Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just get me a #10

Yesterday I spent some time with some friends talking about what I like in women. Usual ribbing from friends about the fact that I have talked to some pretty hood chicks in my day. I mean for me at the end of the day I want a girl who doesn’t have a problem going to McDonald’s and getting the kid a #10. (A #10 is a 10-piece Chicken Nuggets Meal at McDonald’s.

I feel like in 2010, you’re going to meet some women who do not cook, who do not clean, and generally are pretty lazy. They’ll admit to it. At the end of the day is that stuff so important to you? Probably not. So I argue that my woman doesn’t have to cook, she just has to go and get me a #10 and I’m happy.


Diana said...

I have no problem with getting a man a #10 from Mcdonalds or wherever else he may wanna eat. I don't like to cook so I have no problem with getting him something if he doesn't wanna cook. Girls that do are idiots.

Freckles said...

There is nothing wrong with getting you a #10 but call me old fashion but I love to cook period but being able to cook for my man... so much better than that #10.