Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Type-A Personalities in the Morning

I think I told some of you this before, but one thing I really hate is Type-A personalities. Like people who have to be first place all the time. It’s cool to want to excel, but take myself for example, I never have to excel at the sacrifice of another person. I’m not the person who takes the informational flyer down in the library so I’m the only one who gets to pledge that semester.

Well I think a good example of this behavior, because people always want to know, What really is a Type-A personality? Is in the morning with commuters to work. Those people who insist on boarding a train even when packed. Those people who know exactly where the door of the train will stop that they need to be at in order to get off and get downstairs to their transfer before everyone else. Those people who will basically block you off of the train or from that spot by positioning themselves in a trap position so you can’t move. Those are the Type-A people. Those people who when people are waiting at an intersection for a cross light, those people who walk up and then make their way through the crowd to stand in front of you. Those are the Type-A people.

Anyway, today as I was leaving the Farragut North metro station this one lady looked like she was in a hurry. Um… it’s 8:54, we are all in a hurry. She was trying so hard to get through that she ended up getting stuck on the escalator where someone decided to stand on the left side rather than walk. (This pisses me off too.) So I peep her from my peripheral and when I get off the escalator she’s behind me. As I’m walking out of the station and up the street, she darts up beside me and as soon as there is a space in front of me to walk, she leans in with her shoulder and hops in front of me. Usually, I have to stop walking, but today… I just kept walking. Basically, her legs tangled with mine and she went fell out. Like in elementary school where someone would hook one legs behind your other, that’s what happened to her. Bag flew, arms outstretched, chin in the air, WHAM! She hit the deck. As people walked around her and some gasped. I stepped over her like when Iverson stepped over Tyronn Lue in the NBA Finals after sinking a 3-pointer in his face. I looked back at her like, next time slow down and don’t cut people off.


m said...

Ha ha ha this is amazing...exactly what I would do. Honestly I get to work an hour and a half early every day because I cannot deal with these aggressive-ass people on the streetcar disturbing my peace so early in the morning. A$$holes.

BrokN_RecorD said...

LMAO!!! I hate those people and I really wish I would have been there to see ole girl take that fall. I would have DIED laughing, extra loud.
Damn, I really needed a funny this AM...thanks for that.

Reina said...


I would love to do that, but I'm not certain I'm graceful enough to pull it off.

Streetz said...

LMAOOO u Tyrone Lue's dat chick?! *DEAD*

Demenna said...

hhhahhaahhh this was too funny. damn right. she needed someone to put her in her place.