Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Morning Mail - 6.1.11

Catherine Stewart: How do you do this?
Chloe: I try to find something to love in everybody. Even if it's a small thing. Something about the way someone smiles. There's always something, there has to be. I try to make myself generous. I do things I don't want to do. I... I think about what not to criticize. And the strangest things come back to me.
Catherine Stewart: Like?
Chloe: You.
Catherine Stewart: Me?
Chloe: Yeah. Yeah people like you walk into my life.

Chloe: I guess I've always been pretty good with words. In my line of business. It's as important to be able to describe what I'm doing as it is to do what I'm doing. When to say what. What words to select.
Chloe: Some men hate to hear certain terms. They can't stand specific moves and then they can't live without others. It's part of my job to know where to place my hand, my lips, my tongue, my leg and even my thoughts.
Chloe: What kind of pressure, for how long, when to stop. I can become your first kiss... or a torn out image from a Playboy magazine that you found when you were 9 years old.
Chloe: Am I your secretary or am I your daughter? Maybe I'm your seventh grade math teacher you always hated. All I know is that if I do it just right, I can become your living, breathing, unflinching dream, and then I can actually disappear.
(Source: Chloe)

I never quite understood how a woman can’t turn a man on, like their husband or boyfriend. They find themselves not able to get him in the mood. It just seems odd to me. I think most times there’s something deeper there, but I will say that I can see how this happens. For men we have to “put up with shit,” it’s really no better way to put it. When we first started dating our lady, we had to put up with shit. But as you date her, you become fatigued in your relationship and you just don’t have the energy to want to do it all the time. There’s a man out there who knows his wife is timid in the bed and she doesn’t like doing all the things that he likes to do. So it’s either wack, or it takes a lot of coaxing to get her to do it and then when she does, she’s not at all enthusiastic about it. After a few years of that, he may love that woman a lot, but he’s going to become less and less sexually attracted to her.

That’s just one example, but if you think about it, this is how all relationships become degenerative. You just get tired of putting up with shit. There’s women who won’t talk to their husbands because all their husband does and scream and get angry when asked a simple question. On the contrary there are men who don’t like to come home or chill in the same room as their wife because she always wants to discuss something. I hope people pay attention to this, because this is real.

One of the things about me that sometimes rubs people the wrong way is how I hate talking to people. I have a core of people who I talk to everyday, all day, but generally speaking I do not like talking to people. Especially on the phone and now that’s even transferred over to text. I’m typically on my computer so it’s belaboring to have to constantly keep checking back to my phone for BBMs and text messages. It can easily eat up all your time. I think this goes back to a lot of things, but I gave it some thought and I realized that it’s probably because I’m an only child. People who just love to talk to people all the time are usually those people who grew up in a family where people were always around and always talking. But I didn’t, I grew up primarily with a working mom and spent most of my time learning to occupy myself without needing attention from everyone. So I’m actually very much okay with not talking to people for long periods of time. I understand that this can offend some people because they like to talk. The other day someone told me that when they send me a message they expect a reply, and I thought to myself, “How will I ever be able to end a conversation or let you know that I do not want to talk right now?” At times, I just want to delete BBM. But the result was just me being forced to be an asshole and start one-word replying or just saying up-front, “Can’t talk, ttyl.” I know that’s rude, but if you put yourself out there as a person who likes to talk, I feel like I have to be as curt and concise as possible.

I actually hate most of my friends’ opinions on sports. There are few people that I can argue with because they are regurgitations of ESPN analysts. What confuses me is why they think that I actually need them to repeat anything to me. This got me upset when I started hearing that Jason Kidd was the #2 reason that the Mavs were in the Finals. Really?! People are giving Kidd 93 when he only needs 87. Is he a great PG, yes, but he’s probably not even a Top 5 PG in the history of the league. And you can name at least 5 PGs in the league right now who would be doing a better job than him if in his role with the Mavs right now. The point is, stop repeating everything you hear by some ESPN analyst, they’re actually stupid too.

The heat right now in DC is so offensive that something needs to be done about it. Moreover, I think that most jobs should allow people to work from home during the summer months. It’s just downright disrespectful to have to go into an office to do things that you can do at home. I nearly pass out each day I have to get on Metro.

Just because it’s hot does not mean you need to be naked. I actually don’t think spandex or lycra breathes that well to begin with. I take offense to the fact that Forever 21 doesn’t card people. I don’t know why you shop at Forever 21 when you’re 27. And another thing, Forever 21 should stop carrying certain sizes just to encourage people to dress appropriately. Like real talk, those clothes are for girls to young woman, but if you have the body of a grown ass woman, stop shopping at Forever 21!!!

Yeah, I know, I haven't done this in a while. 

Life is good. God is good.


Mrs.Brightside said...

Question; do you not like talking to people or communicating with people? Probably odd but I absolutely love how you really feel that you are smarter and greater than everyone else. I think I am too but your conviction is awe inspiring. I truly admire your don'tgiveafuckedness.

Anonymous said...

Dr. J you are so funny. That Forever 21 thing is so true though! I totally understand the not liking to talk...Why cant everyone appreciate that perspective?
One would think I like to talk alot but thats so not true...I speak when I have something to say.
This is Mika by the way. Too lazy to sign into google. :-)

Dr. J said...

Mrs. Brightside:

I do enjoy talking with people. I said I have a core of people I talk to everyday, all day. And I don't think i'm smarter or greater than everyone else. It may come across that way but I think that's a factor of the way blogging works. I say something and then someone responds and then I have reply. Well, sometimes people don't think before they speak and then when they hear a rebuttal they are in a position to have their mind changed. That's not the type of person I am, I wouldn't put something out there unless I thought it was right. So if someone comes back at me, then I go back at them. And usually i'm convinced that some people just liek to argue and don't know what they're talking about.... But I don't know if any man greater than another, however, I know people who are smarter than me and I enjoy those people.

The majority of people are not as smart as me though, lol.