Friday, July 15, 2011

Pick 'Em: My View on Some Hip Hop Artists

My boy put this up via email today, so here were my reponses:

Drake vs Rick Ross

Rick Ross. Drake has progressively gotten worse since his first mixtape, Ross has progressively gotten better. Ross is a business man too. His marketing skills are second to none. He has completely transitioned over into a new business model of Hip Hop, using appearances, concerts and memorabilia to make money in a drought. Drake is a horrible business man and he needs someone to market him because left up to his own devices he's going to end up playing squash with Elton John.

Roscoe Dash vs Travis Porter

Travis Porter. I said this a long time ago, one of those kids can write their ass off because those metaphors have people rolling for days. Their music is trash, but they actually putting words together. I thought about it one day and they basically rapping like Ludacris used to rap back in the day before people attacked him for always using metaphors. Listen to the music. Plus those guys make straight strip club music, you can corner the market like that. More and more people are going to strip clubs like they clubs now. Real talk, the strip club is the best place in the world to go to, best ROI in the world. You pay for TNA and you get TNA.

Jay Z vs Kanye (right now not all time)

Kanye. Jay-Z is 42 and nobody asking him to act his age. If you compare him to any other 42 year old man you know, you'd say he needs to grow up. It ain't cool no more. When Jordan was 42, he bought a share of the Bobcats and went to the front office. Kanye ain't really the greatest in the game right now, but he is the most artistic. He's a musical genius and he's also a trend setter. Plus he f*cked Amber Rose and that means something. You can say what you want about that man, but his music pops and he f*cked Amber Rose.

Outkast vs Wu Tang (all time)

Outkast. Don't go there.

Diggy Simmons vs Lil B

Lil B. Diggy got the support of Russ and can't even touch Lil B money right now. Lil B has a model of making bad music, so bad that you'll want to hear it to see how bad it is. He's taking advantage of a game where everybody is so fake that no one will step to him on it. Go on YT and check out the views his songs get and then think about how much advertising money that guy makes. Don't trip, Lil B has some early music that you'll listen to and be like, "Oh shit it's not wack." That's why you got to watch what he's doing and sort of respect it.

Swizz Beatz vs Kanye (which beat do you take)

My first single would be Swizz, you want something that everybody going to listen to and want to bang all the time. Kanye don't really make that many bangers like that. I would have Kanye beats on my album though because the production is immaculate. But also, Swizz got alimony payments so he work for cheap now. Kanye beats cost major money.

Meek Mill vs J Cole

Meek. But don't tell nobody I told you this. Meek rap with fire and he rap like he ain't got no choice. J Cole still got a degree from NYU, he be straight in the long run. J Cole borderline Kanye and Drake at the same time, emo niggas always rapping about why nobody give them their respect. If you think i'm playing, go listen to Fitted on the MMG album. That pretty much sum up this argument. Plus Meek can make hooks, something Cole can't do anymore. He like Josh Pace, dude is the GA state record holder in 3 pointers made. You seen that nigga shoot now?

Dom Kennedy vs Freddie Gibbs

I don't know who these people are.

Vado vs Curren$y

Vado. Currensy got some lyrics, but he's not the type of person that people can rally around like Vado. Vado is not that nice, but he speaks that Harlem lingo and that's a supportive ass environment that will take him far.

Frank Ocean vs The Weeknd

Weeknd, Frank Ocean ain't as nice as people think. Weeknd live in Canada with shit-nothing to do, he's got some songs that make women go crazy. Like literally crazy. Frank Ocean got nostalgia, but those other mixtapes are wack. Plus he's a bitch. Chris Brown is 75% marshmallow, no way he should be able to roll on you like that.

Jeezy vs Styles P

Jeezy, be serious. Jeezy about to get his mojo back and things will get real weird in hip hop. He basically had a Lloydian lapse. That's when someone break down your style to show you why its wack and then you change it to silence the critics, instead of just making your bread and doing what you do. You peep when Wayne got called out for raping Gilly flow, he ain't change shit, he just kept making his bread. Jeezy try and switch his flow and then it went kaputz. But he back now.

Big Sean vs Big K.R.I.T.

KRIT. Sean took so long to drop an album and Drake stole his flow and added singing. It's over for him.

French Montana vs Cory Gunz

Cory. No real reason why.

Nicki Minaj vs Wale

Nicki. But don't sleep on Wale you matching him up against somebody he ain't in the same league with. Nicki has the support of the feminist movement and a couple niggas from Beyonce camp too. She's ultra-artistic too. Basically Weezy said, GO. And she just wild out all the time, with no speed limits or regulations. Wale wordplay is crazy though, sit back and listen one day. You'll be like damn I ain't even catch that the first time. Now he on MMG, that seem like a bad fit, but it's a great move for Ross. He took a few artists who actually have great content and versatility. They actually conscious rappers and a singer on the low, but with the beat bank that Ross got, it's a perfect recipe for hits.


The Guy said...

Wu Tang all day! (I'm counting the classic solo albums which I'm guessing you weren't)

Streetz said...

J. Cole went to St. Johns, Not NYU.

I don't know how you can call a dude like Drake a horrible businessman. What has he done business wise for you to base this on? Son makes bread, went plat off his album (has ross seen any parts of plat yet?). Also, to say hes gotten worse vs ross is hard when ross shows no diversity.

If you really listen to what Ross is sayin, you'll see he aint saying shyt, it just sounds DOPE! Drake is way more versatile and will have his songs playing in the same set as Ross.

Do this assessment in 2 years and I bet its no contest.

THe Outkast vs Wu Tang is interesting. I would say Wu Tang has a way bigger cult following, but in pure skills? think about it.. You Got Andre and Big Boi vs Ghost, Rae, Meth, Gza, Rza, ODB, Deck, Mastah Killah, and yes ima leave off U-God, lol. Son, Im not even showing NY Bias... To dismiss it without backing is a little short sided. I think overall outkast could get the nod, but if we talkin longevity... i mean...

Rae Meth and Ghost all put out classic solos... Dre 3K Still doesnt have one, and dont bring up the love below!

Thats a harder argument than you make it out to be.

J.Cole should be runnin hip hop. Damn shame yo.

Good Comparison list. Pardon all typos

Dr. J said...

As a group not individuals on that Wu Tang thing.

As a businessman, Drake didn't do anything to market himself. That's what I said, marketing genius. Drake got those sales off talent. But now look at him, his appearance is lacking, he's not really putting out anything for his next album. He's been rolling with the wrong crew, not really concerned with how to get to the next level. But look at Ross, he starting a label, clothing line, he's doing appearances, and the way he brands himself is crazy.

And Ross used to not say nothing, but that's different now. If you listen to John, I was proud because that's the first time in a while he's actually came out and spit fire. He went hard on that, concrete. If you listen to Deeper than Rap and Teflon Don is mad tracks that show versatility. However, if you just listening to his radio cuts and the Lex Luger tracks that's just something to keep the registers blinging. That's my opinion though. Maybe wrong, but I doubt it.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

Seriously...only a NY cat would ever say that they are better than Outkast. Every album (even Idlewild) went platinum. Speakerboxx/The Love Below is the biggest selling hip hop album EVER.

Only Idlewild was even questioned as less than a banger and the most underrated crew album of all time could be Dungeon Family's Even In Darkness. I won't ever question Wu Tang's dopeness, but it's Outkast BY A MILE. Critically, commercially, and culturally (meaning the entire South's rep for non-bass hip hop rides on them dudes).

Streetz, I hear you, but the cult following for Kast is basically everyone outside of NY. The only reason you don't hear it anymore because Outkast hasn't been Outkast for 5 years, but the South, Midwest and the West all ride for Outkast, so I'm not sure I'm agreeing with your cult argument. I'll give you Big Boi as someone that is in the middle of those Wu cats on the skills side, but if you're talking pure skills - then, I'm saying no one in the Wu can touch Dre's versatility, flow, creativity on any subject. Well, except talking about dope, NYC, and marital arts. As for longevity, they both been in the game the same amt of time, made the same number of albums (as a group, not splinter cells), and still are doing things in hip hop. Not sure it's even close, but I'm with Dr. J - it doesn't need to be debated.

Viper Jones said...

I disagree with the Meek vs. J Cole assessment. Come on, you can't judge a guy for having a college degree. Having a degree goes nowhere toward his lyricism, his storytelling, and just skill. Put up any Meek mixtape against J.Cole's and he beasts. Check out Friday Night Lights, joint was album classic.

I agree with the Lil B point though. Dude is wack, but folks listen to see if he can go any lower. You pretty much got everybody else right though.

Streetz said...

@Dj Jay

Please tell me the versatility he shows on DTR and Teflon Don. Does he have a rewind or a "i know". Does he have a brendas got a baby or a black girl lost. Does he have a through the wire or anything like that? I doubt it

@ATL I could say the same thing about love for outkast being that you clearly are from ATL. If you read my comment, I said I wouldnt really fight a outkast > Wu as a group. Its subjective. But if we're going to analyze lyrical content, what do Outkast really be rappin about other than their life in ATL, funk, dungeon family, and random stories? We can do this all day.

I took my ny bias out and made objective points. Im still waiting on a Dre 3k SOLO album. Its seasy to drop classic verses when you only have to drop 1.5 a track. No shots.

Streetz said...

P.S - a record label and clothing line do not success make. We can start both now if we really wanted. Drakes $$ is well taken care of. He also has his OVO movement. No need to branch out when hes still working on self. Ross been in the game 2wice as long as Drake.

Remember hes 1/2 Jewish. Sleep if you want but his money bubblin somewhere it dont need to be seen.

He signed to young $ and still kept indy distribution. Went Platinum in like 3-4 mons, and was on a Nationally syndicated show as a teenager acting before rap! I dont know man... to call him horrible is a misstep. If you want to say he should place his disposable income in Fubuesque Canadian wears and 5 rappers with struggle lyrics from Toronto, than say that.

Tunde said...

just got in from the club and catching your post. i fucks with you son but for some reason we never see eye to eye as far as music is concerned.

lets start with cole vs meek. there's no way you can tell me that meek see cole. well maybe because i look at lyrics first and you look at whatever you look at.

minaj over wale? you can't be serious. minaj isn't even the best female rapper in the game so she's not touching wale. best female emcee? jean grae. and that's real talk. download cookies or comas mixtape and tell me i'm lying.

rick ross is a gimmick but i respect his hustle. ehhh

lil b is a joke. 50 tyson with a little bit of skill and that's all he has.

styles p is head and shoulder ahead of jeezy. real talk jeezy is kind of trash. after the motivation jeezy hasn't been on my radar. styles p is nice.

Melanie ~ Primary Thoughts, Inc. said...

While I currently reside in the Atl, I've lived all over the mid-west, northeast and south - 7 different states if I count correctly. It's Outkast all day, no disrespect to Wu Tang at all, but Outkast has it.