Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gender Profiling to Protect Against Domestic Violence

Recently I’ve been taken back by the amount of domestic violence in the news. I’ve also been inundated with the AZ immigration law. I’m not here to talk about that new law in Arizona. But when in the course of one week, Corey Dillon, former RB for the New England Patriots, is arrested for domestic assault; A UVA lacrosse player kills his girlfriend by shaking the bejesus out of her while her head banged against a wall; and a woman is shot in DC for refusing to give her number to a guy… we have a problem. We have a problem because society is spiraling out of control. We’re not getting any better we’re getting worse.

So I’m proposing a new law. I think that police officers should be able to arrest men who look suspicious of being crazy and deranged. At this point, the law needs to be proactive because the outcome is too dire.

Okay, I’m joking, but… what we can take away is this…

We can all keep our ears, eyes, and mouths open to this epidemic in our world. If you see a verbally abusive couple, say something. If you have a friend who maybe in a bad situation, say something. If you have a friend who is verbally abusive, tell him or her to #cutthatshitout. I’ve found that sometimes an abusive person doesn’t even see their faults. What we do as friends sometimes is we sit around and talk amongst ourselves about our friends or people we know instead of saying something. People don’t want to get in their friend’s business but in order to make sure your friend still has business, (Read: Is alive), maybe you need to do some profiling.

PS – Keep in mind that Larry Johnson, RB for the Washington Redskins, is now in DC. He’s got a bad reputation for putting his hands on women. Remind these club promoters of this as they use his name to promote a night at their club. If he’s hosting, I won’t be a patron.


Lola said...

It's such a shame that people would just sit there and not do anything about it.. even sadder is the fact that a lot of them would be talking of how if that was "them" they'd do this and that and what not. What people need to do is actually take action! This is a very touchy subject for me and I'm passionate about it because I lived it, and it's nothing I would wish on any one. Now, I'm proactive in helping any one else who is going thru this. It's about knowing your self worth and loving your self. But, and this is what makes me mad, is that a lot of people don't want to leave this situation because that is all that they know.


Anonymous said...

Man proposes, God disposes.......................................................