Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Morning Mail - 09.02.09

Agent 47: Nika
Nika Boronina: Yes?
Agent 47: Stop talking or i'll put you back in the trunk.

(Source: Hitman)

Salma Hayek was born today! Cot damn…

It’s been a while since I last spoke to you, so I figure I have a lot to say. But to be honest, it’s just been more and more work so nothing really special has happened to me. In the last two weeks I haven’t been out much at all. I haven’t been to any clubs or lounges in DC and doubt I will do much before October.

Let’s review: is still the jumpoff, make sure you support. I have been slacking, but I’m going to post something this week. needs more people, so phone a friend and tell them to check it out.

I’m going to post that follow up today, to that extremely ambiguous post I put up a few weeks ago.

I realize that my ability to crash cars has reached all-time demolition status.

Who cries when a sinner dies?

Heading out of town this weekend on a stealth trip. If you get a picture of me, do not facebook it.

I have been on facebook a total of three hours this week. I’m proud of myself. Even though some of that time was spent doing other things other than facebook, at least I was logged in.

I got this therapist now. I wonder if they’ll prescribe me some hardcore shit that will make my head go AYE.

I am obsessed with the Mariah Carey, Obsessed song. I am also obsessed with her, she’s boootiful.

I think I have an international girl fetish. I learn new things from Alex B. every day. When something is not working, stop trying to force the circle into a square peg.

I’m also glad that I haven’t drank that Jamesons yet.

I could never marry someone who worked in the government, I’m convinced that everyone is screwing.

I thought the day would never come when I would say this, but if there is such thing as Black Girl Lost, there is such thing as White Girl Lost and I have met her. What a few miscreants can’t ruin.

Women are grimy. No I mean that with all honesty, they are grimy. And the 21st Century woman is getting her way every time now. It is as though they are running the same play on Madden each down and we can’t stop it.

You ever been watching a porno and swore that you knew the chick from somewhere. It’s actually a lot of porn stars out here these days.

Have you noticed a lot of pregnant chicks lately? I know I have.

I am so behind on my blogs. I need to catch up. I mean I’m still writing, but I haven’t been reading.

Olga Kurylenko can get it, any day, all day.
Amerie… welcome back baby boo.
I’m still trying to think about who is better Rich Girl vs. Electrik Red

Trey Songz – Ready is SERIOUS. I am not mad at it one bit. That boy is a fool, but his album is a definite hit.
Pitbull – Rebelution is BAWSE. Every time I hear a song on there I just want a margarita and some board shorts.
Jay-Z the Blueprint 3 is a solid album and par for the course.

I’m starting to change my opinion about pencil skirts. Cot damn.

Tweet Tweet Beotch Tweet Tweet!

Lig and Gig.

NYC here we go again…

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True2me said...


I realize that my ability to crash cars has reached all-time demolition status.<--OMG..ME TOO..yes im responding like we on twitter

Good seeing you all the time now..LMAO

Both Rich girl and Electric Red are HAWT girl groups...DAMN