Monday, September 20, 2010

Morning Mail – 9.20.10

Neil: People who get married are not to be trusted. You know why? Because if you were legitimately happy, honestly you wouldn't feel the need to make a big show out of it. You wouldn't have to broadcast it. They do it because they're insecure and because they think that getting married is what they're supposed to be doing now. And so they're lying to themselves and they're lying to others.
(Source: He's Just Not That Into You)

I think this movie is so dumb. As with most things I think that anytime we have to remind women to stop being senile or just plain dumb it’s time to call shenanigans. I feel like 98% of all self-help books basically tell women stuff like, “No matter how much you would like the sky to be pink, it’s actually blue.” That woman doesn’t need dating advice, she needs a talking to about the fact that you just can’t orchestrate crazy ish in your head.

I know a girl who was in a relationship with a guy. They met in a bar, they had sex, two weeks later she said, “I haven’t seen my boyfriend in over two weeks, I think I’m breaking up with him.”


Willow Smith needs to be flogged.

If you haven’t already done so, please download my eBook and mixtape. Thanks.

So glad that CBC weekend is over. I will say this much. In order for Love to shut down because it was too many people inside, something must have went horribly right. Because that club is big as Rhode Island. The city can go back to being quiet again until Columbus Day weekend.

My work situation right now needs prayer. I just don’t know how much longer I can take it without blowing up.

As a life coach my work is very interesting, but I’m finding that there is money in being a dating coach too. 99% of all women who are having relationship problems have difficulty answering this question, “Where did you meet this guy?” Trust me, try it on a friend.

Same old Redskins… same old Redskins… same old Redskins.

Contrary to belief, I’m still a man and so I say things like, “If we are not sleeping together, I need you to limit how emotionally attached you are to me. Don’t expect sh*t from me and don’t get mad at me because I chose to do what I want before what you want. I don’t owe you sh*t.”

I felt the need to remind some people of that.

Monday… the beginning of a long week.

Life is good. God is good.

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SaneN85 said...

I've definitely had trouble answering the question of where I met a guy before.