Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Hate These Women The Most

I have a random rant this morning. I seriously have issues with women who constantly #swindle guys into buying things for them. I think it’s so tacky, I think it’s even more pathetic that simps fall for it. I think most everyone knows that I personally do not believe in making women pay for things, but it’s all about tact. As I was talking with some of my boys recently, guys who know how to date and have a track record of good dating, we don’t want her to pay for dinner, but we do want her to at least reach for her purse. (After all, I probably gave the waitor my credit card when I gave the menu back to him.)

This past weekend in DC it dawned on me why there are so many women in the club who when not in the club claim they want a man but can’t figure out why these men want to bed them but don’t want to wife them. It’s about what you bring to the table, absolutely nothing but good looks. So therefore the guy is like, okay, I’ll trick for a bit to hit for a bit, but I’m not wifing you down. Am I asking that women buy guy’s drinks? No, not in the least bit, but how about having a drink in your hand before a guy offers to buy you a drink?

The other thing that women should watch is their company. It is not the fault of any woman if her network is composed of mainly high rollers, but it is. Hear me out, you need some men in different tax brackets especially if all the men in your network are in a tax bracket ahead of you. People can only assume you are a gold digger. (Now I know that some women will defend herself to the death, but listen to me carefully as I will repeat, “if all the men in your network are in a tax bracket ahead of you.”)

Lastly, this annoys me but it doesn’t really affect me, I don’t date women like this. But women are always asking me where do the good guys hang out and what type of women are we looking for. So this is a bird’s eye view into the way we think, we are not dumb, we can see you. Just as I don’t date women like this, the only type of men who do are dumb. So if you are reading this and you are thinking "damn am I one of these types of women?", and you are single, maybe this blog was written for you.


True2me said...

Tricking them into buying what? A 10 dollar drink? or a car? :-/

Theone said...

I have no problem with these women (but don't complain why you are habitually single)

I just make sure I protect my pockets around them...