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25 Random Questions with @MiaIneedher

Keeping my inappropriate comment to myself to keep from getting hit.
I'm younger than Mia, but I met her in the summer of 02.  Right from jump, I was like, "yo this girl is something else."  I prayed to God for a few nights too about her, but this ain't bout that right now.  When you look back and you realize you known someone for nine years and you still bang with them, 100, you know that's a person worth keeping in your life.  Everything about her is boss.  We got battle wounds together from f*cked up circumstance in NYC nightspots, and we been there to witness some crazy ish between women, and she probably remembers more than I do, because I was more than likely sleep in the club, or sleepwalking in the club.  Anyway, this is my homegirl Mia, the latest and my comments are as always in italics.

1. Tell me about yourself.

I go by Mia Anita. I’ll be 27 on the 27th of this month with a basic chart of Rising= Scorpio, Sun=Cancer, Moon = Gemini. I’m an only child. Born and raised in Los Angeles. I’m an astrology buff. I love to write. I’m in my 2nd year of grad school. I was raised by my great-grandmother, then grandparents. I’m determined, passionate and resilient. I’ve been told I come across intimidating but I say I just have a good radar for people. I’ve been extremely blessed in life. I’m an old soul who’s really been here before. I love New York, D.C., Paris and wonder women from Wet Willies. I’m a rational, mastermind. I’m fun-loving. And I’m on a quest to learn and experience all life has to offer.

2. What’s your favorite movie?

Clueless – Renaissance Man – Brown Sugar – Jackson 5 – Elizabeth 1 – Napoleon Dynamite – Sister Act 2 – Crash – Forest Gump – The Nutcracker –Contact - Sandlot and ANYTHING with Larry David.

3. As a child, what was your favorite thing to do during recess?

Elementary = play on the swings, double dutch and flip on the bars (with the jacket around the bar so you could flip forwards and backwards non-stop);
Middle School= sit far far away from everybody else (I HATED middle school, omg);
High School = Play swoop and tag with friends, and chill on the stage;
College= Sleep.

FYI - Recess doesn’t officially stop until you have to be at work all day to make the dividends.

4. Have you ever second guessed yourself?

Tell me about it. Indeed!!.Recently I decided to start my own business. I had an opportunity to pursue a dream and still manage to survive financially. Thing is, I’ve never seen entrepreneurship first-hand so I resisted for about a week or so. Filled with doubt, questions and fear, however the universe put absolute strangers in my life to push me towards where I needed to be. I’ll be launching in a week and I’m thankful because of it. I’m now facing another decision of whether or not I should invest in something and because I’ve never seen it done before quite like this, I’m questioning myself every day of whether I should take this risk and spend more money on something with potential or play it safe and not. I still haven’t made a decision, but I’m hoping whatever decision I make it will all work out in the end.

5. Peanut Butter. Chunky or Creamy?

Peter Pan Extrafied Chunky (I’m nervous about the comment to follow).  (#speechless)

6. Middle of the night or Morning sex?

5 o’clock in the mownin’ where you gonna be?

7. When you hold hands with a guy do you lock fingers?

Of course, otherwise it’s just a low-five. (This might be the best answer i've ever heard.)

8. Do you prefer to wear heels or sneakers?

Flip Flops and sandals. I’m from L.A. however my closet houses 80% of elevated footwear. I’ve never owned a pair of Jordans and I floss my L.A. Gears every chance I get.

9. Will you watch baseball, and iron out a quickie during the seventh inning stretch?

That’s 1 sport you really won’t find me watching… soooooooooooo……

10. Do you ever feel like you want to move to get away from family, or are you a family person to the heart?

Hek Yes! I’m trying to move come first of 2012… family is only a phone call or plane ride away, but I’ve never stayed in 1 spot too long anyway so a different location doesn’t phase me. I love the “idea” of family but my life has proven that family doesn’t necessarily mean blood, so for me family means people who show love and care and with that, my family spans from West Los Angeles to East New York.  (You always have to be careful when someone from LA says the word, Blood, you're just never sure what she means exactly.)

11. What’s the most uncomfortable thing you’ve ever had to tell a man?

1, 2, 3, 4, FIF. That one was really bad, I’m actually still uncomfortable about it to this day. Memories can be a bear mountain!

12. Are you a dark or light liquor girl?

The Real World with the help of my bro and bottles of Eastside Juice (E&J) have made me Dark. Pre-2006, it was patron, everclear, devil’s springs and ciroc ALL DAY ERRRR DAY.  (Damn yo, we used to get it in back in the day, just remembered all that light, now i'm dark too.  BUT White Remy coming out in two WEEKS!)

13. If you hadn’t voted for Obama, who would you have voted for?

Myself and VP- Charlie Wilson. No other candidates seemed more worthy. (Now i'm mad you didn't run.)

14. What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

God’s love shown through individuals in the Earth realm like my great-grandmother Irma L. Cooper and R.N.W.

15. You’re tired after a long day but your man is horny. The cooch or the smooch?

Every day is diff-er-ent.

16. Best gift you’ve ever received? Given?

Received – Life;
Given – I honestly can’t say, I have no idea. I spent a lot of time and energy creating a bday gift for someone but I think I was more pumped about it than they were. WOMP!

17. Hair pulled or ass smacked?

Hair. Smacking is for gum and baby food.

18. What’s the nastiest thing you’ve ever done in bed?

Probably pee’ed in it when I was little… (I hollered.)

19. Big, small or not at all wedding?

Literally, up until 3 weeks ago, it was str8 to the courthouse for me but I’m now leaning towards a very small, intimate ceremony with no more than 40 guests, IF THAT, in the backyard of our new house! POW!

20. How do you feel about Kobe Bryant?

I don’t, he’s weak sauce. I respect his game but that’s it. Now his wife Vanessa… WTH, who told her wearing tutu’s to games was the l-i-q?

Kobe messed her up though.
21. If paid, would you strip in a rich man's living room for a living?

Rich is not exciting. But I’d do a full on 8 count of choreography in the den of a wealthy man’s mansion for some change. I’m just sayin’…

22. In high school, where did you see yourself in life?

Happy and without a care in the world besides winning games, goin’ to Roscoes and then getting into a college far away from L.A. In high school, I was actually very arrogant, cocky and described by folks I had never met as a “Bitch.” And looking back I low key was. I really did NOT care about anything or anybody except my friends. I was free and did what I wanted to do. I handled my grades and balanced sports and academics so I was straight. I saw myself as someone who went with the flow, offered a lot and lived life one day at a time. The only thing I planned were my outfits for the next day with my best friends. High school for me really levels off with college in terms of great times had in my life.

23. What’s your favorite thing to do for your man?

Pamper him and specifically cook, because I know that means a lot to him.

24. Where do you see yourself in five years?

HAPPY! Living in my house with my husband, dogs and rabbit; running my/our businesses; donating to non-profs. who work to end homelessness in Los Angeles; getting ready for kids; playing how I want to play and NOT living in California.  (Now when you say, Rabbit, aw nevermind.)

25. What are your words to live by?

1. Do first and apologize later.
2. Nothing is possible without faith, love and action and nothing is impossible when done through GOD.

Thanks J!

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Nice write, don't get a rabbit. Your dreams were similar to mine. Thank you letting us get to know you a little better!