Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Got to Have Some to Get Some: Getting Girls 101

“Some people say don’t bring sand to the beach. I say, bring all the sand you can find.” - #3

When a group of guys walks in the club, it’s the most important part of his night. Walking in the club and taking that first lap can dictate the entire night. But the majority of guys don’t want to bring women with them to the club. I mean, why? You’re going to have the opportunity to meet all new women once you get in the club. WRONG silly rabbit. You aren’t bringing women to the club to try and take them home and sleep with them. (Well, some of us are.) You’re bringing women with you to show you get women already.

As you walk in the club with a bunch of beautiful women, aka Barry Bonds’ing, every women is staring at you trying to figure out who you are and what your deal is. Where did you come from and why are all these women following you? These questions have an inverse effect. Simply put, a man who has a pretty woman with him, makes another pretty woman think you must have something to offer.

This can hurt you in a way though. Sometimes very pretty people can have very ugly personalities or tendencies. For example, you could be hanging around one of the baddest girls in DC, but the girls are thinking to themselves, “Yo you know she wopped off Cam’ron in the club last week?” Now you hanging with an old skanky ho.

The moral of the story is, think about this the next time you want to roll to the club 20 guys deep. Yeah, we all in back to back Navigators and Range Rovers, but those ladies watching us walk in are wondering, where did we just come from 20 negros deep and why are there no girls around where we’re standing at.

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Candace said...

I agree but I also disagree, think it depends on the circumstance. All men are more attractive when they have a girl... just is. So the backbone of your post is 100% true. However, I (and women like me) are less likely to approach you if said woman doesn't play her role correctly. If she stands a little too close, or leans a little too near... any indication that you are her man... I'm not fooling w/ it. Lol. You may be 12x more attractive but it's just not worth the headache. So that means you'd just have to approach me... not really a big deal, just an FYI.

SIDE NOTE: & a group of men who are all attractive can get the eye/digits/all that good stuff too...