Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Morning Mail – 10.06.10

Ben Stone: [explaining the conception to their newborn baby] and then your Mommy said, "Just do it already!" which was very confusing to Daddy, so I took the most literal translation.
Ben Stone: But between you and me, it was the smartest thing I ever did, 'cause now you're here.
(Source: Knocked Up)

I heard about yesterday how my friend from college got the swindle in the form birth control. The doctor switched her birth control and told her to take a double dose until her body caught on and then she got pregnant. First of all, #cmonson. Second of all, you was already taking the risk of getting pregnant by not using the condoms. Third, congratulations, I’m real happy for everyone that’s having a baby.

That got me thinking, today I seen this girl at my place of employment. The people who pay me until I can find a way to live comfortably being a full-time writer and I noticed something. (Other than the fact that that baby has left her with ginormous breasts.) Yo the dude who got her pregnant was like support staff! I started thinking about how sometimes we lobby for women to date men sometimes they would think are beneath them and then I see this and I’m like, that’s the reason why you can’t do that shit! Because you might get pregnant and everyone will say, “Well, why were you having sex with him anyway?!” Or, “well what are you going to do now, he ain’t got no job?!”

I think men think about this, but we sort of be like, ignoring it and going through with stupid actions anyway. I know there’s somebody out there who raw dogged a jumpoff and lived to tell about it. Most men though, if we meet a girl that we think is above us, like the best looking girl we ever been with or a chick with a fat job, they will come inside you. Period. I don’t doubt it. Men get scared that women will leave them and they get them pregnant. However a man gets scared that a woman will stay with him and they will never get her pregnant. So that’s why you should always date men ahead of you, LMAO.

I got a lot of writing to do today, so short mail.

Life is good. God is good.

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