Friday, September 11, 2009

Diet Boomerang Note: From the Archives

If you haven't watched Boomerang lately, i'd recommend that you watch that movie monthly. For people between the ages of 21-24 this is a critical movie in our lives. It shows us real shit that we need to be thinking about in our lives.

In gist, here's what it is. Eddie Murphy's character, Marcus is a bachelor and he spends his time trying to chase the vixen, Jackie. Now for the record, and let me state this... publicly for all you women at home wondering... every man, EVERY man agrees.. Robin Givens in that movie is WAAYYYYYY badder than Halle Berry. So Marcus is chasing after Jackie, who is making him go through all these hoops, spending money, flirting, spending time, he's trying to wine and dine her. In other words, trying shit, trying shit, don't work, trying shit, trying shit, switch it up, don't work. Marcus is just trying to beat, let's be honest. FINALLY, he beats. And then he finds out, like all you ignent negros have to find out the hard way, she's just looking for something casual and he's just one, not the one. WOMP WOMP. ("Bitches cheat, get over it." - Classic Jacksonian advice.)

Meanwhile, Jackie has an assistant Angela whom his boy tries to date, but it just don't work out. And it's obvious that she is interested in Marcus, but Marcus isn't really paying her any mind. You know what that dude is doing? What a majority of men and women do, you got the one, but you out trying to see just how far you can go. "If you got a Chrysler 300, you need to be happy about your Chryler 300 and stop talking about, "I got it cause it look like a Phantom."" - Katt Williams. You have a Chrysler 300, and you never getting that Phantom, because you don't really want the Phantom, you just think you do.

Quit while you're ahead, people. A lot of people do that shit. They have the one and then they try and risk it all for the full court heave, and what do they do, they lose the one, and then end up strung out on the full court heave they should have known wasn't going to work from jump. And people say, well I don't want to settle, no no no NO, it's about you don't want to be smart. You hear everyone say it, you have a 80% good look, and you risk it all for 20%. And looking back on that 20%, after losing the 80%, you sitting there like DAMN. And if you don't believe that shit, look at this... look at your friends who are like 28 and older and they get married to people they meet in their late twenties, and then look at the friends you have who get married to people they met earlier on. More than likely, the way they look in their partner's eyes is different. You know why, because when you are 22, that full court heave is a shot at the upset, when you are 28, that's a desperation heave. When you wait until the end to "settle" down, you the stuff that's left over from the creme of the crop.

Don't get me wrong, oh it feels good to be out there in the game when you can play in the game. And it's easy to take lust over love or something meaningful. But not never, not never, and every real dude on the struggle will admit, you'd rather have a ride or die chick, or a main chick, than a jumpoff. And don't get me started on the jumpoff... All i'll say is that chances are, the jumpoff never stacks up against the main chick.

Back to the movie... So what i'm trying to say here is, you see Marcus chasing after this chick Jackie, who really doesn't want just him, or want something meaningful with him. And then you have Angela, who Marcus knows he needs to be with, but he keeps being a dumb ass and banging his head against the wall until he realizes I need to get it together or i'll be unhappy.

Real talk, cats out here on the struggle got a GOOD girl, but they stay they ass up in Park every Thursday looking at these fine ass women in the joint. And they ain't doing nothing for them, you may get a number, you may even beat, but when the money is gone or a better option comes along, you get tossed and you done lost your diamond girl. And chicks out here, got a good man, but they like ATTENTION. If you meet a girl who doesn't like attention, something must be wrong with her. They like that attention, they like all that excitement stuff that they can get while they still young, and things are on the up and up. And while they out there doing dirt, that good man, meets that good girl, and now you looking at him in his happiness thinking, "That could have been me, if I was on my game." And that's not where you want to be, you want to be on the inside thinking it's warm and nice than a mofo in here, not on the outside pissed off about the way things turned out.

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True2me said...

we are in a day and age where all we care about is trohpies. We feel we can have happyness if we just have enough bright and shiny things to show everyone our worth.

I think its pitiful. Nothing wrong with having nice things but for some..its a mission.


ok, Dr. J. I love you, but most 22 year olds don't know shit. They think they do, but they are just experiencing life.

I'm not one for putting an age on things, but your 20's are for growing, learning, partying, and figuring out what you want out of life.

I'm not saying that at 22 you are dumb, but lets be realistic, at 22 you are really just beginning to experience life. Dr. J, you got a few yrs before you are 28 and when you are, and when you look back on everything, you'll take it or leave it, and realize damn "I was young"...

I'm 29, and love, love, love my life. It's still just the beginning. I've learned a lot about myself, people, the world, work, relationships, and me, it's not the end of the world if you aren't married by 28....that's the old American Dream... not mine