Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Lakers Are Fine

You rarely get a topic out of me that’s not about relationships, but I’d like to talk about the greatest sports team in the history of professional sports the Los Angeles Lakers. If you don’t believe me, consider this fact, the Lakers have been in roughly 50% of all the NBA championships, half the time they are in the championship! Anyway, a lot of people are looking at my Lakers thinking that they don’t have it this year. I’m telling you right now, the Lakers are going to repeat.

Is Dr. J making guarantees? Hell yes. Here’s why, the Lakers are currently one of the most unhealthy teams in the league. Pau Gasol is not at full strength. Ron Artest is not at full strength. And it’s no surprise to anyone, but Kobe Bryant is falling apart at the seams right now. You mean to tell me that the Lakers have the best record in the NBA and three of their superstars are not at full strength. Did I mention that the bench has been sucking wind and not playing up to potential? Or maybe the fact that Bynum is getting so good it’s quite ridiculous at this point?

It all comes down to this as I said last year, the only team that can beat the Lakers in a seven game series is the Boston Celtics. The Cavs can win two games, but can they win four. The Lakers are the best at making adjustments in the league. Why? Because they have the greatest basketball player of all time playing for them. I’m not getting into this argument again today, Kobe is the best, period. He’s lights out from 27 feet and in, his basketball IQ at his age is far more superb than anybody in this league ever. All of the best players in this league will tell you. LeBron didn’t win an MVP until he spent the summer with Kobe getting tips on how to take his game to the next level. And people say Kobe had Shaq, but the reality of the situation is Shaq had Kobe. With 4 championships and likely to get 5, he’s the best. If you would like to compare Kobe to Jordan I’ll tell you to explain this to me, from 1991-1998 please tell me the other superstars in the NBA and I’ll compare that to 2000-2010, and you’ll see that Kobe has dominated this league in a time where the talent has never been higher.

The Lakers are on a road trip and once they return back to the Staples Center we’ll hopefully give Kobe less minutes or a few games off. For the love of the game, you have to let that hand heal. The supporting cast has to step up and Kobe has to let them do that. Ron Artest has to step up and play more efficient and if he does he can carry the team to a few wins without Kobe for about 10 games. And also he is poised for a great season in 2010-11, you’re not ready. Look at Rodman’s second and third years in Chicago. Watch them.

Too positive? Maybe. I’ll tell you the teams that concern me against the Lakers. The Nuggets, Celtics, and Thunder scare me. Why? The Nuggets play too physical and the Lakers have never and never will be a physical team, they also have enough firepower to withstand the Lakers and play decent defense. That’s why the Suns don’t make the list, they don’t play defense. The Celtics have proven leadership and they’ve been to the mountaintop and know how to get back and how to win. You can’t ever count them out. Dr. J why thee hell do the Thunder scare you? Because they can slip into the playoffs and give the Lakers problems. Kobe’s weakness is getting into shootouts with other players. I’ll let you know right now, Kevin Durant is the truth. He’s actually the MVP right now and no one is giving him credit. You take Durant off his team and that team goes KAPUTZ. They are the type of team to sneak in the playoffs and take the Lakers to seven games and maybe pull out a win.

But in reality, these things aren’t going to happen. The Lakers are stinking it up right now, but once we start clicking after the all star break, you’re going to remember this blog. The Lakers will repeat, in fact, they will three peat. And I’m not just saying this because I’m a fan, I’m saying this because there is just isn’t any better team in the league. If you don’t believe me, give me an argument why they won’t win.

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