Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sympathy Sex

I got to thinking one day about the pathetic reasons why women have sex with men. Like sometimes I feel bad for people with vaginas, because it’s like a gift and a curse. On one hand, you run the entire universe, on the other hand, men act irrational when it comes to wanting to shove things into that vagina. So from time to time, I get into conversations with the women in my life about why they let some dude smash and I came up with this idea to write a post about sympathy beats. I’m not trying to bash women, but I think that it needs to be said, (and filed in the NO MA’AM library in the “Don’t put the p*ssy on a pedestal section.), there are several not so ideal reasons why women will sleep with a man.

And maybe some of you weaker men, will come to grips with yourself and realize she probably didn’t even want to have sex with you.

Obligatory sex –
So basically after a while, a woman feels the need to have sex with you because she’s obligated to. For example, the third date. She may not really want to have sex with you, she may not be ready, but she knows that it’s time that she have sex with you. But wait, that’s not where it ends. This is also reserved for when she’s in a relationship. Like if you ask women you will get mixed opinions, but some women will have sex with a dude when they are not in the mood just for the sake of the relationship. They will blame it on things like “love” and “keeping their man happy,” but in reality they just feel obligated to have sex with him.

She Let Everyone Else Smash –
Well, I’d love to say this wasn’t true, but sometimes a girl just feels bad for a dude. You know that saying, “A ho f*cks everybody, a bitch f*cks everybody, but you.” That’s true! But like, think about this if it’s a crew of about 4 guys, and she sleeps with 3 of them, how does that last dude feel? He’s probably wondering what it is about him that she won’t let him hit. Women know how this affects a man’s self esteem and they break him off in sympathy.

He Put In A Lot of Work –
Sometimes dudes just go too far and the woman gives in. This is a little different than obligatory because she may not even feel like he’s done the right things, it just may be a lot of activity. A dude that’s constantly taking you out, doing nice things for you, took you on vacation and bought you a Balenciaga prom dress is putting in major work. Sometimes, out of sympathy, even though his breath stink and he has crooked teeth, she’ll give him some.

Because She Doesn’t Want to Give Him Head –
Everyday, b. I hear about this one everyday. A lot of women think that head is more intimate than sex, so they will rather a guy have sex with them than give him head. I’ll tell you right now, in Storytellers Magazine for Men, getting head is a distant second to beating. Like if a guy tells his boys, “Oh she gave me head,” THE FIRST QUESTION OUT THEIR MOUTH IS, “But did you beat?”

Hopefully, men and women will read this today. I hope that a few of the men will read this and avoid bragging. There’s nothing like a girl letting everyone know she only had sex with you because she felt sorry for you. And at the same time, I know that a few women were reading this post today in agreement. It’s okay though, sympathy beats are a part of life.


Tunde said...

please don't do me any favors. if you don't want to have sex with me then by all means don't. i don't want your sympathy, not even a little. i want a woman to want to have sex with me. that way she's more into it and it's a more enjoyable experience for both of us. anything less would be uncivilized.

max said...

Pity sex is real - every woman knows it, most men don't. I'll admit I've done the obligatory sex and the "so he'll shut up and let me go to sleep" sex a time or two. That was when I was younger and had sympathy for people though; it would never happen now.

Lola said...

@ Tunde

But sometimes you guys turn us on enough to where we enjoy it and we're into it but it's still sympathy sex cuz we were really not trying to bed you any ways, but since you started nibbling and kissing on all the right places, you turn us on enough to where we want to have sex with you lol

Lola said...

I fell out laughing at "she lets everyone smash but you" man tha is soooo true! We too are carnal creatures and if in a group of 5 men, 4 of them turn us on, we will give it to them... sorry dude.. you just didn't have "it" lol... we've all done the obligatory sex, the he's putting in work sex (specially if he's dishing mad $$ on you #NoEscort), and the I didn't want to give head, so you're getting poonanni... lol good one Dr.

Tunde said...

@lola: that's different. if all my mans and them smashed i don't want any part of you so don't feel obliged to give me anything.

Redbonegirl97 said...

Yeah I don't think a man can have pity sex, as men like having sex generally anytime they can get it. I just can't see having sex because you feel sorry for someone, that is just going to make it worse. Sex because of timing is more likely for most women.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

SaneN85 said...

@Lola "4 of them turn us on, we will give it to them... sorry dude"

Umm, nosign on that one. If four of them turn me on, I will happily give them a shout-out in my thoughts while painting my nails, but I will not give anything to all of them.

Anywho, I am guilty of the obligatory sex on more than one occasion. I think the last 6 months of my marriage was nothing but.

Streetz said...

THis post is hilarious

lauren said...

Ok, this was too funny. My boy says that I was really gracious with my last hook-up. I think that event might be qualified as "pity sex", Iont know, lol. But, hey, I still had fun.

Veronica Pearman said...

Wow, this was interesting.

Personally, I've never had pity sex - uh...wait...I'll take that back - maybe I have - I was married for 12 years. But it's funny how what came to mind while reading this post was the fact that I've had "pity" orgasms. Never called them that...but I guess when you think about it, that's exactly what they are. Check out my post on my blog about faking it - I'd love to hear what you think.

Sophia Brown said...

Interesting post. I don't know if this applies to all women and all relationships, but I can see it happening to many women. To me, is important to have my girl friends close by, and give me advice and sex tips so that I don't end up doing something that I will regret!

jkirk039 said...

Personally my penis can not tell the difference between the two, lol.

TML said...

Wow!!! well as for me I had sex with a close friend of mine who I thought i would never have sex with, but on this one particular night I did. I did it because I was emotional that day and I was vurnable. He came to pick me up not knowing what my day entailed, so I gave him some. On the next day I felt so bad because he wasn't the one I wanted to have sex with, but oh well so I did.

So one day we were out at dinner and he asked me why did I have sex with him after 13 years of chasing me down. I tried my best to respond honestly without hurting his feelings, so what came out of my mouth was "I was vurnable that day". He was like WHAT!!! oh so you used me. No!! No!! I said but I really did. But he was cool about and wanted some more and I'm like uHHH!!! No!!. What would you call that kind of sex

johanna said...

O M G (i know im a bit late) but GREAT POST!!! I never thought about sex in this aspect. but come to think of it I know a lot of people who indulged in "sympathy Sex" simply because "He Put In A Lot of Work" or they felt "obligated to" - like they owed him something...
Definitely an Eye Opener! Thanks