Friday, August 7, 2009

The Reason Why I Haven't Seen Weezy Yet

Anyone who knows me, knows that Lil’ Wayne has been my favorite rapper since about 2001. Freshman year of college I used to get in hip hop debates and tout off that Lil’ Wayne would be the best rapper in the game one day. No one believed me, until 2007, when he was. I just knew it. Having seen him as a part of the Cash Money tour in DC at the MCI Center (now the Verizon Center) I knew the kid had a delivery, lyrical ability and demeanor that would propel him to the best. And then came Tha Carter II…

There was time he was at Love

I was there with my friend Colin. Colin was the one who got married in Vegas not too long ago. We managed to wait in line for like an hour to get in. We got good spots and were ready to wait until 1AM when Wayne would finally show up and start performing. He got a text/call from his girlfriend, Carrie, asking him to come to VA to spend time with her at this place, Fast Eddie’s. Fast Eddie’s might be the wackest place on earth. Knowing that he was really into this chick, I didn’t even hesitate, we left Love and went to VA. He ended up marrying Carrie. And I would later find out that she really appreciated that the entire time they were together.

There was the time he was at H20

I was talking to my friends about this concert for a month. But at this time, no one was messing with H2O, I’m not lying, my crew does not go to places like H2O, it’s too hood. It’s like a Lycra convention in that place. Despite all that I was still about to chalk it up and go. And then I was convinced otherwise. There’s never a good reason to go to H2O dolo. (dolo=alone)

There was the time he was in Baltimore

He was at the Virgin Music Festival in Baltimore, and I was going to go then. Tickets were $100 and he would only be performing a short set, but still I wanted to go. Again, friends went Stunt 101 on me and said the tickets were too expensive when we would spend most of the day listening to rock bands and ish. #FAIL

There was the time he was in Orlando

I was in Orlando on business and he was performing at a downtown club. So I tried to convince a few of my cool coworkers to go down there with me. However, we went out once in Orlando to this spot Blue Martini and the bartenders schooled me early. The club that the concert was at they had like four shootings in the last month. And after realizing I was going to be going dolo again, I had to fall back.

There was the time he was at Love… again

AND then he was at Love again, but at this point, my friends were like oh we not going back to Love again. Yep, that’s how it is out here now. People are like, we do not have any desire to go back to Love. I mean, I can understand that, but I was like, but it’s Wayne man… Anyway, didn’t go to that joint either. And I heard that he performed for like 90 minutes, and my homie, actually let me stop, Up&Coming Buppie ( went and took all these pictures up close with the guy. ARRGGGG!

And then there is today…

I got one email that said, Lil’ Wayne will be at Nissan Pavilion on August 8th, prolly like two and half months ago. I bought my ticket then. I said, all y’all can NOT go, but I’m going, dolo if I got to. People been asking me for a month if I bought my ticket, I’m like, yep, I bought mine a minute ago. I didn’t waste no time. Actually, I think I bought my ticket June 20th. I was like, I’m going to get on the good foot and get out there. So God willing, I’m heading out of here at like 4, get some tailgating in, get throwed… and go in there to see Weezy.

Point of information, I currently have 86 hours of Weezy on my iTunes. This is not a coincidence.

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Monica: Amazing said...

Only person stopping you from seeing Wayne up until now was you. You let your friends dictate whether or not you'd see your fav rapper.
If they didn't go, you didn't go. if they wanted to leave, you left.
Could you not enjoy Wayne in the comfort of your own company?

Just wondering...

Enjoy the show..finally. ;-)