Thursday, December 2, 2010

Big Bro: Congrats to Streetz aka Roscoe Dash

Every now and then I reflect on the blog game and reasons why I’m happy to be a part of it. I think about those around me who inspire me to be better and those who I learn from the most. It is not without extensive research and community of sex & relationship bloggers that I am able to be Dr. J. It’s a team, Type Ill Blog Fam and J Money Entertainment. My camp in particular exists of myself, my mentor, writing coach, editor, PA and several friends who take the time to read and give me feedback all the time. I’m convinced that when we make it big, we will all be there together to accept the awards and sign the big deals. But today, I wanted to shout out one person in particular, my big brother Streetz.

I’ll be honest with you if it wasn’t for Streetz I probably wouldn’t be blogging, I’d still be dropping an occasional facebook note and wouldn’t have interacted with several of you. It was a while back when Streetz suggested that instead of just posting the Facebook stories every so often, that I start a blog. I would comment on his site and read his daily, but I didn’t think anyone would read my blog. I look at the blog now and I wonder, “damn people really come and read my site.” About 6,000 visitors a month visit my personal blog. Maybe if I had trusted Big Bro earlier I would be at 10,000 by now.

Streetz blogged, so I blogged, he said SBM was looking for writers, so I did it too. I often times never asked questions, didn’t really give my thoughts. Anyone who knows me from my early blogging days … about a year ago, lol, it hasn’t been that long, knows how naïve I was. I found out maybe 4 months ago that there were blogs about other things outside of sex & relationships that were very successful. I just went to Big Bro with the idea and posted it on SBM or the Book. Back in the early days it was always a conversation with Big Bro about what he thought about the article idea and the points. Took a long time for me to be comofrotable posting something and just going with it. So, now it’s basically give and go.

But as I look back it’s always been like that from the time, I was an interest at Philly Greek, until the time I became an Alpha. One of the first things I remember was going to seeing the A-Team on stage stepping and strolling through the crowds and Streetz was right there leading the crowds. That’s the type of Alpha I wanted to be. He was stepping, so I decided I should step. And if I might add, I was damn good at it. I understood that the show was the key. As Stepmaster I won the step competition for the first time in years. He was a standout in NYACOA, so I needed to be a standout in NYACOA. His opinion has always been very important to me. And so I went to him, sometimes when he didn’t even know it, to get wisdom and guidance. (Then I’d pass it off like I came up with it myself, lol.)

So you know I felt the need to write this, because the internet is filled with so many self-pretentious jerks. They won’t tell you that they look up to another dude out here. Even though they might and do. I yield way to Big Bro at any time. We’re both hungry, and he’s never hindered me from doing anything only encouraged me to do better. I respect that about the relationship, fraternal and otherwise. I figured I should put that out there sooner or later. Like Kanye said, “people never get the roses while they can still smell them.”


Streetz said...

I appreciate this fam! Good Lookin! We all inspire each other to be great. I still got a long way to go!

Scarlett said...


Ya'll are stupid with your Buddy Christ pose lol

max said...

What could be better than a post about one of my favourite people written by another one of my favourite people?

Streetz is the best. He encourages everyone around him to be great. And his duckface can't be beat.

Scarlett said...

LMAO @ his duckface...he does have it perfected.

Does the man have teeth? :del:strictly rhetorical. I know he does, I FB stalked him and saw the lovely teefus for myself on like picture 2,675...:/del:

Sukez said...

^_^ This kinda love makes my smile.

Like Kanye said, “people never get the roses while they can still smell them.”

SaneN85 said...

Everything I want to say can be summed up with "Awwwww".