Thursday, September 10, 2009

Possessed Metro Passengers

As the train pulls into the station you see that people start to pace down the track trying to get positioning to enter the train. They tunnel in on their desired entrance which probably has something to do with the escalator they need to catch when they exit at their stop. People with long train rides eye a seat. With their eyes fixated on specific exits and seats, they often times forget that there are other people in this world. They will walk right into you while pacing down the track as the train pulls into the station. (It’s best to stand your ground, don’t give way to a charging crowd, that’s called not having balls.) There are other people who have just entered the station and before retrieving their fare card from the terminal are already in full sprint to catch the train on the platform, because another train does not come for two minutes. Lastly, there are those people who once the train gets packed insist on having a standing spot next to the door so that they can lean against the glass barrier inside. These people block entry to the train. (They are most likely to be stampeded in the case of an emergency.)

I usually upset all of these types of passengers because of my laid back, “we are all going the same place” mentality. I very rarely will run for a train, and it won’t be in a packed station. It will be during non-rush hour when the trains are 20 minutes apart. I’d rather not pile onto a packed train, I’ll wait for the next one to arrive. I often will look at people like they are crazy before I gladly extend my hand ushering them to go ahead of me, that seat is clearly more important to them than it is to me. I get my full star belly on and turn my nose up at those people. I mean honestly in my opinion if you are going to act like that, why didn’t you just drive to work? Because you can’t afford it, so shut up.

The possessed people have no clue what they look like though. They don’t look normal. And I’ve found that those characteristics in people transcend into personality traits that are very unbecoming. These people are over controlling, over compulsive, and over analytical people. They really get under my skin. The worst part is when one of these people get in the zone and you suggest waiting for the next train, they give you a laundry list of reasons why they can’t wait for the next train, but none of them make any sense. They simply cannot come up with any real reason why that one train makes so much of a difference. Some even try to involve you in their plan, ordering you to grab a seat or upset that you are letting people go in front you.

I’ve never seen Metro as some big war that had to be won. I only saw Metro as a means of transportation. I actually learned some valuable lessons by learning not to rush for every train. I’ll share one with you another time. But to those possessed passengers, would you please take a chill pill? You’re making us all uncomfortable.

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