Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How You Living Dr. J?

I am really excited about the New Year. As an update I’ve just returned to DC after being gone since the 30th of December. I had a great time in NYC and Mexico and now am back at work. With this New Year, do not come any resolutions, but many new solutions to issues I grapple with everyday. Each year, the poem Invictus means a little more to me than the last. This year I plan to really start taking some things into my own hands and I’d recommend you do the same.

Some things of note over the last few weeks that I was unable to blog about;

- There are some hoes out there and do not be fooled. Birds of the same feather flock together. I will no longer believe any chick that tells me her crew is loose but she is not.
- Shoot, I’m tired of telling you people this, “The key to a great sex life is discretion.”
- I will be working harder than ever this year to do big things. I am forewarning you, that there will be blood. I just do not have time to waste with people who ain’t about skit.
- It is so damn cold in DC it’s not even fair. I pray that everyone is keeping warm.
- Do something for someone else for a change. Seriously the $25 you would have spent on something random you didn’t need or drinking your sorrows away, donate that to help someone less fortunate.
- It’s tax season. I hate this time of the year.
- I really hate a certain type of female and I fear there’s not much she can do about it.
- I am working on going to Greece now.

That is all for now. Now let’s enjoy some NFL Playoffs, Big East Basketball, and MLK weekend in DC. Nobody does holidays like the District of Columbia. Notice I did not say DMV. I think it’s time to rid ourselves of that term, because seriously, nothing ever really happens in Maryland and Virginia. Have you ever been invited to something at a club/lounge in MD/VA that was popping? Nope, not never.

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Shawn Smith said...

That's cause everyone in DC thinks anything outside of DC is too far.