Wednesday, March 31, 2010

10 people shot, 4 dead, and 3 police officers dead in SE DC

DC used to be the Murder Capital of the World. Violence ripped through our city in the late eighties and early nineties mostly due to crack cocaine and it’s control over our community. In the last twenty years or so, we’ve done well to push this label off to cities like Trenton, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, and Detroit, MI. However, last night to hear about 10 people being shot, 4 dead, and 3 police officers hurt while trying to apprehend the criminals is disheartening.

As Jay-Z put it best, “we off that.” It’s time for DC to move on from such useless crime and put behind us a dark future that doesn’t need a resurgence. As you think about the two statements, “we’ve got to do better” and “yes, we can,” realize this DC, we’ve done better and thus we know we can because we already have. Let’s not have a relapse, it’ll be a long summer.

Got to Have Some to Get Some: Getting Girls 101

“Some people say don’t bring sand to the beach. I say, bring all the sand you can find.” - #3

When a group of guys walks in the club, it’s the most important part of his night. Walking in the club and taking that first lap can dictate the entire night. But the majority of guys don’t want to bring women with them to the club. I mean, why? You’re going to have the opportunity to meet all new women once you get in the club. WRONG silly rabbit. You aren’t bringing women to the club to try and take them home and sleep with them. (Well, some of us are.) You’re bringing women with you to show you get women already.

As you walk in the club with a bunch of beautiful women, aka Barry Bonds’ing, every women is staring at you trying to figure out who you are and what your deal is. Where did you come from and why are all these women following you? These questions have an inverse effect. Simply put, a man who has a pretty woman with him, makes another pretty woman think you must have something to offer.

This can hurt you in a way though. Sometimes very pretty people can have very ugly personalities or tendencies. For example, you could be hanging around one of the baddest girls in DC, but the girls are thinking to themselves, “Yo you know she wopped off Cam’ron in the club last week?” Now you hanging with an old skanky ho.

The moral of the story is, think about this the next time you want to roll to the club 20 guys deep. Yeah, we all in back to back Navigators and Range Rovers, but those ladies watching us walk in are wondering, where did we just come from 20 negros deep and why are there no girls around where we’re standing at.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Winston Bennett is LYING

In an interview with ESPN's "Outside the Lines," Bennett details his sex addiction, explaining that he slept with 90 women per month before he got married -- and approximately half that total after his wedding.

He goes on to say how he slept with three to four women a day. He did this for years and then when he was married he cut that number down to 45 a month. And that he gave his wife two STDs. Sorry buddies, but the only STDs he’s talking about is HIV and herpes.

Commonly mistaken by the general public is that basketball players, or all professional players for that matter live an easy life with unlimited amounts of free time. No silly rabbits, a basketball player when in season has a FULL-TIME job. He has workouts, meetings, film and practice, everyday. And some days, like every other day, he has a game. So let’s do the math; workouts (two hours), meetings (one hour), practice (two hours), film (one hour) and game (five hours), that’s a total of 11 hours. There’s 13 hours left in the day, which means that he’s banging out a chick every three hours. Come on son.

Now I explained this yesterday, is it possible to have sex with three women a day, YES, I know a guy who slept with ten in one day before. Is it possible to have sex with three women a day for over a decade, consistently everyday, in order to make this 90 women a month claim true? Get out of here with that bullshit. There’s a difference between doing the improbable and averaging the improbable. So Winston can go ahead with all that foolywang.

You should also know that Winston is currently trying to sell a book. Whenever a book is involved know that these interviews are designed to draw attention. To be honest can I see Winston sleeping with 90 women in a month, yes. Can I see him averaging 90 a month for a year? Nope, that’s pretty sick from the late 80s to the early 90s. Given the fact that he said, he never used a condom and during those years HIV was a hot ticket item. What woman you know is having sex with a NBA player after Magic said he got HIV? Come on son, fohwtbs.

Because I’m a walking contradiction, I will tell you how Winston could have possibly met this feat. He went to brothels everyday for like 4 or 5 hours. That’s possible that he went to brothels or managed to keep a brothel. The only problem is, he would be dead by now because of HIV/AIDS which I still believe he probably has contracted. You can go to brothel and just sleep with women all day and I’m sure there’s one in every city.
But on the real… Winston is lying, virtually no way unless this man is the second coming of Wilt Chamberlain. And he not Wilt.

Type-A Personalities in the Morning

I think I told some of you this before, but one thing I really hate is Type-A personalities. Like people who have to be first place all the time. It’s cool to want to excel, but take myself for example, I never have to excel at the sacrifice of another person. I’m not the person who takes the informational flyer down in the library so I’m the only one who gets to pledge that semester.

Well I think a good example of this behavior, because people always want to know, What really is a Type-A personality? Is in the morning with commuters to work. Those people who insist on boarding a train even when packed. Those people who know exactly where the door of the train will stop that they need to be at in order to get off and get downstairs to their transfer before everyone else. Those people who will basically block you off of the train or from that spot by positioning themselves in a trap position so you can’t move. Those are the Type-A people. Those people who when people are waiting at an intersection for a cross light, those people who walk up and then make their way through the crowd to stand in front of you. Those are the Type-A people.

Anyway, today as I was leaving the Farragut North metro station this one lady looked like she was in a hurry. Um… it’s 8:54, we are all in a hurry. She was trying so hard to get through that she ended up getting stuck on the escalator where someone decided to stand on the left side rather than walk. (This pisses me off too.) So I peep her from my peripheral and when I get off the escalator she’s behind me. As I’m walking out of the station and up the street, she darts up beside me and as soon as there is a space in front of me to walk, she leans in with her shoulder and hops in front of me. Usually, I have to stop walking, but today… I just kept walking. Basically, her legs tangled with mine and she went fell out. Like in elementary school where someone would hook one legs behind your other, that’s what happened to her. Bag flew, arms outstretched, chin in the air, WHAM! She hit the deck. As people walked around her and some gasped. I stepped over her like when Iverson stepped over Tyronn Lue in the NBA Finals after sinking a 3-pointer in his face. I looked back at her like, next time slow down and don’t cut people off.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Interracial Dating reminder…

In honor of International Women’s Day, I’ll put this controversial post up about interracial dating…

I find myself always surprised when I hear a group of Black guys talk about dating outside of their race. The things they say always make me cringe. I remember the first time I heard the word bunny and then the first time I heard the word snow bunnies, the first didn’t make me feel any type of way, but the second made me feel odd. And now to hear men talk about dating outside of their race they talk about different races of women like they are trophies or accomplishments. I heard a group of boys talking about dating “white chicks” yesterday and my mind started to wander. I could tell they were lying. How did I know they were lying? Because nobody who says “I love f*cking with the white chicks” gets anywhere with white women.

I’m going to touch on this really quickly and then I’m going to go back to my silence on the topic. I love women. I love all types of women, in no particular order, and I’ve been very consistent with that my entire life. Even before people even knew what interracial dating I was dating outside of my race. Why? Because I dated the women who went to my school! In Elementary school we didn’t know how big of deal Black, White, Latino, Asian, Indian, etc. was we just thought that Rena was freaking cute. And in middle school when I had my first real girlfriend it didn’t even really dawn on me that my girlfriend was Bolivian, never, not once. It wasn’t until someone was talking about interracial dating to me years later that I exclaimed, “Damn I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, shoot my first girlfriend was from Bolivia!” and then I thought about it, throughout my life I’ve never really stayed in the boundaries of race. I’ve dated women from every continent, casually and seriously. I’ve never seen them as trophies, I only realize I have through hindsight.

My next point is that if you only date in your race, you’re racist. If you meet a white man and someone tells you, “He only dates white women.” (You have to use white men to show someone what racism is, lol. Otherwise, they act like they can never see it, pathetic people.) You would say he’s racist. Well, the same for Black people too. And let me be clear, there is a big difference between a preference and ONLY dating within your race. So it really bothers me when women are like, I don’t like it when Black men are dating outside their race because only a Black woman can appreciate him. Not to son the ish out of you, but I can tell you didn’t do well on your SAT, because they teach you in prep that whenever an entry has the word “only” in it, it’s false.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t view women like that because it won’t help you in your travels. Focus on loving women and all women will love you. AND DON’T CALL PEOPLE NAMES! Calling women stereotypical names is no way to get closer to them.

Of course you’re wondering who am I to be giving out advice, that’s because my resume is unlisted.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Poker Face

It’s not socially acceptable for a guy to hurt. For a guy to really come out and show that he’s not going through the best patch in his life. Likewise, it’s not a good idea to gloat or to boast about how great things are going in their life. Some people’s lives suck and they’d prefer that you wouldn’t rub that in. Over the past few months, I’ve developed a really good Poker face. It is no secret to most that I have been in and out of moods here lately that are completely opposites, leading some to believe I’m developing a bipolar disorder. The ironic thing is that very few people can actually tell about these moods unless they know me well enough to be able to sniff out my poker face.

My Poker Face keeps me balanced. It allows me not to get too excited when things are great, and not get too upset when things are bad. I think everyone should have one. I really think that the Poker Face has come into perfection over the last month. I’m really the type of person who will insist things are not bothering him, when they are really causing me great pain. Nothing ever really ends on good terms, but if you ask me about any girl I used to be dating and am not anymore I’ll say, “It just wasn’t working out” or “F*ck her” or “She’s dead” and I could go on forever. On the inside the answer is much more complex, it’s enough to push me into several moods in one day.

Another thing that the Poker Face allows me to do is hide how self-destructive my life can become when I’m not feeling well. Oh man… you haven’t the slightest how deep the rabbit hole goes on this one. I can’t even begin to tell you what I will do when I get in self-destruct mode. Let’s just say, one of my most memorable quotes is, “Take it from someone who has tried to get off this planet several times; you don’t go until it’s your time to go.” For clarification, I’ve never tried to take my own life, I’ve just done some things that if it wasn’t but for the grace of God, I would have died.

My Poker Face helps me to remain level-headed when things are going really well. I have times when I feel like today is the day I should play Mega Millions, but because I know how low, low can be, I take it easy and just ride it out. I do have bright spots, but I don’t want people to take advantage of those bright spots and think that it gives them a reason to excuse the fact that they might have contributed to your dark spots. People love to be like, “Well, everything worked out in the end” and move on without ever accepting fault for f*cking someone’s life up.

For the most relevant Poker Face story it came not too long ago, when I found out that a couple of my past situations were now talking to someone else. This only really bothers me because I can’t say that I am talking to anyone. But man… when I say I mustered up a Poker Face for about a good two days to deal with that sh*t, I sure did and it got me through.

So there you have it, that’s the Poker Face. I’m sure we all have our Poker Faces, hell you need one. I think the biggest flaw of the Poker Face is that we never really deal with the problems causing the Poker Face we kind of just use the Poker Face to mask it. Anything you carry along for too long automatically becomes baggage.

I wrote this like over a year ago and never posted it. I've been procrastinating on posting it for some time. Today is as good a day as any. I hope you enjoyed it.