Friday, March 4, 2011

The Funniest Comment I've Ever Written

Today my boy Wisdom Is Misery, dropped a great post here. And I left this comment on the site:

“You have to compliment her in the act. Is that your vagina? … It’s beautiful … May I?” – Dom Mazzetti

Wiz i’m gonna tell you something that I don’t tell most people, I hope Eddie is reading. Jerry Rice used to spend hours before a game making sure everything about his uniform was perfect because he believed that proper preparation lead to proper performance. And he’s the greatest football player who ever played. Listen to me…

-clean your crib… men don’t understand how important a clean crib is to getting some poon.

-give her a nice drink when she comes in… helps to let her guard down, release her inhibitions, (Men only: reduces her ability to say, “We not having s*x)-get you some Empirio Armani… this sh*t will change your life.

-get you some Gilroy… I don’t know which brand you prefer, and I can’t tell you which one I use, but this sh*t will change your life.

-always say something when a woman takes off her clothes, it’s like throwing a gas can in the camp fire, say it, even if it isn’t true….

“you’re the sexiest girl i’ve ever seen”
“oh my, your va*ina is perfect”
“pinch me, not you, i’m talking to God, but I like what you’re thinking”
“give me a moment, I want to write this down, need to remember how I got here”
[Use the word "love" A LOT, just don't direct it at her, she won't know the difference]
“OMG, I love … this.”“OMG, I love … thongs.”
“OMG, I love … pink.”“OMG, I love the way you are…”

[Push the limit, women love risk]
“wait a second, I wanna take a picture, my boys are never going to believe how hot you are.”

That last one may not work unless she’s drunk though broski.

PS – Dr. J puts on lotion, a lot of people don’t put on lotion, but put some lotion on.

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Horus Xero said...

Once again Dr.Jay, you write a post of "True Genius."