Thursday, September 10, 2009

Morning Mail - 09.10.09

Sonia Bern: [to police officer] The whole point of having a safe deposit box is so that people like you don't know what's in it!
(Source: The Bank Job)

The hardest thing to do is wake someone up in the morning, it’s virtually impossible. And you hate being that person to wake someone up. That’s probably why they asked you to do it. They probably like to hear your voice.

Score one for the small guys! Today on the train the fat lady was about to sit next to me, when it occurred to her how much of a hot mess she would look sitting next to me. She decided to stand.

Have you ever noticed how many pregnant women are at a baseball game?

In the Information Age, my job has the internet, wireless internet. Yet, no one can ever get on. It is the crappiest wireless in the world.

It’s time that we get political people. That we get informed and we start talking about what Congress needs to get done. Do not let Capitol Hill left or right skirt the issue at hand. The issue at hand is that the current healthcare plan as proposed is not passed.

Next up… that pesky Immigration Reform piece of legislation. So exciting!

Did you see Obama pull the Ted Kennedy card last night?

Anyway enough mail, I got a little Metro theme going today with my two blogs. Check them out. And check me out over at Holla at your boy. tYpE iLL blog fam.

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