Monday, September 28, 2009

Morning Mail - 09.28.09

Pat Healy: My real passion is my hobby.
Mary: Really, what's that?
Pat Healy: I work with retards.
Mary: Isn't that a little, uhm, politically incorrect?
Pat Healy: Well, heh, to hell with that... no one's going to tell me who I can and can't work with, right?
Mary: No, I mean...
Pat Healy: We got this one kid, Mongo... He's got a forehead like a drive-in movie theatre, but he's a good ship. So we don't bust his chops too much. So, one day Mongo gets out of his cage...
Mary: They keep him in a cage?
Pat Healy: Well, it's just an enclosure...
Mary: No, but they keep him confined?
Pat Healy: Right, yeah.
Mary: That's bullshit!
Pat Healy: Well, that's what I said! So, I went out and I got him, uh, I got him a leash.
Mary: A leash?
Pat Healy: Yeah, one of those ones you can hook on the clothesline, and he can run back and forth and, uh, there's plenty of room for him to dig and play. That kid is really, uh, he's really blossomed.
(Source: There’s Something About Mary)

Pickup Line of the Week: My magic watch says you don't have any underwear on. (She says: "Yes I do!") Oh damn, it must be 15 minutes fast.

Here are some things I really hate on the train:
- People talking on the cell phone as if we care about their conversations
- This is a pet peeve, but I hate when women wear white bras under white blouses, that is tacky
- I hate inappropriately dressed people, especially when they look like they’re going to work. I think my friend said it best, “If you think anyone is going to be turned on by what you are wearing, change.” – JJW (Check out her blog today too.)
- This mofo who has hit my laptop three times with his bag and refuses to say excuse me or stop doing it.
- People who read my laptop screen. This is especially funny because someone is sitting next to me doing this right now.

Here’s somethings that have been going on in my life that have caused me to take a step back from blogging. I’ve been attempting to live in a real world and am amazed at the people who never really understood what Morpheus said when he asked Neo, “You think that’s are you’re breathing?” To be honest with you, the blog/twitter world is a fortress where a lot of people hide from reality. Then you have people who claim their live in reality but they don’t, they are slaves to the newspapers, TV shows, and office gossip they claim represents the real world. Me, I’m clear to not that none of that is really the real world. So I’m out here living.

Oops I think y’all like me, please follow me too. @DrJayJack. I’ll keep you laughing and I promise, I won’t retweet everything I see, I won’t make blanket obnoxious statements as if I’m sitting on an imaginary pulpit, but I’ll do my best to brighten up your day.

I’ll talk music; if you go back and listen to Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come LP you’ll notice that it makes a lot more sense. But then again something tells me you won’t listen.

Have a good day.

Lig and Gig.

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