Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why Do Men Fascinate Themselves Over Women They Don’t Know?

I was walking to work today and I did something that I typically do every day on my way to work. I basically mosey over to and I find a photo gallery that I haven’t seen in a long time and I open it up and start thinking to myself, “It cannot be fair that a woman looks like this.” I look at my phone’s favorites and it’s filled with models and “models” and recreational picture taker’s personal websites. Forgive me, if you’re looking over my shoulder on the train and want to know, ‘Why in the hell does that man have to be looking at all that on the train this morning?” Personally, I understand that you probably just rolled out of bed, put on your work clothes, did a shoddy job at putting some makeup, if any, on and ran out the door. Sitting down on the Metro train, or standing because I truly think that women should work on standing for long periods of time, (it will help them with raising children), but you look at my BlackBerry and you see some model in a scantily clad bikini on my screen. Quite frankly, I don’t care that it offends you, you’ve got coffee and I’ve got Rosa. Do what works for you to get you up in the morning. It all got me to thinking, why do mean like video vixens so much? It was simple …

They don’t talk.

They don’t make you do anything.

They always look their best.

They haven’t slept with them yet.

If you think I’m lying about any of this, ask a man. Ask a married man, ask a single man, ask a man who’s living with his girl, and I’m telling you each of them will tell you the same thing. I wondered how my youth pastor could sit up in church and say that he had a pact with his wife about Halle Berry after she banged out one of his big headed babies, then I knew. It was because he was fascinated with Halle Berry, he loved his wife. As the famous saying goes, “Love Stinks.”

I can sit with my BlackBerry or my laptop and I’m in full control of that relationship with that model. My friend asked me, “What’s wrong with men?” I said, “Nothing. Why are women predisposed to nagging?” She didn’t have a f*cking answer. She gave me a response something about, because I’ve tried other ways of communicating with him, but it didn’t work so I have to result to asking incessant questions and then I get an answer. I cut her off and say, “but was it the answer you wanted?” You know what she says, “No.” So I said, “so the nagging was pointless.” Set that aside, you ever watch television with a woman? Have you noticed that they can’t be quiet? That’s their style of TV, that’s why Twitter is almost as great as the TV remote, instant replay and DVR; because it gives women an outlet to talk during television without disturbing men. And while I’m on the subject, can I please respectfully ask that you shut up during sporting events? I mean, we know that women don’t like sports, or maybe they don’t mind them, they’re just not into them. But the solution is not to sit next to your man asking questions all game long. And while I’m also on the subject/rant; why do you insist on asking us what is going to happen in a movie if you want to watch the movie? Somebody please explain why women do that.

My video vixens don’t make me do anything but visit their personal websites and potentially follow them on Twitter. That’s the extent of what I have to do. I don’t have to take them anywhere, I don’t have to drive them anywhere, I don’t have to carry anything heavier than my cell phone or TV remote, and I certainly don’t have to buy them anything. Men hate the fact that they have to do stuff in their relationships or for women, period. If you want to know when a man is starting to lose interest it’s when his sentences go from, “Oh we’re going to…” to “Oh I have to…” When you ask a man what he is doing this weekend and all his responses start with, “The girl has to…” or “[his girl’s name here] is going…” he’s done for, that relationship is like a well done steak, cooked and dry.

There are men who will tell you that they don’t want their woman dressed up like a diva all the time? That’s true, they wouldn’t mind seeing you in lingerie, a bikini, yoga pants, leggings, or anything else that may be more comfortable, but still makes you attractive. My boy was dating a chick and once they moved in together he said, “I came home one day and I didn’t recognize her, I really didn’t. I only knew her because she was in my house. She had on super sweats, her hair was wet and pulled in a bun, she had no makeup on, glasses and she was sitting on the couch eating cereal at 6PM. She tried to hug me, but all I could give was one arm.” I told him that was a casualty of war. Once you get an old lady, she starts to let it slip. Now most women won’t admit to letting it slip, because they define slipping as the EXTREME – gaining 30 pounds, or never wearing makeup again. But to me, if when you first started seeing each other she was dressing like a diva each time and every time you took off her clothes she had on lingerie; the second that is not what she does each time anymore … that means she’s slipping.

I shouldn’t have to be the one to break this to you, but it should come as no surprise that once a man starts sleeping with a woman he loses some interest in her. This don’t mean that he might not carry on to have a great relationship with her, or one day marry her. It means that he starts to lose interest in her to some extent. He’s no longer on the chase, his task is different. He is viewing things from a maintenance mode instead of a building and setup mode. When you’re fantasizing about women you don’t know, you don’t have any love lost because you’ll keep wondering what it would be like to sleep with them until you do, or they release a sex tape. A sex tape can go either way, it can either ruin your reputation or it can send it into an extra gear. I look at Rob Kardashian, (despite wanting to kill him, even though I think he’s the coolest on Keeping up with the Kardashians), and I think, I bet you he views Rosa as just another girl. He tapped that, and it was even rumored he got her pregnant. I think about that and I realize that any other model could be the same way.

But that won’t stop men from thinking about them incessantly.


Lola said...

Well let me start nagging you first... why in the... lol jk

You do have great points, as men, and some women, we can't help but to look at a hot piece of meat, er, person to start our day off, its what works for us... I don't know why some females have to get offended about it, that's just plain insecurities

As far as some of us not being able to stay quiet when we watch TV, movie, or some sports, shit I don't know! LOL! I know it definitely annoy you guys, but I don't know why we do it...

Finally, about 'slipping' I see your point, I definitely do, but aren't men the same ones that say that you prefer us au natural with some sweats and no make up on, no Drake... There should be some type of explaination towards what that really means... y'all be confusing us

Adonis said...

1. That goes for porn, video games... & other testosterone outlets... Part of the reason why I am not in a rush to have a g-friend...

2. One of my favorite models is Dominique Chinn... Rosa Acosta is bad, but she doesn't put me under a spell... A cute darkskin girl with big pretty lips & curves does...

Sumthin like this

that cincy red flat bill

Adonis said...


Sarah Desamours said...

I think men slip, too, it goes both ways. But then, it all depends on your education. I was thought to always, always look good, even in sweats and when I look at my mother today, she's in her 40's and doesn't "slip": I go by example.

P.S. Rosa Acosta is hot.

Tina said...

Just spent some time getting to know you through your words.

And just wanted to say I am now a fan, please please keep writing, and that you reminded me I need more honest people in my life.