talk, our relationships now are way beyond those of what people would call “dating” in the past. People meet parents too early, they have sex, they sleep in the same bed, they plan vacations together, they make life decisions together, and they even sometimes seek counseling together. These are pseudo marriages. However, the tradition is until you get a ring, you can’t move in… To me it’s quite ridiculous.

Consider things fiscally as well. The cost of living these days is sky high, it’s almost absurd. A studio in DC can run you as much as $1050, a 1BR in DC, is a steal at anything less than $1200. (If you are at all concerned about the neighborhood you lay your head in.) A couple living in two separate locations are spending $2250 on rent alone. But they are always spending their time together. You eat out a lot because that’s a way to hang out and share a meal, you also have dates, and vacations to have time alone to yourselves for a few days. Relationships are expensive, very expensive. So let me see if I have all this down, you practically spend all of your time together, you eat as many meals as you can together, you even sleep in the same place each night together, but you don’t live together. With this cost structure, I find it hard to imagine how you will ever afford an engagement ring, wedding, or home in the future. And even so, couldn’t you both stand to benefit from moving in together in a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment? I think so, you’d save a lot of money, and you’d have very few changes to your relationship.

We have to reevaluate our definition of what reality is every so often. Come to grips with a changing world. As much as your mother probably told you about “playing house” you might want to be honest with yourself and realize that playing house is pretty much par for the course for our generation. I remember the big jump in relationships I experienced from high school to college, but none was bigger than the one from college to young adult life. I’d like you to take a look at your situation and ask yourself, if your decision not to move in with your significant other is actually costing you more than you are gaining from it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

If You Want It to Work, It Will Work

When we were in grade school to hear that someone was “going” together was no big story, it was hot news for maybe a few days, and then it faded away. In addition, grade school relationships that lasted over 4-6 weeks were few and far between. And when they ended they usually ended in a sly manner in which someone “dumped” the other one and all the kids had a good laugh. As we got older, we matured, but we didn’t fully mature. Our minds changed like the weather, our desire to “get our freak on” outweighed our desire to be in a relationship. Our fuse was shorter because we felt like we had our whole lives ahead of us to make it right. Experience tells us that in life you will be in several more bad relationships than good. In life, you will look back at relationships that you didn’t give your all to and realize that it could have been something significant. But truly everyone reaches a certain level of maturity in life when they realize that if you want your relationship to work, it will work. (I’m going to write a book about this, so don’t steal this instrumental.)

I believe that after you get out of college and you look back on the 20-something years that it took to get you where you are today, you are able to critically think about your past relationships. In our young years on this earth we end up breaking up for the most foolish or selfish reasons. You can’t seem to stay out of an argument with your significant other and neither of you are willing to compromise. You want to be with someone else. You want to be single and test the waters. You are focused on your career or grad school. (I think this is bull, because you shouldn’t be with someone who cannot withstand your progression in life.) And of course, cheating plays a factor in there too, as well as a general lack of trust.

The thing that it takes time to realize is that relationships take patience and determination. We watch a movie of people falling in love at first sight or at tops two hours and think that real life is supposed to emulate that. The fact is, that’s false. You will have to make a decision that you want to be in that relationship, and then you will have to make a concerted effort to be in that relationship. You have to realize that you are in control of your half of the relationship and the other person is too. Very few people who handle 100% of their 50% ever get bad results. I’ll say that again, very few people who handle 100% of their 50% ever get bad results. You cannot expect to give half of yourself to a relationship until something is proven and expect the other person to give anything more than half of themselves, leaving you with 50% output from the both of you.

Let’s take cheating for example. I think cheating is a childish behavior that everyone engages in. Some people find all types of excuses for cheating, there is only one, it’s a selfish act by a selfish person. No one can force anyone to take any action that they do not want to take. Therefore, if someone cheated it was because that person wanted to cheat. This is a perfect example of something that you can control. Another example is arguments. We can be honest with ourselves to know that we know our partners, and we know our pressure points. Even if you do not like the pressure point, and you vehemently disagree with your partner’s stance on an issue, have you not learned anything in this life if you have not learned how to agree to disagree? You can save yourself a plethora of arguments that will jeopardize the house that your relationship is built in, by just knowing and avoiding arguments.

We understand that we can prevent the pitfalls that failed us the last time. Knowing what to say and when to say it, and knowing what to do and how to do it, increases the chances of a healthy and long relationship. I think that going into a relationship both people should have the same goals and mindset. I don’t think it’s wrong for a person to say when they are dating, they are not looking for anything casual, but something meaningful with a future. (Do not say, “I’m hoping that marriage comes out of my next relationship. However, something meaningful is acceptable.) When two people meet that are on the same page about life and love, the possibilities are limitless. The other side of this coin, is when you do not meet equally plane people, you run into BIG trouble. She wants something casual and he thinks he’s found the Misses. Those situations rarely last or end well. However, equally plane people are able to grow together because they have a solid foundation.

Relationships are all about foundation and infrastructure. You have to think about it like you’re building a home. It’s a long term project. If it’s a short term project, then you’re better off just staying in an apartment until you’re ready to buy. You will buy furniture, hire interior decorators, someone to take care of the landscaping, you will have to paint the walls (several times to keep it exciting), you will make additions, and you will sometimes welcome new people over to live (children). But the first step in building this home is that you both are dedicated to making it a home and not just a place to stay. If you become personally vested in the success of your relationship, instead of “seeing where things go” you will succeed. Please take a note that I said, personally vested in the success, not just the relationship, but the success.

Side note, I’m seriously worried about anybody who isn’t.

The Update

There are going to be changes to The Book of Jackson and my writing on several other sites. I basically have reached the point where I feel like the same old antagonistic blogging was getting boring. It had been boring to me for a while, but it always kept the readers entertained to see what I would say or my thoughts on issues. I will say this, those blogs that I previously wrote actually do share some of my thoughts, however, I admit that sometimes I am soliciting and reaction from the reader to get your thoughts too. I think that what I really want to do now through my blogging is offer more advisory material. Bring up articles that touch on all those things that we all experience, but don’t get a chance to talk about because we are wasting our time on the same relationship topics over and over again.

To be more specific, we can talk about how women can’t find men all day long until the cows come home, we can talk about age old arguments that go on in our community and across our genders until we are blue in the face, but what we should thrive to do is write good material. So that’s my goal with the new revamping, to write good material.

A few of you have asked me what’s going on in my life, and in a little while I hope to share that with you. I am going to post an article shortly after this one that I hope you each get a chance to read and enjoy. Thanks for your continued support at The Book of Jackson (TBJ) and don’t forget you can catch me on twitter @DrJayJack. I hope to resume the Morning Mail shortly, but I may take a page from seveneighteen and only do it once a week. Last but not least, you can always catch me at each and every Thursday.

Peace and love.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jay-Z Concert Recap

This past weekend I was afforded the opportunity by a very cool cool cool person to go see Jay-Z live in concert at Penn State University. This was his first stop on his new tour. Let me tell you, there’s something about a concert with a guy who only performs hits. I don’t think there was a single song that everyone didn’t know all the words to.

The concert started with this counter, which I thought was a very gaudy idea. But then as the counter neared zero I realized that idea was the most brilliant concert idea ever. The crowd got so hyped. I was wondering how I was going to react to seeing the greatest rapper of all time. I didn’t really have a chance to react until the end of the concert because it was so fast paced and action packed.

I should mention, Jai Cole, Wale and N.E.R.D. were the opening acts and they did pretty awesome sets.

I realized just how much of a lyrical lexicon, or I was reminded Jay-Z is. He broke down the words to Thank You acapella and I couldn’t help but admire the lyrics:

“I was gonna kill a couple rappers
But they did it to themselves
I was gon' do it with the flow
But they did it with their sales
I was gon' 9/11 'em, but they didn't need the help
And they did a good job them boys is talented as hell
Cuz not only did they brick they put a building up as well
They ran a plane into that building and when that building fell
Ran to the crash site with no masks and inhaled
Toxins deep inside their lungs until both of them was filled
Blew a cloud out like a L into a jar then took a smell
Cuz they heard that second hand smoke kills
Niggas thought they was ill found out they was...ILL
And it's like you knew exactly how I wanted you to feel”

He did my second favorite song, I really didn’t expect to hear my favorite. My favorite Jay-Z song is, What More Can I Say… but my second favorite is Encore. This was the last song he performed so that was pretty BAWSE. All in all, I rekindled my appreciation for Jay after that concert, but realized that he is really passing the torch at this point. The concert was CRAZY and I don’t think that too many artists can compete with that concert from a content or production standpoint. A good time was had by all.

To be honest, Jay-Z in my mind is the greatest rapper of all time. Will there ever be another? I do not know. I think that Jay-Z benefits from the Jordan complex. His timing was impecable, the globalization of hip hop, the crossover into other genres of music, the acceptance of it being mainstream, and then being the best at that time puts Jay-Z in a position where he dictates and has dictated the pace for so many years. That type of timing won't come along again. He's also like Jordan because he's not the best at any category but he does them all well.
It is never easy to admit defeat. Metro will need to do the hard thing. Admit it. You suck!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hip Hop Ain’t Dead

Recently, I was in tweet discourse with @DamnKam about the current status of Hip Hop... this post is long overdue. Here's why I don't really give hip hop a failing grade right now... While you read, i'll keep doing the snaps... lean with it, rock with it...

1) Hip Hop has left Pride Rock… finally

I’m going to break down how NYC was lost and Jay-Z actually brought the South into Hip Hop, and it was all his plan from the beginning and it backfired miserably. Jay-Z retired and wanted to leave one final mark on history. The one thing that Jay-Z could never say was that he created something, that he brought something back so he lacked that one addition to his legacy. Insert his retirement and acceptance of the position of President at Def Jam, which he did a horrible job at. Jay-Z has these two artists Rick Ross and Young Jeezy on the label making noise, but not enough national noise. So what does Jay do? He hops on the Hustlin’ Remix and the Go Crazy Remix. Let me tell you, before Jay hopped on those remixes, NYC was not listening to that shit in the club. But as soon as he did, Jay-Z validated them. Shortly thereafter everyone was bumping Rick Ross’s first LP and Jeezy and his ad-libs were everywhere. A smart business man by the name of Dame Dash in an attempt to get his Dame Music Group label off the ground, with the help of Dipset saw this and seized an opportunity to get a talented rapper sitting in pole position on one of his tracks. Cam’ron’s Suck It or Not track featured Lil’ Wayne and shit went crazy. Now NYC was listening to Lil’ Wayne, he was rolling with Dipset hard body and the club couldn’t get enough of this guy. But it also allowed Rick Ross and Young Jeezy to slip from the fold of irrelevant Down South rappers into national mainstream with the ability to stay. Jay-Z’s plan was to then drop Kingdom Come and bring NYC back and thus he would have completed his legacy…. Kingdom Come bricked horribly. (Listening to Kingdom Come now after BP3 it seems to make a little more sense than before.) However, after that brick from Jay the South was here to stay.

This is beautiful because one of the things that has held hip hop back over the last few years is that they continuously dismiss everything not NYC. Marginalizing an entire community of people es no bueno. If you invited everyone to the table it would only push all artists to be better with the material they put out there. The point is, NYC is not the face of hip hop anymore, you can find hip hop in NYC, Philly, DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Texas, California and all points between.

2) Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West don’t get the credit they deserve

It goes without saying that Kanye West has had a big impact on Hip Hop in the last three years. His albums Graduation, 808s and Heartbreak and the many albums he’s produced or guest starred on have been superb. You have to give him much credit for his work with the dark horse of hip hop, an old head called Common. We weren’t turning our mainstream ears to Common until Kanye started blessing him with some on point beats. Kanye represents a new age of Hip Hop. Hip Hop is now Pop. Often times, people don’t want to be considered Pop music. They lack the knowledge of what that label means, all it means is that it is the sound that the majority of the country wants to hear. And that’s a good thing for hip hop. Kanye has aided and abided in the crossover of Rap, Rock, Techno, Punk, and all types of music. He has also begun to mix back fashion and music together again. And meanwhile he’s been able to transcend race lines in a way that doesn’t make it seem like Whites and Asians are masturbating in our culture, but that the culture of hip hop lacks a race majority.

Lil’ Wayne… you have to pause and stand to your feet in a round of applause for this man. I hesitate not when I say he is the Best Rapper Alive. If you don’t believe me, your favorite rapper says he’s the Best Rapper Alive. Jay-Z said it, Kanye said it, Common said it, every one of your favorite rappers will tell you, Lil’ Wayne is out of this planet when it comes to the music he is making. He is lyrically head and shoulders above the game. Most people don’t listen to what he’s saying the way he weaves words into rhyme so eloquently, they just see the train wreck that he is and pass judgment. From 2007-2009 the man has single-handedly changed the mixtape circuit. The biggest change since 2003 with 50 Cent. Lil’ Wayne dropped a new track(s) every week. He gained the respect of all of his peers. He totes lines that seriously cannot be paralleled. I don’t like the comparison to Jay-Z, he’s not Jay-Z, he’s totally different. If Jay-Z is the Beatles, then Lil’ Wayne is Jimi Hendrix. The Dedication, Drought, Like Father, Like Son, and many other mixtapes from Wayne are classics. Listen to Dough Is What I Got, Upgrade U, and PLEASE listen to Gossip off the Da Drought 3 mixtape, when Lil’ Wayne declares… “I am hip hop, and I ain’t dead I’m alive”. His album Tha Carter III was exceptional. People should listen again and pay attention that he’s talking about everything in that album and lyrically and in terms of his delivery he’s come so far. He’s outshot the competition and he still keeps going. He’s in the studio more than any other artist. All the other artists when they speak of working with Wayne will tell you, the reason why he’s so good is because that’s all he does. He records all day and all night. The last guy to have that reputation….? Tupac Shakur.

3) Our music is a representation of who we are, and that’s what Hip Hop has always been

Over the last three years there have been so many artists who are not only putting out albums, but owning labels now. No artist drops more than two albums before he starts his own recording company. That’s entrepreneurship.

We’re not talking about guns and violence anymore, we’re talking about how much money we got, how many women we got, how we’re BALLIN’. The fact of the matter is that this is an accurate representation of Black America today. While we still have our corners of America is need of a great revolution. It’s time we paused for a second and said to ourselves that 20 years ago, there wasn’t a rapper who was… BALLIN’. There were no abundance of Black CEOs. Of course we’re going to be talking about ridiculous amounts of money all the time, we ain’t always had ridiculous amounts of money. And for that, although I don’t agree with it, I understand that this is the current state of Black America and that’s what they really want to hear. It used to be the d-boys and the folks with a lot of money was the only people popping bottles, now every old extra regular negro with a job that pays him bi-weekly is in the club popping bottles. There is no shortage of VIP in America right now and that’s a good thing, because Black folk have come so far. And that’s what our music is trying to show us.

4) I’m waiting for the day someone tries to sell me a Neo-Hip Hop album

So people think that Hip Hop is dead. I’d argue hip hop isn’t dead, it’s very much alive and well. Maybe some people don’t like hip hop and where it has came. But as much as we people used to say that N.W.A. and Snoop Dogg wasn’t hip hop when it really was, Lil’ Wayne, Kanye West, Soulja Boy, Plies, and all these other fools out there that I may not like but someone is listening to, are just as much a part as any. I’ll be honest with you hip hop has been dead everytime the baton is passed to the next generation, I doubt that it will ever be “alive.” Pretty soon someone will start rapping like Rakim and try to sell it off as Neo-Hip Hop and ask me to buy it. I will respectfully decline. Simply put, Hip Hop is alive, it’s a representation of who we are as a people, and that’s what it’s always been. If you don’t like the representation, I suggest you be a part of the change. I love who we are as Black folks and as people in general. I’m happy that we have this medium that brings us all together, and not on some Black shit or some White shit, but just on some shit we all have in common. So to me, that’s what hip hop has been doing for the last three years.

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t spend some time telling you who my favorite artists are and some of the albums over the last few years I thought were great and worth listening too.

In order, my top 5 favorite artists right now (this list takes into account talent…lol);
1) Lil’ Wayne
2) Kanye West
3) Jay-Z
4) Andre 3000
5) Game

Sitting in my dorm room in 2001 discussing hip hop with my friends I said, “One day Lil’ Wayne will be the best rapper in the game.” I was laughed at. I saw then the pieces of what came together so beautifully over the last three years. For the rest of the list, they will always produce great music so I can’t hate.

My guilty pleasure list;
1) Lil’ Wayne
2) Rick Ross
3) Young Jeezy
4) Plies
5) Kanye West
6) Gucci Mane
7) 36 Mafia & UGK

I’m sorry, people in NYC still listen to Wu Tang like it’s the gospel. I’m allowed to listen to my guilty pleasure list… especially when I’m drinking dark liquor. At 3PM on every Friday I start listening to Plies… It’s my favorite thing to do.

Studio Albums deserving:
1) Tha Carter III & all things Wayne
2) Trilla & Deeper than Rap
3) The Recession
4) L.A.X. Files
5) Graduation& 808s and Heartbreak
6) American Gangster & BP3
7) Theater of The Mind
8) The Last Kiss
9) Finding Forever & Universal Mind Control

If you are not taking something away from these albums then something is wrong with your ear. That’s enough music to last you a long time in Hip Hop. I didn’t include mixtapes because we’d be here all day.

Up next;
1) Drake
2) Wale
3) Kid Cudi
4) Cool Kids
5) Big Sean
6) Jai Cole

These young cats give hope that there is another wave of good hip hop coming soon. I think that in terms of creativity Kid Cudi outshoots the competition, but many will never know that. However, all of these guys are worth listening to.

Thanks for reading. And while I’m on this tour bus I will try and update my blog more often. Follow me on Twitter for more updates than here, @DrJayJack.
I will update soon. Trust me. Been on tour lately.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Morning Mail - 09.28.09

Pat Healy: My real passion is my hobby.
Mary: Really, what's that?
Pat Healy: I work with retards.
Mary: Isn't that a little, uhm, politically incorrect?
Pat Healy: Well, heh, to hell with that... no one's going to tell me who I can and can't work with, right?
Mary: No, I mean...
Pat Healy: We got this one kid, Mongo... He's got a forehead like a drive-in movie theatre, but he's a good ship. So we don't bust his chops too much. So, one day Mongo gets out of his cage...
Mary: They keep him in a cage?
Pat Healy: Well, it's just an enclosure...
Mary: No, but they keep him confined?
Pat Healy: Right, yeah.
Mary: That's bullshit!
Pat Healy: Well, that's what I said! So, I went out and I got him, uh, I got him a leash.
Mary: A leash?
Pat Healy: Yeah, one of those ones you can hook on the clothesline, and he can run back and forth and, uh, there's plenty of room for him to dig and play. That kid is really, uh, he's really blossomed.
(Source: There’s Something About Mary)

Pickup Line of the Week: My magic watch says you don't have any underwear on. (She says: "Yes I do!") Oh damn, it must be 15 minutes fast.

Here are some things I really hate on the train:
- People talking on the cell phone as if we care about their conversations
- This is a pet peeve, but I hate when women wear white bras under white blouses, that is tacky
- I hate inappropriately dressed people, especially when they look like they’re going to work. I think my friend said it best, “If you think anyone is going to be turned on by what you are wearing, change.” – JJW (Check out her blog today too.)
- This mofo who has hit my laptop three times with his bag and refuses to say excuse me or stop doing it.
- People who read my laptop screen. This is especially funny because someone is sitting next to me doing this right now.

Here’s somethings that have been going on in my life that have caused me to take a step back from blogging. I’ve been attempting to live in a real world and am amazed at the people who never really understood what Morpheus said when he asked Neo, “You think that’s are you’re breathing?” To be honest with you, the blog/twitter world is a fortress where a lot of people hide from reality. Then you have people who claim their live in reality but they don’t, they are slaves to the newspapers, TV shows, and office gossip they claim represents the real world. Me, I’m clear to not that none of that is really the real world. So I’m out here living.

Oops I think y’all like me, please follow me too. @DrJayJack. I’ll keep you laughing and I promise, I won’t retweet everything I see, I won’t make blanket obnoxious statements as if I’m sitting on an imaginary pulpit, but I’ll do my best to brighten up your day.

I’ll talk music; if you go back and listen to Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come LP you’ll notice that it makes a lot more sense. But then again something tells me you won’t listen.

Have a good day.

Lig and Gig.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dr. J’s Bottle Etiquette

I have strict bottle etiquette. Let me be the first to tell you that I don’t bring bottles to my friends’ parties, I just don’t. Well, save a few times, if I say I’m going to, I’m probably not. Put your side eye back in your pocket, if you know me, you know that 99.9% of the time you come to my place, you never have to bring a thing and you get food, drinks, and entertainment for free. For you to ask me to bring something is preposterous being as though you never bring me anything.

I also don’t bring anything when I’m told I have to bring something. The nerve of some people to disrespect me like that. I don’t show up to events empty handed, save the first paragraph, so I know you should have already known that you didn’t have to tell me that. Which means… there’s someone who you’re expecting in attendance who doesn’t have any home training. I’m not wasting any of my hard earned money on them.

After a while, I will stop providing you free alcohol if you don’t ever offer me a drink. I have friends who have shared VIP tables with me, who I have bought a round of drinks for and they will never offer to return the favor. These are the opportunists. They are also the type of people that I tend to stay away from. You’ll notice that some people will be missing from invites.

Not to harp on the issue, but nothing grinds my gears more than someone asking me to bring a bottle to their function, when they haven’t ever brought a bottle to mine. Basically what you are saying is, “I feel like you got it like that. I can come drink for free, but when it comes to me, I’m broke.” Which really means, your ass is broke and shouldn’t be drinking anyway.

Footnote: Every year I throw a big cookout on Memorial Day, I have never asked anyone to bring alcohol, but no one shows up empty handed. I wonder why... Maybe because they have home training. Trust me, the next time you are planning an event, don't be so tacky, leave that request of your invite.

Morning Mail - 09.17.09

Harry: I have never lied to you, I have always told you some version of the truth.
Erica Barry: The truth doesn't have versions, okay?

(Source: Something’s Gotta Give)
Already not excited about work.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

For the last time, if you're going to wear open toes you must do something to your toes. Smh.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Morning Mail - 09.15.09

Lyle: [Handsome Rob approaches Becky, the cable technician, in the parking lot. Lyle watches, amazed] Are you kidding me? How does he do that? How do you do that? What are you saying?
[Lyle narrates the conversation with alternating Handsome Rob and ditzy female voices]
Lyle: [speaking as Handsome Rob] Hey, how are you?
Lyle: [speaking as Becky] Oh, I'm good!
Lyle: [Handsome Rob] Nice to meet you. I'm Handsome Rob. And you are?
Lyle: [Becky] Oh, my name's Becky, but it's written on my shirt!
Lyle: [Handsome Rob] Listen, I'm gonna need your shirt, and your truck.
Lyle: [Becky] Perfect! I'll give them both to you. Would you like my virginity as well?
Lyle: [Handsome Rob] If it's on the menu.
Lyle: [Becky] Oh, you're so witty! Why don't you take advantage of me?
Lyle: [Handsome Rob] Yeah, you're not too bright, are you?
Lyle: [Becky] No.
Lyle: [Handsome Rob] Perfect.
(Source: The Italian Job)

Tom Brady and me have a lot in common.

I don’t have much Morning Mail.

But I will soon.

Might throw up a few posts today or tomorrow.

Lig and Gig.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Diet Boomerang Note: From the Archives

If you haven't watched Boomerang lately, i'd recommend that you watch that movie monthly. For people between the ages of 21-24 this is a critical movie in our lives. It shows us real shit that we need to be thinking about in our lives.

In gist, here's what it is. Eddie Murphy's character, Marcus is a bachelor and he spends his time trying to chase the vixen, Jackie. Now for the record, and let me state this... publicly for all you women at home wondering... every man, EVERY man agrees.. Robin Givens in that movie is WAAYYYYYY badder than Halle Berry. So Marcus is chasing after Jackie, who is making him go through all these hoops, spending money, flirting, spending time, he's trying to wine and dine her. In other words, trying shit, trying shit, don't work, trying shit, trying shit, switch it up, don't work. Marcus is just trying to beat, let's be honest. FINALLY, he beats. And then he finds out, like all you ignent negros have to find out the hard way, she's just looking for something casual and he's just one, not the one. WOMP WOMP. ("Bitches cheat, get over it." - Classic Jacksonian advice.)

Meanwhile, Jackie has an assistant Angela whom his boy tries to date, but it just don't work out. And it's obvious that she is interested in Marcus, but Marcus isn't really paying her any mind. You know what that dude is doing? What a majority of men and women do, you got the one, but you out trying to see just how far you can go. "If you got a Chrysler 300, you need to be happy about your Chryler 300 and stop talking about, "I got it cause it look like a Phantom."" - Katt Williams. You have a Chrysler 300, and you never getting that Phantom, because you don't really want the Phantom, you just think you do.

Quit while you're ahead, people. A lot of people do that shit. They have the one and then they try and risk it all for the full court heave, and what do they do, they lose the one, and then end up strung out on the full court heave they should have known wasn't going to work from jump. And people say, well I don't want to settle, no no no NO, it's about you don't want to be smart. You hear everyone say it, you have a 80% good look, and you risk it all for 20%. And looking back on that 20%, after losing the 80%, you sitting there like DAMN. And if you don't believe that shit, look at this... look at your friends who are like 28 and older and they get married to people they meet in their late twenties, and then look at the friends you have who get married to people they met earlier on. More than likely, the way they look in their partner's eyes is different. You know why, because when you are 22, that full court heave is a shot at the upset, when you are 28, that's a desperation heave. When you wait until the end to "settle" down, you the stuff that's left over from the creme of the crop.

Don't get me wrong, oh it feels good to be out there in the game when you can play in the game. And it's easy to take lust over love or something meaningful. But not never, not never, and every real dude on the struggle will admit, you'd rather have a ride or die chick, or a main chick, than a jumpoff. And don't get me started on the jumpoff... All i'll say is that chances are, the jumpoff never stacks up against the main chick.

Back to the movie... So what i'm trying to say here is, you see Marcus chasing after this chick Jackie, who really doesn't want just him, or want something meaningful with him. And then you have Angela, who Marcus knows he needs to be with, but he keeps being a dumb ass and banging his head against the wall until he realizes I need to get it together or i'll be unhappy.

Real talk, cats out here on the struggle got a GOOD girl, but they stay they ass up in Park every Thursday looking at these fine ass women in the joint. And they ain't doing nothing for them, you may get a number, you may even beat, but when the money is gone or a better option comes along, you get tossed and you done lost your diamond girl. And chicks out here, got a good man, but they like ATTENTION. If you meet a girl who doesn't like attention, something must be wrong with her. They like that attention, they like all that excitement stuff that they can get while they still young, and things are on the up and up. And while they out there doing dirt, that good man, meets that good girl, and now you looking at him in his happiness thinking, "That could have been me, if I was on my game." And that's not where you want to be, you want to be on the inside thinking it's warm and nice than a mofo in here, not on the outside pissed off about the way things turned out.

The original FB note can be found at:

Morning Mail – 09.11.09

On this Tuesday, I had an 10:00 class as a Freshman. I was pissed. I hated going to that class. Anyway, I woke up out of bed insisting that I would either be late or I wasn’t going. I was really concerned about my 10AM class. I woke up around 8:40, I go in the bathroom to brush my teeth, and when I come out I hear mad doors opening and closing and people going into the lounge. I walked in the lounge and everyone is standing there and they are like. “Son a plane just hit the World Trade Center.” I replied, “Well, I guess that means we don’t have class. I’m going back to sleep.” I literally walked back in my room and went to sleep.

As I laid there for a while, it began to sink in that this might be serious. And I got back up and went into the lounge and just as I walked in, the towers fell. I think it was around 10AM. At this point, I was convinced this was a movie that I just hadn’t seen before. Then I saw people running around trying to make phone calls. I ain’t have no cell phone at this point, so I’m just sitting in the lounge in disbelief.

The day would go on, classes were cancelled. I spoke to my parents around 10:30AM and everyone was safe. Being from the DC, I was concerned that the plane that hit the Pentagon would have affected someone in my family’s commute but it didn’t. Also, not knowing if other planes were going to crash elsewhere made me worried, but in those times you have to let go and let God.

In the evening, as we all sat glued to the TV. A nation together began to console each other and comfort each other. A girl who stayed on our floor, Reem had a sister who came to visit her from Dubai. (They were both from Dubai) And as we are all sitting around sharing our thoughts, her sister says, “I don’t know why everyone’s upset, this happens everyday in the Middle East, it’s about time it happened to the US.”

This is when I decided to duck down.

Although, her comments about it happening elsewhere were true, they were in poor taste. But it made us all think that day about how lucky we were as Americans and what this day truly meant. We lost a lot of lives, but we opened a lot of eyes. If it hadn’t been for this day I probably wouldn’t have a job in the industry that I’m in right now. (That’s a hint that I’m dropping to the public.) Let us remember that before this day we didn’t market and promote fear, or hate of the Middle East, nor did we insist on violating everyone’s privacy in this world. Let us remember those times of ignorant bliss. But also, let us be charged to give this opportunity of peace and calm to our children, so they do not grow up in this synthetic fear.

This is the morning mail.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Possessed Metro Passengers

As the train pulls into the station you see that people start to pace down the track trying to get positioning to enter the train. They tunnel in on their desired entrance which probably has something to do with the escalator they need to catch when they exit at their stop. People with long train rides eye a seat. With their eyes fixated on specific exits and seats, they often times forget that there are other people in this world. They will walk right into you while pacing down the track as the train pulls into the station. (It’s best to stand your ground, don’t give way to a charging crowd, that’s called not having balls.) There are other people who have just entered the station and before retrieving their fare card from the terminal are already in full sprint to catch the train on the platform, because another train does not come for two minutes. Lastly, there are those people who once the train gets packed insist on having a standing spot next to the door so that they can lean against the glass barrier inside. These people block entry to the train. (They are most likely to be stampeded in the case of an emergency.)

I usually upset all of these types of passengers because of my laid back, “we are all going the same place” mentality. I very rarely will run for a train, and it won’t be in a packed station. It will be during non-rush hour when the trains are 20 minutes apart. I’d rather not pile onto a packed train, I’ll wait for the next one to arrive. I often will look at people like they are crazy before I gladly extend my hand ushering them to go ahead of me, that seat is clearly more important to them than it is to me. I get my full star belly on and turn my nose up at those people. I mean honestly in my opinion if you are going to act like that, why didn’t you just drive to work? Because you can’t afford it, so shut up.

The possessed people have no clue what they look like though. They don’t look normal. And I’ve found that those characteristics in people transcend into personality traits that are very unbecoming. These people are over controlling, over compulsive, and over analytical people. They really get under my skin. The worst part is when one of these people get in the zone and you suggest waiting for the next train, they give you a laundry list of reasons why they can’t wait for the next train, but none of them make any sense. They simply cannot come up with any real reason why that one train makes so much of a difference. Some even try to involve you in their plan, ordering you to grab a seat or upset that you are letting people go in front you.

I’ve never seen Metro as some big war that had to be won. I only saw Metro as a means of transportation. I actually learned some valuable lessons by learning not to rush for every train. I’ll share one with you another time. But to those possessed passengers, would you please take a chill pill? You’re making us all uncomfortable.

My Fellow Metro Passengers

While riding on the train one evening, I was writing my next blog for The Book of Jackson. I was thinking about writing about sex raw unrated ravishing sex. As I thought about that I looked around to see if anyone was looking at me, noticing that I was writing about such an adult topic. Then it occurred to me that perhaps I was on a train full of people who actually exhibit these behaviors in their own bedrooms. I mean it’s not that farfetched that they would. It seems like everyone’s doing it.

I looked at the lady across from me and I wondered, I wonder how she feels about her man taking her from behind and thrusting until tears well up in her eyes… or maybe the seriously obese woman in front of me enjoy splashing with her boyfriend. Who on this train is into anal? I’m looking at the jewelry on a few of the women on the train, it could be any of these five girls… or him. I’m looking at this lady reading a book not too far from me, I bet that she is the obsessive masturbator of the bunch. She can’t wait to get home and rattle off a few orgasms.

The moral of the story is that everyone’s doing it. We’re a little scared about anyone finding out what we really are into because they might judge. However, I read a lot of blogs, I mean A LOT of blogs, and I can tell you that a good number of women, like it rough. Smack my ass, pull my hair, thrust as far as you can, ROUGH. Some of those same women are on the train with you in the morning.

Morning Mail - 09.10.09

Sonia Bern: [to police officer] The whole point of having a safe deposit box is so that people like you don't know what's in it!
(Source: The Bank Job)

The hardest thing to do is wake someone up in the morning, it’s virtually impossible. And you hate being that person to wake someone up. That’s probably why they asked you to do it. They probably like to hear your voice.

Score one for the small guys! Today on the train the fat lady was about to sit next to me, when it occurred to her how much of a hot mess she would look sitting next to me. She decided to stand.

Have you ever noticed how many pregnant women are at a baseball game?

In the Information Age, my job has the internet, wireless internet. Yet, no one can ever get on. It is the crappiest wireless in the world.

It’s time that we get political people. That we get informed and we start talking about what Congress needs to get done. Do not let Capitol Hill left or right skirt the issue at hand. The issue at hand is that the current healthcare plan as proposed is not passed.

Next up… that pesky Immigration Reform piece of legislation. So exciting!

Did you see Obama pull the Ted Kennedy card last night?

Anyway enough mail, I got a little Metro theme going today with my two blogs. Check them out. And check me out over at Holla at your boy. tYpE iLL blog fam.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Drunk Texting

Do you have a friend who is a notorious drunk text freak? You feel like you almost need to take their phone anytime they start drinking because they’re going to say something reckless. One of the reasons, why I’ve decided to be overly discrete with my personal life is that somehow no matter how hard you try, your business will end up in the streets. People want to hear your story so they can tell other people so that everyone can join in on a good laugh. And what better way to ensure that you are the laughing stock of everyone, than leaving a paper trail.

The thing about drunk texting is that they are very embarrassing to read the next day. You read your text messages from last night and it reads; To: 2015558662 – Well, since you farted the last time we hooked up, I figured you liked it. And you wonder why she didn’t reply to you afterwards. The other thing about drunk texting is that you have this assumption that things are completely private, however, men… let me let you in on a little secret about women. They love to show their friends the type of foolishness that you say to them. On the other hand, men we don’t want everyone knowing that we are sleeping with a complete idiot. So we won’t necessarily jump at the opportunity to show everyone what we’ve been receiving from the local neighborhood beats. (Did I just say that out loud?) As a result, because our circles are so small, she shows her friend who happens to be friends with me, who hits me up the next morning.

“Dr. J, please explain this! Why does your friend think it is ok to say to a woman, “So you say you’re good at head? I was wondering if you could kiss my balls… with my junk in your mouth.”

blank stare

And women, let me let a little secret out the bag. Most men do not communicate with one another about how to respectfully talk to women. Most of the relationship advice that is given is usually given in locker rooms, bars, and board meetings. At these times, there are high amounts of testosterone in the air and no one is really making any sense. As a result, I have no clue why my friend actually thought he could say that to you.

So we all have friends like this and we need to find some resolve. Well, here are some things that you can do to keep your friend from drunk texting:

1) Take their phone away from them the second they start drinking. If you are with them and they need to use the phone they can simply ask you for it and you will give it to them, for supervised phone usage only. You’d be surprised how many people think they need their phone in a club, when they really don’t.
2) Make them install a not so easy to remember password on their phone, so that when they get drunk it’s even more difficult and cumbersome to get around. Let’s call this a Firewall.
3) Advise them to get a drunk text buddy. I have one of these and it works great. It’s a person whom you have a platonic relationship with that you can text when you are drunk. Although it will make no sense in the morning what you said to them, it’s better that it was someone you aren’t trying to sleep with.
4) Berate them as often and frequently as possible about their drunk texting behavior and what a big headache it causes everyone around them.
5) Remind them that there are two types of people who will engage in drunk texting with you. The ones you don’t want to sleep with, this is about 90% of all the people you drunk text with. And probably your main chick that you didn’t even need to drunk text to get to come over in the first place.

To be perfectly honest with you, these are just 5 things that I came up with. I’m not sure if they would even be effective for you. However, we have to try something. Drunk texting has just reached an all time new level of debauchery.

Next time, we’ll talk about drunk texting and driving. The cousins of death.

Morning Mail - 09.09.09

Kenya Denise McQueen: I know you must think I'm combative, neurotic, picky... And maybe I am. But the weird thing is, I've never had to be anything but myself with you right from the beginning. And with you I feel like I can do anything, say anything, try anything. And that's the life I want. I want an adventure with you. You don't understand, we're suppose to be together.
Brian Kelly: I'm never going to be your dream man Kenya. I just... I won't be the fall-back guy.
Kenya Denise McQueen: No, see that's the thing. I don't have to wonder about that anymore. I know this is right. Hey, when I was younger, my dream was to marry Rick James. You're the one I want Brian. I love you.
(Source: Something New)

Fabolous decided to take shots at T-Pain on Twitter yesterday, I find it funny that Fab’s hot single is a song with the Dream who is an infamous auto-tune user. That’s slightly hypocritical. Now if Fab is aligning himself with Dream before T-Pain, that’s just stupid and slightly gay. I’ve always thought Dream was gay. In addition, T-Pain is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Hit up the Nats game yesterday and it was fun. Had seats like right behind home plate. I asked my friends if they wanted to go, but no one wanted to be out in the rain. And it didn’t even rain… And the food and drinks were free… And I can’t think of how funny it was to look up at the sky at 9ish and say, man that was stupid of them.

Ever notive when someone says, “#noshots” they are really taking shots?

It’s time that we let Chris Brown off the hook. At this point in time, it’s time to move on. If we are going to continue to hold Chris Brown accountable and at the forefront of discussion, then Rihanna has to be in the discussion too. She has exhibited a violent and psycho side too and it is always overlooked and thrown in the shadow of Chris Brown.

Business Hours are non-negotiable. I’ve been hearing too many complaints about women who decide they want to stay in the morning. Past the business hours. Business hours are 10PM to 10AM on the weekend. On the weekdays it’s 10PM to 6AM. Meaning, you need to get up and move your ass out of there before the doors close. Nothing is worse than having your schedule held up because some chick won’t leave. Now, if you’re a VIP and you know who you are, you can stay longer.

It’s times like this that I’m like, “you see I told you it wouldn’t work.”

Lig and Gig.
Fabolous, Nats game, #noshots, Drunk texting and Fashion donts for the fall today on bookofjackson.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Letter To My Girlfriend about Football


You know that I appreciate you. I appreciate you so much. I enjoy talking to you, spending time with you, and just generally spending afternoons on the couch snuggled up with you reading a good book. We both have busy schedules so I know that most weekdays we hardly speak with the exception of hi and bye, and getting ready for bed in the evening. Friday nights we usually make time to grab dinner and Saturdays are usually filled with errands or attending functions that we’ve both been invited to attend as a couple. Sundays are our day. And I think that most couples would agree, Sunday is that day that you can spend with your significant other and everything is perfect. Sunday hugs, kisses, naps, and a good movie are the way to go.

Because I really appreciate that time with you, it pains me that I regret to inform you, that football is starting. This may be hard for you to understand and that’s why I took this time to write you this letter. I thought you would appreciate me getting my feelings out on paper.

I only get one day a week to watch football because it only airs on Sundays. Football starts at 1PM on Sunday, but lasts until 12AM on Tuesday. Let me explain, the games on Sunday are; 1-4PM, 4:30-7:30PM, and 8:30-11:30PM. On Monday, there is a special Encore presentation of Football at 8:30PM. It’s because the games on Sunday are so great that as men we cheer for an encore even if it kills us. I need this time, this time reminds me that I’m a man and that manly blood runs through my veins.

Also, several of my friends will come over to watch the game, or we may go to a sports bar. If I’m not in attendance I will be considered a bad friend and my manhood will undoubtedly be questioned. They will think that while men are being men, I’m probably locked in house with a blanket and hot tea watching a romantic TBS movie. And babe, I love those TBS movies, but I don’t love it when my boys laugh at me.

As it pertains to logistics, I’d like to discuss a few things. I’m a 49ers fan, and although you may not like the 49ers, it would probably be best if you went ahead and acted like you did. I get emotional. My fan hood is deeply rooted and not easily moved. Anything you say, I probably already know, and have known for some time now. For example, “Baby the man just said the 49ers haven’t scored an offensive TD in 9 quarters?! Is that a good thing?” That’s only going to make it worse. Don’t add salt to open wounds, just do what I do. And when I’m upset, just pat me on the back and tell me to keep drinking my beer.

If we have people over to our apartment for the games please be a great host. I would like to be as helpful as possible; however, my time is limited because I’m expected to be sitting in the living room watching the games at all times. I will need you to be in charge of taking orders, ordering food, serving food and providing beverages for everyone. This will be a lot easier for you if you buy the Miller Light on Saturdays when we’re out running errands. If being in the kitchen while the guys are watching the games bothers you, I’ve heard that some women take up hobbies such as cooking homemade Buffalo wings or perfecting the perfect cheese dip. There are several recipes online, feel free to try it out. I’ll be your guinea pig. (Kisses.)

During halftime is when most guys will break to call their girlfriends, wives, or side pieces. Some guys will need a few more minutes just to get up to speed on fantasy scores. However, this is a good time for us to spend about 30 minutes together. And I can’t think of a better place to be doing that than in the bedroom. Yes, sex at halftime is BAWSE! It’s our way of staying connected and it’s also a stress reliever.

I’m glad I took the time to sit down and write you this letter. I feel so much better now that I’ve gotten his off my chest. I was so worried that you would be upset, but I think that now that I’ve expressed my feelings to you, you’ll understand 100%. If you want to talk about this later, please let me know, I’m always open to talking to you and hearing your thoughts. Lastly, know that, football only runs from September until February. (That’s 5 measly months!) Later we’ll discuss Thursday night Football, but it shouldn’t be a problem at all, since Comcast hasn’t figured out what to do about the NFL network, however we should talk about it just in case. Talk to you soon!

With Love and Admiration,

Your Honey Bunches of Oats

Untitled Blog Post

You wake up one day in your bed wondering how you got there and how you’ve just turned 25 and you’re not sure if you’re life has just begun or if you’re behind the pack it’s coincidentally around the same time that you notice that your life is filled with dragging your pathetic ass to work each day and instead of checking your email as soon as you sit at your desk you are more concerned with setting up a tab for gmail facebook twitter and your favorite blog after this you spend time reading but not replying to your email because you’d much rather spend time replying to a new post on SBM and then you reply to a few emails and then hurry off to a quick meeting while in this meeting you realize that the reality of the information age that we live in hits you with a buzz in your cell phone holster a text message from your friend who says did you see your ex's new photo album you quickly sigh and place the phone on silent and put it back in your pocket and once returning to your desk you tell yourself that you’re not going to look you’re going to update your twitter by saying something witty as a slight diss because you think your ex is reading your twitter but they're not so all your close friends say to themselves you're still not over their ex after about 4 more gchats you decide you might as well check out the photo album and it is at this very point in time you realize how pathetic you are because you are looking at your ex and your replacement on some exotic beach in some Caribbean island and you are filled with envy you’re already there now so you might as well go through the photo album upset at facebook for the new ability to post 160 pictures this is a lot more difficult that the previous 60 pictures that used to be your tool for torture you think back to when you guys were together and how what started off as two people who would exchange funny text messages at work and slightly inappropriate text messages when you had a few drinks drink at happy hour turned into coffee dates and then drunk sex after a night of shots and beer on a Thursday night that resulted in you having to buy a new shirt for work the next day because you never made it home and months later you see yourself comfortable enough to put on sweats and your Armani block frame glasses to spend a Saturday afternoon on the couch reading with each other you’ve probably just about moved in with each other to save money on rent and or mortgage and now you have a cat or some little bitch ass dog that you really never wanted but if your baby wants lemons well your baby gets lemons as all these thoughts run through your head you reminisce on how perfect your life was and wonder how it all got messed up you decided to save up for a wedding ring about three years into the relationship and this is when she starts telling you that you don’t ever do anything together anymore without an answer you just remain silent until you come home one day and find that she’s not happy you’re there anymore when you try to have sex she replies it’s sore and you are quickly reminded that you haven’t had sex in over two weeks as your manager walks past your computer screen you don’t budge because you are filled with hate of that moment when you had that epiphany that she was probably fucking Dan her team lead that she seems to always be working late with and as angry as you are you realize that you’re really a punk because you knew it was going on and did nothing about it you invited him to a holiday party at your house so here you are in front of your computer trying to get your life together but not sure if that’s even possible because all this that you’re remembering actually happened two years ago and you haven’t had another girlfriend well except when you tried to convince yourself that you were dating that women you paid for sex on a weekly basis you are so pathetic later that day at lunch you sit alone eating your pathetic deli sandwich with a water to save money and can only afford a $6 lunch and you look at women walk by in front of you and find yourself categorizing the women by the size inch heel and the cut of the dress at the midpoint of lunch you realize that you’ve counted 12 pencil skirts in 3.5 inch heels you wonder how problematic it is that you know the difference between 3, 3.5 and 4 inch heels it’s probably not that big of a deal as one walks by you find yourself trying to decipher if you can find the panty line which you can’t and suddenly she turns around spots you checking her out and like an idiot you let your eyes go from her waist line to her face and then give a pathetic smile has it dawned on you that you could have possibly talked to one of those 12 women who have walked pass you probably not because you’re pathetic and you’d probably get no where anyway at least that’s what you’ve told yourself get a life

Morning Mail - 09.08.09

Nick: I just feel like she's messing with me.
Thom: Who are you talking about?
Nick: Right now, Norah. No, Tris. Tris.
Thom: You just haven't figured it out yet, have you.
Nick: What?
Thom: ...The big picture!
Nick: I guess not.
Thom: The Beatles.
Nick: What about them?
Thom: This.
[grabs Nick's hand]
Thom: Look, other bands, they want to make it about sex or pain, but you know, The Beatles, they had it all figured out, okay? "I Want to Hold Your Hand." The first single. It's effing brilliant, right?... That's what everybody wants, Nicky. They don't want a twenty-four-hour hump sesh, they don't want to be married to you for a hundred years. They just want to hold your hand.
[Gay couple passes holding hands and smiles at them]
Nick: I'm gonna stop right now.
(Source: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist)

This is really a true statement. And when you get it, you will be like… “O-M-G… epiphany!”

I hate when people electronically stalk me, although I make it blaringly easy to do so. So let me explain, I may update my twitter, gchat, BBM and facebook, however, if I do not know you are subscribed to one of those channels, please do not quote them. Would you believe that some people stalk your public twitter feed?

Liquids and electronics don’t miss, don’t you ever forget that either.

If I don’t tell myself it’s really happening then I can keep my pessimistic outlook intact.

Football arrives on Thursday. It’s going to be a great year.

Let’s see, NYC to NJ to Syracuse to NYC to DC, that was a hell of a weekend and it explains why I’m sick, but I’m well rested. That lets you know that you’re doing something right.

I wish I had a hammock.

I totally know how Brad Pitt feels 80% of the time.

Lig and Gig.

I like Blueprint 3, but I really prefer Jay-Z as the 4th quarter rapper. I’m still listening to Pitbull – Rebelution and thinking about vacation plans. And also, I cannot stop listening to Keyshia Cole’s – A Different Me. I feel like anyone who has heard it realizes it’s a really solid album, anyone who hasn’t keep hating.

I literally said this weekend, “OK, I’m not going to talk shit, I’m just going to beat you.” Minutes later, I delivered a crushing blow to the opposing beer pong team. I think they had 7 cups left on the table when I was done.

The internet blows at my job causes me to have a very crappy wireless.

I’m ready to call this theory a fact. “If two people are looking for the same thing out a relationship, at this age and in this time, if they want to make it work, it will work. It’s a cop out when people act as though things just didn’t work out. That means one of the two didn’t want it to work out.’

I’m going to be inside for the next two weeks, just chilling. Time for a little staycation.

Tomorrow is 9.9.9... oooh.
Blog updates today. Hopefully in the AM. Not feeling sitting at the front desk today. I plan to skate on the task.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Totally Freaked Out Part II

[I know you’re going to read this so whatever, I expect to get a text message in the next 3-4 hours.]

So I met this chick in ATL, on the way to ATL, whatever, yeah that really doesn’t matter. What matters is that she was 1) good looking, 2) mad cool to talk to, and 3) borderline almost perfect for what I needed at the time. Honestly, when Rick Ross says, “5’5”, slanted eyes, b*tch walk is MEAN” that is the best way to describe her. OK to the point, two things made me dead her: the fact that she had no middle ground, it was either the club or straight lounging, she couldn’t like chill. And also, the fact that she kept going back to ATL all the time like twice a month. And like the first time we hung out I noticed that she was in a hotel room with like 6 other girls. (Read: Women do not sleep on top of each other, if you get to a hotel room with six girls in it and there’s two beds, the plan was not for them to stay in the hotel room.) (Reread: Grimy. “And I’m supposed to pick a wife out this bunch.” – Midtown) So I was like, you know I bet she has a man in ATL. And once I got that hunch, I just backed off. This is called reading in between the lines.

[Now awaiting an accusatory text message.]

Anyway, I’ve decided that I’m not going to freak out when something seems too good to be true. Let me be clear, I’m no longer doing unhealthy anymore. And I’m dedicated to only being in situations with women deserving of a person like me. And to the women, who don’t deserve the men they have, good for them. #noshots. My natural reaction is that personally I don’t like when people become emotionally attached to me, and I really don’t like when I become emotionally attached I just dead the situation because I prefer to make decisions with my head.

But provided it is a healthy situation and the girl isn’t a dirtbag, I won’t crash the car. I promise… for now. I mean, I look at it this way. I could spend my time making knee jerk reactions and protecting myself from getting involved in something that could change my mind about life, or end up hurting me and causing me undue stress. But really, does anyone ever feel bad when they have someone who likes them and they like them too? Nah not really. I’m just saying, I think the auto-deading is weak. The reason why is because what if I dead something that could have been good for me. I mean, those opportunities are not limitless. And I wouldn’t want to get to the end of the road and realized I missed my exit.

So I guess we’ll see what happens now.

PS – Just so we are clear, I’m not freaking out. I’m just looking back on a situation that happened in the past and I’m realizing that I regret it. And saying to myself, I won’t do that again.

Morning Mail - 09.02.09

Agent 47: Nika
Nika Boronina: Yes?
Agent 47: Stop talking or i'll put you back in the trunk.

(Source: Hitman)

Salma Hayek was born today! Cot damn…

It’s been a while since I last spoke to you, so I figure I have a lot to say. But to be honest, it’s just been more and more work so nothing really special has happened to me. In the last two weeks I haven’t been out much at all. I haven’t been to any clubs or lounges in DC and doubt I will do much before October.

Let’s review: is still the jumpoff, make sure you support. I have been slacking, but I’m going to post something this week. needs more people, so phone a friend and tell them to check it out.

I’m going to post that follow up today, to that extremely ambiguous post I put up a few weeks ago.

I realize that my ability to crash cars has reached all-time demolition status.

Who cries when a sinner dies?

Heading out of town this weekend on a stealth trip. If you get a picture of me, do not facebook it.

I have been on facebook a total of three hours this week. I’m proud of myself. Even though some of that time was spent doing other things other than facebook, at least I was logged in.

I got this therapist now. I wonder if they’ll prescribe me some hardcore shit that will make my head go AYE.

I am obsessed with the Mariah Carey, Obsessed song. I am also obsessed with her, she’s boootiful.

I think I have an international girl fetish. I learn new things from Alex B. every day. When something is not working, stop trying to force the circle into a square peg.

I’m also glad that I haven’t drank that Jamesons yet.

I could never marry someone who worked in the government, I’m convinced that everyone is screwing.

I thought the day would never come when I would say this, but if there is such thing as Black Girl Lost, there is such thing as White Girl Lost and I have met her. What a few miscreants can’t ruin.

Women are grimy. No I mean that with all honesty, they are grimy. And the 21st Century woman is getting her way every time now. It is as though they are running the same play on Madden each down and we can’t stop it.

You ever been watching a porno and swore that you knew the chick from somewhere. It’s actually a lot of porn stars out here these days.

Have you noticed a lot of pregnant chicks lately? I know I have.

I am so behind on my blogs. I need to catch up. I mean I’m still writing, but I haven’t been reading.

Olga Kurylenko can get it, any day, all day.
Amerie… welcome back baby boo.
I’m still trying to think about who is better Rich Girl vs. Electrik Red

Trey Songz – Ready is SERIOUS. I am not mad at it one bit. That boy is a fool, but his album is a definite hit.
Pitbull – Rebelution is BAWSE. Every time I hear a song on there I just want a margarita and some board shorts.
Jay-Z the Blueprint 3 is a solid album and par for the course.

I’m starting to change my opinion about pencil skirts. Cot damn.

Tweet Tweet Beotch Tweet Tweet!

Lig and Gig.

NYC here we go again…

Monday, August 24, 2009

Morning Mail - 08.24.09

Alvy Singer: I feel that life is divided into the horrible and the miserable. That's the two categories. The horrible are like, I don't know, terminal cases, you know, and blind people, crippled. I don't know how they get through life. It's amazing to me. And the miserable is everyone else. So you should be thankful that you're miserable, because that's very lucky, to be miserable.
(Source: Annie Hall)

Today is my father’s birthday.

Last since Tuesday before last I have been totally out of pocket with an immense amount of work at the job. This is a sign that those things are getting better.

Today’s trip on Metro just reminded me of life goals. I cannot be on Metro in ten years dragging myself to work everyday through that mess and with the amount of hot messes that are on Metro.

I cannot work in a room when people want to have a meeting in my workspace. But they are also offended when I put on headphones. I am about to move.

For the record, I didn’t go out this weekend. Well, I did, but I didn’t.

And that’s also my plan for this upcoming weekend.

Be back later.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Morning Mail - 08.11.09

Thomas Reynolds: We never dealt with domestic. With us, it was always war. We won the war. Now we're fighting the peace. It's a lot more volatile. Now we've got ten million crackpots out there with sniper scopes, sarin gas and C-4. Ten-year-olds go on the Net, downloading encryption we can barely break, not to mention instructions on how to make a low-yield nuclear device. Privacy's been dead for years because we can't risk it. The only privacy that's left is the inside of your head. Maybe that's enough. You think we're the enemy of democracy, you and I? I think we're democracy's last hope.

Brill: Fort Meade has 18 acres of mainframe computers underground. You're talking to your wife on the phone and you use the word "bomb", "president", "Allah", any of a hundred keywords, the computer recognizes it, automatically records it, red-flags it for analysis. That was 20 years ago.
Brill: In the old days, we actually had to tap a wire into your phone line. Now with calls bouncing off satellites, they snatch'em right out of the air.

(Source: Enemy of the State)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Morning Mail - 08.10.09

Nick: I just feel like she's messing with me.
Thom: Who are you talking about?
Nick: Right now, Norah. No, Tris. Tris.
Thom: You just haven't figured it out yet, have you.
Nick: What?
Thom: ...The big picture!
Nick: I guess not.
Thom: The Beatles.
Nick: What about them?
Thom: This.
[grabs Nick's hand]
Thom: Look, other bands, they want to make it about sex or pain, but you know, The Beatles, they had it all figured out, okay? "I Want to Hold Your Hand." The first single. It's effing brilliant, right?... That's what everybody wants, Nicky. They don't want a twenty-four-hour hump sesh, they don't want to be married to you for a hundred years. They just want to hold your hand.
[Gay couple passes holding hands and smiles at them]
Nick: I'm gonna stop right now.
(Source: Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist)

I had a moment of clarity somewhere in between leaving Spiked Sundays at around 6PM and this morning around 9AM, when this moment of clarity subsided. Some people just have to go. I’ve found that some people just always pull, just pull, just pull, just pull, pull, pull, pull at you and never really give anything. They give you $1 and act like that $1 is worth you giving them a million bucks. They can be dismissed.

Woke up this morning, watching the Today show, some highlights include:

I think that Kate Gosselin is full of crap and I wish her nothing but the worse. Like ever today on the Today show, I was just watching and looking at her demeanor and I was like, you are an evil woman. Plus, her husband is happy, she should find a way to be happy too. The whole reason why he left her is because she’s evil and never seems to be happy. She treats her children like she’s Joe Jackson.

This lady tried to kill her husband. What’s really funny is her denying it when they have her on tape talking to an undercover cop about the whole thing. That’s just simply hilarious to me. Her husband who was a convicted felon, but released, was totally surprised. Sheeeeeit. I refuse to believe you marry somebody and don’t know that their ass is crazy like that.

It’s going to be scorcher today and of course I have to be running around this city for crap all day. I need to stay hydrated, but hopefully, I’ll get home by 5PM.

On the elevator this morning, this fat lady walks on the elevator, there are already two people on there. She manages to some how graze us both on her entrance and turning around. Then she tries to get into her purse for something, it’s at this point that she’s clearly all over the two of us in the elevator, so I say, “Geez.” The other lady in the elevator starts laughing. The fat lady says, “Hmph.” So I reply, “I mean come on now.”

The Weekend was great, I will post a recap soon.

Lig and Gig.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Reason Why I Haven't Seen Weezy Yet

Anyone who knows me, knows that Lil’ Wayne has been my favorite rapper since about 2001. Freshman year of college I used to get in hip hop debates and tout off that Lil’ Wayne would be the best rapper in the game one day. No one believed me, until 2007, when he was. I just knew it. Having seen him as a part of the Cash Money tour in DC at the MCI Center (now the Verizon Center) I knew the kid had a delivery, lyrical ability and demeanor that would propel him to the best. And then came Tha Carter II…

There was time he was at Love

I was there with my friend Colin. Colin was the one who got married in Vegas not too long ago. We managed to wait in line for like an hour to get in. We got good spots and were ready to wait until 1AM when Wayne would finally show up and start performing. He got a text/call from his girlfriend, Carrie, asking him to come to VA to spend time with her at this place, Fast Eddie’s. Fast Eddie’s might be the wackest place on earth. Knowing that he was really into this chick, I didn’t even hesitate, we left Love and went to VA. He ended up marrying Carrie. And I would later find out that she really appreciated that the entire time they were together.

There was the time he was at H20

I was talking to my friends about this concert for a month. But at this time, no one was messing with H2O, I’m not lying, my crew does not go to places like H2O, it’s too hood. It’s like a Lycra convention in that place. Despite all that I was still about to chalk it up and go. And then I was convinced otherwise. There’s never a good reason to go to H2O dolo. (dolo=alone)

There was the time he was in Baltimore

He was at the Virgin Music Festival in Baltimore, and I was going to go then. Tickets were $100 and he would only be performing a short set, but still I wanted to go. Again, friends went Stunt 101 on me and said the tickets were too expensive when we would spend most of the day listening to rock bands and ish. #FAIL

There was the time he was in Orlando

I was in Orlando on business and he was performing at a downtown club. So I tried to convince a few of my cool coworkers to go down there with me. However, we went out once in Orlando to this spot Blue Martini and the bartenders schooled me early. The club that the concert was at they had like four shootings in the last month. And after realizing I was going to be going dolo again, I had to fall back.

There was the time he was at Love… again

AND then he was at Love again, but at this point, my friends were like oh we not going back to Love again. Yep, that’s how it is out here now. People are like, we do not have any desire to go back to Love. I mean, I can understand that, but I was like, but it’s Wayne man… Anyway, didn’t go to that joint either. And I heard that he performed for like 90 minutes, and my homie, actually let me stop, Up&Coming Buppie ( went and took all these pictures up close with the guy. ARRGGGG!

And then there is today…

I got one email that said, Lil’ Wayne will be at Nissan Pavilion on August 8th, prolly like two and half months ago. I bought my ticket then. I said, all y’all can NOT go, but I’m going, dolo if I got to. People been asking me for a month if I bought my ticket, I’m like, yep, I bought mine a minute ago. I didn’t waste no time. Actually, I think I bought my ticket June 20th. I was like, I’m going to get on the good foot and get out there. So God willing, I’m heading out of here at like 4, get some tailgating in, get throwed… and go in there to see Weezy.

Point of information, I currently have 86 hours of Weezy on my iTunes. This is not a coincidence.