Friday, April 16, 2010

SBM takes over The Park at 14th

The best night starts with a good meal and me and @streetztalk started our night at Lauriol Plaza, one of DC’s treasures. I tell you there’s nothing like the food there. We met there with coworkers of mine and some friends. We had a meal, a fraternal brother of ours looked out. And then put the hex on us as he said, “One day your wife will have a birthday and frat will be there and you will have to look out for them too.” I thought to myself, when’s the last time I took my chapter out for happy hour? Anyway, we exchanged greetings and parted as brothers. We caught a cab home.

On the way home, we wanted to see if we might see a stalker, but he was not out. We headed back to Silver Spring where the cab driver pulled the newly titled, “#dccabswindle.” Cuz basically forwarded the meter while we were stopped. Not to mention that we stopped at a place first and insisted on resetting the meter. I’m a buppie, but let’s be clear, I am from Uptown, young. I had to tell him, I’m giving you $15 no matter what your meter said. It was $13 when I went in 7-eleven and now it’s $15.

We stopped by the crib just in time for @streetztalk to watch Flash Forward. I really don’t find Gabrielle Union attractive. We changed threads and headed out to Park on the old school mix until we entered the area and then we played two songs that make me want to have a good time, “Forever” and “Wasted.” (Burr…) While outside, I notice @SO_FLYY but I didn’t want to say nothing since the person who was arranging this hadn’t even have arrived yet. I’m a grown man, I can admit this… we was standing in line. As soon as we walked in, I knew it would be a great night.

Leave it to Park to have two floors closed. But the 2nd floor?! #cmonson. Anyway we headed to the 3rd floor where my heavy handed bartender resides. It was the makings of a zoo. But they were still in the old school mix. (If you ever been to Park you know there’s the old school mix and then it goes, CRAZY. Or as Soulja Boy would say, BRICKS.) On the low, I probably was standing next to one of the flyest girls there. “Put a pin in that.” – Ari Gold. I told Streetz on the way to the club, “Son, the Ciroc Red Berry is crack.” But he ordered a coconut jumpoff. That’s still good too. We was getting tweets and texts from readers in the club, so I made rounds. And I thank all y’all who made it out. We should do it more often.

“Let's go, dudes don't see me cause I'm better and bold.” – D. M. Carter

So after exchanging tweets with the god, I meet up with SO_FLYY, she trying to act like we didn’t know her government. Honestly, I saw first hand how noodles approach this lady. We need to find her a good man. One with no closet space. (Shoutout to all the DMV jokes.) The lady making this possible had a table, and a fat ass engagement ring. I didn’t want no problems. I noticed that there was way too many dudes in the VIP, so I chilled for a minute before I got in there. But, SOMEBODY decided to find the couch. And no I don’t mean @streetztalk. So I went in, chilled for a second. The Kappas had a table to the right. There were some women, one chick looked like she had a freckle attack before she got here, and maybe she was like… 40. You can’t party forever girl. There was a bottle of Rose and a bottle of Ketel One. Ketel One, I’ll be your hoe for this evening.

Whenever I’m with my female friend shopping they always say I have the sixth sense that most men do not have. Why? Because whenever they ask what I think of something they are trying on, my first reply, “Let me feel it, things need to feel a certain way.” And women know that’s almost the second most important thing about a garment. (This is meant to be random. But it’s like a dog whistle, somebody will get it.)

There’s something else you should know. I don’t dance in the club. But tonight… psssh… I danced. I had to, I was feeling like making it happen. I saw @sabrinadawson and I didn’t get the ill grit like I did last week. I think her friend was cussing some dude out. These things happen in a club with these pretty women, fine outfits and open toes. Some dude spilled a drink on my sleeve. I went to the bathroom to let it dry. I come back, still having fun out of my mind. I bought some drinks, drank them. The club came to a close. She got in a cab, she’s special, and I think we’ll keep her around. I like people who you can say, you genuinely have fun being around. I do not have a twin.

@Streetztalk took about 40 minutes to get out the club. And then he tried to hit me with the #letoutswindle but real hustlers don’t trip we just post up in the Jetta. We drove home, got to the crib, gave a recap. I explained why I bounced for a minute from the table. Too many dudes in one space and not enough space to dance. I had a drink to top the night off. Cats was tired. I told my neighbor to wake him up at 630AM. He returned the favor by waking me up before my alarm went off when he didn’t have to.

This is when I realized I still had on my clothes and shoes.

This serves as the season finale of the Park. I'll be back for Memorial Day weekend.

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Excellent recap... not to mention I got a cameo.