Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Morning Mail - 1.11.11

This is part of what I like to do when I post a quote or some lyrics from a rapper that I thought were pretty bold. I love Tupac because even if he was just an entertainer, he said some real ish, that a lot of people can look up to. Check out this quote from an interview about his beef with Mobb Deep:

"And that's the truest shit I could ever had written. Cause these niggas in Mobb Deep is little kids. When I was in jail, when they came out with that song, when they was like, "Thug Life, we still livin' it"... you know in that song that they have. I took it as a dis'. So from jail, I'm calling my lil' homies in Atlanta and was like, "yo, they got a show out there, get with them bustas". So my homeboys roll and was like, "what's up?", them niggas cowards. In the car looking forward like they didn't see my homboys going, "Thug Life muthafucka, what's poppin?". You know what I mean? So I hate niggas like that. And these is some young bustas who gettin' souped up by they block to come up against a muthafucka they don't even know. Mobb Deep, you know like I know I'll swallow them. Now if this was somebody I could fuck with, would I tell you? but Mobb Deep, I'll swallow them niggas. I would have a train on them niggas. You know what I mean? One of them niggas got sickle-cell, he barely breathing. He don't even want to see me. He would have a fuckin' seizure. They both weigh like 100 pounds, my lil homies is attackin' them. That's why I'm not even addressing the Mobb Deep issue. They're not even on my level. I find it disrespectful that they would even think they can attack me or the West Coast. So I don't even address those busta ass babies, and PLEASE print that.

Because it is on and poppin'. And when I say it's on and poppin', I mean when I see them niggas in the spot, it is on and poppin'. I'm not one of them fake diss record writing muthafuckas. Only time I won't rush a muthafucka, is because he straight up told me, he got respect for me, he don't want no drama. Because I ain't no bully. I'm not just gonna beat no muthafucka up because the crowd want to see it. If you don't see me rushin' them, that's because they Bowed Down.

Now them Mobb Deep fools they don't want it.. Chino XL, Mobb Deep , Bad Boy, Biggie , Lil Ceasar, Junior Mafia all of them is on our hitlist and I'm getting with them with my new click called The OUTLAWZ. It's some Jersey dudes who are keeping that east coast flava poppin'. It's some west coast dudes, southern dudes. It's the epitome of what I represent. you know what I mean?"

If Tupac was alive today, it would be unfathomable.

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