Thursday, January 13, 2011

Morning Mail – 1.13.11

Ryan: [upon learning Matt's given up sex for Lent] One - you can't do it. It's j... This isn't a personal attack towards you, I'm just saying that no man can do it. It goes against nature. The male was biologically designed to spread his seed, Matt. You're gonna piss off the seeds, man! You're gonna... It goes against science! You wanna be the guy who goes against science?
Matt: [patiently] And two?
Ryan: Two - are you out of your fucking mind? You're the guy who can't finish a sandwich! You think you can go 40 days? Four... Do... This isn't normal. Did your brother put you up to this or something?
Matt: No. You know what? He's about as supportive as you are. And what do you care, anyway? This doesn't affect you in any way.
Ryan: You... This affects everyone.

Mandy: [Mandy describes to Matt the importance of women's power of abstinence] Women have been doing this since, well, forever, so we know all about the power. See, us having the power, that's part of the system, and by you taking the power, you're fucking with the system. And I think you see why we can't let that happen.
(Source: 40 Days and 40 Nights)

How much do you like to have sex when you’re in a relationship? Like, once a day, twice a day, three times a week, every so often? People get in relationships and just straight up stop having sex. People move in together and start to get focused on everything but sex. It’s really weird to me. You would think that now that you’re in the same place you would be like rabbits. Kids Know My Name by Dr. J, if you asked me.

And when you have sex, what turns you on the most about sex? A lot of people like to get a nut, but what about the other people who like to see another person get a nut? I think it’s tragic when women talk about not getting theirs every time. That’s not right.

I’ll give you some advice on keeping your relationship or just the person you dealing with happy. Have sex with them as often as possible.

I dated a chick who told me that she wasn’t all that into sex, didn’t need to have it everyday. That shit led to me drinking too much. I’m not even joking. I wonder what women who feel like that do when their man wants sex all the time. At night sometimes I lay in bed and I think, “What about all those women who are having sex right now and really don’t want to be having sex right now?” It’s funny to me how some women treat sex like it’s their job. It’s not funny, it’s attractive.

At the same time that I was writing this post I realized that it’s starting to bother me that I think about Kobe so frequently in the day. But does Vanessa have sex with Kobe every night? Like after a game. That must suck when he loses. I meant, hurt. What about after a road trip? That’s what sucks about dating an athlete right there. You have to bone him when you know he’s been boning some other chick. And if he rolls with Tiger, that means he prefers his women “rare.” Vanessa probably just be waiting at the door to see what Kobe bought her after a road trip. But on the real, he met her in high school, she’s probably into everything Kobe has told her to be into.

Random fact that I haven’t shared before. In the past three years I’ve been a life coach to eight people. Out of the eight, two were told that I would no longer be helping them because they don’t listen and they lie. The other six are all in relationships, one is engaged.


redlady821 said...

Wow interesting...(the whole life coach thing).

You never mentioned what if the husband stops wanting to have sex with the wife. You never mentioned what she might be going's always assumed that men are going to want to have sex...but that's not necessarily true.

SaneN85 said...

What Red Lady said (and I sincerely hope you aren't going through this). I went through it. Drugs made my husband's sex drive decrease DRAMATICALLY and that ish is not fun (although I still got it more then than I do now).

I was told by the most recent man in my life that he is not a machine and I'm just too horny for him. o______0 And it wasn't like I was asking for it 4 times a day, every day. Just that one.

All that to say, I've never had an issue being the one who didn't want to have sex (even with the husband when it wasn't anything to write home about).

redlady821 said...

@ Sane, yep...I currently am going through that right now but it's because he has health issues...diabetes, high blood pressure, needs to lose weight etc.

He's still very loving and affectionate and we are truly close, but the actual sex is far and few between. I just try not to think about it...cause if I think about it too hard I might do something rash.

It's funny because when you say your vows "in sickness and in health" you never think it would be a sickness that causes something like that. You're thinking, yeah, if he gets a cold or the flu, I will bring him tea and chicken soup until he gets better. You never think, what if he gets so sick that he cannot perform the way that you need him to? Now you have to revisit your vows before God and wonder how much is enough? What is fair and what is not?

I know he loves me to death and I love him. It helps that he is uber affectionate, back rubs, foot massages, everything he can think of, flowers etc. but I have to admit that every now and then I'd like my back blown the f* out by him.

I know this is all very personal, so please don't talk about me behind my back! LOL.

Tunde said...

when i get married i doubt i'll ever not want to have sex at least twice a day. eff what you heard. i need a woman who's sex drive can match mine. women talk a good game until you're in a relationship too. then all of a sudden the "i can have sex just about every day" turns into "i kind of only want it once a week". smh

SaneN85 said...


Why in the world would I talk about you behind your back?!? Girl, please. That's not in my nature. I feel for you, I know that must be a terrible position to be in. If it's any conosolation, the sex is few and far between over here too, albeit for different reasons.

redlady821 said...

@Sane...that wasn't directed at you, just the viewing audience in general, but thanks.