Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DC Blogger Meet Up Review

The meet up yesterday was great. It was great to connect faces with names on the internet. Find out a few of you guy’s real names. I was really taken back when someone would tell me that they read my blog everyday, or that they follow me on my blogspot page. For that, I say, Thank You. For those of you who don’t know, but are reading this, The Book, is a lot more personal than or Buppie the Blog will ever be.

I expected to walk into a room filled with so many people who belonged behind a computer screen or that were infatuated with checking their phones for BBMs and tweets. I’m a self-admitted Blackberry nut. I take after Obama, I literally enjoy thumb through messages all day long, even when I’m not pay attention to it. However, this event was not that way at all. People were engaged. Talking to one another, networking and interacting with one another.

Sutra Lounge is definite a good look and worth revisiting in the near future. The specials were great and Usual Suspectz and Elevated deserve a round of applause. The music was on-point as usual and the drinks were the The crowd was a mix from mid-twenties to well into their thirties. This is how I learned to talk and date older women, by attending these events. I’m way at the bottom, if even, in this age group, but I love them. There were definitely some good looking tings in there. With that said, I’ll let y’all know when I go back.

The quote of the night: “If my wallet opens, the p*ssy closes.”

Glad there’s still honest women left in this town.


Original Najeema said...

It was very nice to meet you at the event. I'm now following your blog and you on twitter. We've already interacted and exchanged. I hope this is the type of engagement that the event organizers intended.
I am a BB nut like yourself, and probably would have been tweeting more if my BB wasn't in the red. Thanks for the quote of the night, it gave me a laugh.
OG signing out.

a_ugochi_en said...

Ha! I made the quote of the night. So flattered...

Anonymous said...