Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Morning Mail - 08.04.09

Dewey: How do you know that my dimwitted inexperience isn't merely a subtle form of manipulation, used to lower people's expectations, thereby enhancing my ability to effectively maneuver within any given situation?
(Source: Scream 2)

Happy Birthday Mr. President.
Not much to report from yesterday. I already posted the Negro days of the week.

I want to pause and thank all of you guys who read my blogs, for I really appreciate your support.

I’m putting together the Dynasty Football League today.

Anybody got some links for flag football in DC/MD/VA?

Rooftop Happy Hour in Bethesda is pretty BAWSE. (Thursdays)

I got a feeling that tonight’s going to be a great night! (Not really, I just like that song.)

I know a lot of people don’t watch, but has anyone seen these secret videos of MJ with his kids that have been released. He shows that he’s such a great father in them. Glad to see that side of him coming out now.

True… real talk, just plan a happy hour and I’ll be there, you are going to stop calling me an old man. We need to hit up Stan’s at Vermont and L. (Not yet though, I find out about my raise soon, and I’m fasting until then.) (Don’t judge me, it works every year.)

Chris Brown is allegedly still seeing Rihanna. That guy thinks he’s invincible. Why wouldn’t he? He beat up his girlfriend and spent no time in jail. He is invincible. But let’s all take heed, sometimes we feel invincible and we are not, only God is.

Lig and Gig.

I get so anxious when I think about this weekend.


True2me said...

I dont really care for Stans J...But I'll plan something

I want to play flag football..but I think men gon be touching my butt lol


O'M'Gee A group of people I hang with from Time to Time swear by Stans. Liquor in one glass, chaser in the other

PhlyyGirl said...

My best friend plays in this leauge : mdflagfootball.com

I know it's like 50 some teams, but they usually play out in suitland. Not sure where you're located, but if you're interested, fall season starts in about a month...