Thursday, August 6, 2009

Morning Mail - 08.06.09

Eve Batiste: [while dusting off the pictures of Mozelle's late husbands] Which one did you love best?
Mozelle Batiste Delacroix: I don't know, Eve. They was all different. Anderson was the handsomest man I had ever seen. Your Uncle Harry, he was the sweetest. And Maynard....Maynard loved me most of all. You know, when I was your age, before I ever did the counseling, I could look at people, complete strangers, and see their whole lives so clear. But when I looked at each of my husbands, I never saw a thing. That's how it always is. Blind to my own life.
(Source: Eve’s Bayou)

When’s the last time you sat back and thought about why you were with all the people in your past?

Today is “B*tch I wish you would” Thursdays

The question, where will you be in five years? It’s always been hard for me to answer because I kind of like to go where the wind takes me. And throughout my life, things like school, or class, haven’t really kept me out of any rooms that I wanted to be in. I know that where I am now will not be where I am in 5 years, but I couldn’t tell you exactly what I would be doing. However, I will do my best to be in Miami.

Can anyone explain to me why so many women are pregnant in the summer? I just don’t get it.

Sidenote, you ever seen an ugly baby? Isn’t the funniest when people are like, “He’s so adorable.” Meanwhile, I’m in the back thinking, I hope he can play sports.

So this girl on my team has pneumonia, Jesus Christ! That’s a horrible illness to have. Looks like she will miss 2-3 weeks unless a miracle comes about. I wish her well.

It’s Thursday, and as, William so eloquently said, “which means the weekend is here, in my eyes. ”Without further ado, let’s go.

Did anybody see Prince Fielder trying to get into the Dodgers locker room? Big boy was moving!

I will not be out tonight, but I will be at Park next Thursday. So you can put me down tentative for arrival at around six-thuuuuurdy.

Why does this city insist on raining?

I think that 75% of the problems Black folk have are because of Black folk.

I understand the need for some people to possess firearms, but I just don’t see the need in urban areas of America. A lot of people have this all messed up.

Why is doing laundry such a daunting task?

The 6 Most Raunchiest Most Depraved Sex Acts from the Bible, simply hilarious:

Quick think… where is your Bible? If you have to think too long, you need Jesus.

Lig and Gig.


Chaotically Calm said...

LMAO at the ugly baby comment. I shared it with my sister and she agrees. She told me that ugly people need to have a talent. Her example, where would Tyrone Hill have been without basketball.

Anyway I agree that 75% of black folk problems are due to black people. Can't blame outsiders for internal issues.


OK, that Bible thing...hi-lar-ious