Friday, March 25, 2011

Morning Mail - 3.25.11

Adam Levy: Two people can be perfect for each other but if the timing's wrong it's never going to work out. Bad timing is the reason that most normal people end up single. Weirdos and creeps are single cause they are weird and creepy but people like us are single because of bad timing.

Kate: Love is ecstacy and agony. Freedom and imprisonment. Belonging and loneliness. It is what keeps us together when life tears us apart. So, when you find that perfect man hold on tight and call me, so I can run over there and see what he looks like and laugh... Because he does not exist you sad perky little optimistic suckers.
(Source: Love & Sex)

Here’s what I don’t get people who say shit like, “I don’t have my own blog for personal reasons.” I really be like, what reasons are those? But they will claim they are personal. Most of those people need to be honest, they don’t have their own blog because they’re scared or they know on the inside they just not that entertaining. Some people will be like, “I can’t have my name out there” or “My job might find out.” Let me tell you a secret, nobody gives a shit about who you are. Nobody. You’ve never had your job come to you and say, “Yo, we was looking on the internet for you and you know what, WE DIDN’T FIND YOU!” Because no one gives a shit about who you are. The only reason why I’m saying this is because why is your website on your comments linked to your twitter page. Your ass leaves 500-1500 words on the blog EVERY DAMN DAY. But you can’t blog? Are you serious? And then you tweet like 80 times a day, at 140 characters a pop, but you can’t blog? If your ass sat down for a minute and thought about it, you write a blog everyday and just don’t get credit for it.

Either that or you’re just a bitch. And by bitch I am not talking about females or nothing, I’m talking about bitch as in scared as shit.

Lot of people don’t know this but Afghanistan is the world’s largest producer of heroin. That’s why I keep trying to tell the United States to stop giving them shit for free. They financing the entire war on terrorism on Heroin. We built a military base and they blew that shit up like two days later. You can’t be stepping on the heroin, takes away from it’s quality.

The Latin people are taking the f*ck over. I’m not really mad about that, and I really don’t care too much. Just goes to show you that yet another minority will come into this country after Africans and end up passing us before it’s all said and done. I know why this happens, but I don’t have time for all that today. But I did want to say one thing, they don't have a comparable Oprah, Jay-Z, Bob Johnson, Magic Johnson or Diddy, and they have no one even close to Obama.

I’m just being real.

Why is it perfectly okay to smoke a J in the morning, but it’s not okay to have a drink? Like if you woke up and had a jack and coke before breakfast and before work, people would look at you funny. But rising and shining to some weed and it’s perfectly okay. And these people are the same people who will say, that’s because I don’t get high when I smoke. But then I don’t know why they are smoking. I’m just really confused. I know who can explain this to me.

A lot of men, and I mean this too, a lot of men is cosigning on the Chris Brown hate just because they think they can get some hoes out of it. On the low, they know they done made some mistakes too and needed some forgiveness. It really pisses me off when dudes do stuff like that. Like you can’t get some buns off that and be happy with yourself. “Death to Chris Brown … can I get some head for that tho?” No you can’t.

I can’t stand people who fronting. I am a great judge of character and if you lie too much I’m going to catch you. Now people who know me know that I hate when people do shit like that. Like it’s one thing to omit, it’s another thing to just straight out lie. Because when you lie, not only do you have to tell one lie, you got to keep telling lies to keep up the first one. And I’m never opposed to exposing someone. Watch, Reinagate 2, bitches.

And I’m out this joint.

Wait, no I’m not … you the funniest thing in the world is when someone tells you about how they’re getting high later on. They be like, yeah and on Friday, I’m getting high like shit. I’m getting sky-f*cking-high. I’m going to be so high, I can’t see.

Oh and you know what sucks, when people follow you but they don’t f*ck with you. They just follow you to make sure you don’t talk no shit about them. That’s cool. Whenever I see that happening, I jeer people on. Like yo, you should retweet what I say, and that person gonna think it’s about them. It’s just funny, if you don’t f*ck with the person why you following them? Just my two cents.

Life is good. God is good.


Reecie said...

this was a good one. but maybe some folks just don't want to blog? is that a bad thing? maybe like you said they just aren't that entertaining. But why they gotta be bitches? LMAO. I dunno can't call it, but there are some bloggers that irk me via twitter/not follow worthy and some tweeters that have blogs that I don't care to read. They serve a purpose--its not always both. lol

redlady821 said...

As usual you're in rare form today. I've been trying to get over here all day long but one thing or another has prevented me. I think some people don't blog because they're just not very good writers, they can't hold a persons interest. However saying it's for "personal reasons" is a cop out.

Marvie said...

hEY Man. I have been thinking lately about starting a blog. My first post would be "OMG and other things I hate". I really hate the use of OMG. Do people who blog really think they’re that entertaining or do they just not give a shit anyways? What about people in relationships who blog? Is there a protocol to follow, certain things you shouldn't say, can you really be open knowing that your sig. other may read it? I don't know.