Monday, January 3, 2011

Morning Mail – 1.3.11

Burke: I happen to know a thing or two about people. You get approached a lot. Probably have since the day you strapped on your first training bra. But you're smart, and you're creative, and you're caring and big... But, how come the guys only see the package it comes in, sure... you're flattered. But ultimately, ultimately it's tiresome because it has nothing to do with you. You were born that way, you can't take credit for it. Your insides though, that's yours. That's what you want someone to truly see. Even a stranger. Ergo... you fake a handicap. Rather than to have a conversation with a fellow human being. You prefer sign language? Fine. [shows middle finger]
(Source: Love, Happens)

Love, Happens is a great movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought the story was tragic, but also it was one that we can take a lot away from. Mainly, thinking about the fact that the main character had his own demons with which he battled, but chose to spend most of his time helping others deal with theirs. I know that many relationship bloggers are the exact same way. I tell people to stay talking to, or stop putting themselves in positions all the time, that I haven’t convinced myself to stay out of. This is why I’ll always caveat my messages by saying, “Listen we wouldn’t be here, if we weren’t here, because we all know that these things happen.”

Also, saw Up In The Air. I think this movie is the male version of, “Devil Wears Prada.” Same concept, same outcome.

Gale: Looks like we've got a serial killer on our hands!
Deputy Dwight "Dewey" Riley: Well, a "serial killer" is not really accurate. Gotta knock off a couple more to get that title.
Gale: Well, we can help, can't we? I mean, we certainly don't have any leads. Have you located Sidney's father yet?
Deputy Dwight "Dewey" Riley: No, not yet.
Gale: Well, he's not a suspect, is he?
Deputy Dwight "Dewey" Riley: We haven't ruled him out as a possibility.
[He becomes aware that he is gazing too long at her eyes]
Deputy Dwight "Dewey" Riley: If you'll excuse me.
[Dewey turns away, but Gale pursues and grabs his arm]
Gale: I'm sorry, am I keeping you?
Deputy Dwight "Dewey" Riley: [Turning back to her, he removes his hat] If I may say so, Miss Weathers, you are much prettier in person.
[He gives her a flirty smile and turns away again to run up the school steps]
Gale: [delighted] So you do watch the show!
[Dewey stops and turns back]
Deputy Dwight "Dewey" Riley: I'm 25. I was 24 for a whole year.
(Source: Scream)

So I read this in an article over the weekend,

During the long on-air chat with Howard Stern on his radio show Wednesday, Arquette, 39, said that his psychologist, whom he sees once a week, believes he's having a "nervous breakdown."

"I've been drinking a lot," said Arquette. "[But I don't] want to go into all that, because it's really a personal, traumatic thing."

He added: "[Courteney] said she doesn't want to be my mother. I kind of need a mother right now. I need a girl to come bring me some soup and make sure I'm all right. I like that, and I take care of my ladies, too."
(Source: People Magazine)

A lot of people use alcohol to chase away their problems. This guy broke up with his wife and is in a downward spiral. Everybody has been there before. If someone tells you they have never had a spiral in their life, they’re lying, don’t trust anything else they say to you. Pray for David though.

Ke$ha scares me.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No wonder so many beautiful people have low self-esteem.

Finding out a man you've been sleeping with is now engaged is like getting laid off. Nothing you can do, just don't make a scene.

You can always tell a man’s mistress at his funeral. But at that point, he doesn’t care.

I’m done… lol.

Life is good. God is good.

Oh and Happy New Year.

Was I the only one who saw Black Swan and kept saying to himself, "Damn Natalie, you'a crazy bitch."


Redbonegirl97 said...

You had me cracking up on this. Pretty much spot on.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Anonymous said...

"Even the worst pain is to distress learning you're the mistress..."

Good post today. Up in the Air was a solid flick. I see the comparison to Devil Wear Prada - some of it holds up pretty well, but, overall thought it was a more mature movie. Plus, I can't stand Anne Hathaway.

JenHill said...

New here but i had to address the Black Swan statement. Love me some Natalie Portman but she totally lost it. Loved the movie i just hope that doesn't carry over into her real life.

Also some people haven't gone through a downward spiral yet which for 20 somethings is painful to be around. The oblivious to life people make me scared for them.

Dee said...

Agree that Love, Happens is a great movie. Saw it out of boredom one day, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

And Kesha....smh. Not sure why she's so popular. I guess young people these days think its cool to look homeless and cracked out on a regular.