Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Morning Mail

Look at this box score:

Look at this cartoon (Go to February 18th, 2009):

Look at this story from the good folks at MTO:

Stop for a second… Chuckle, and get your seven laughs in.

One of the biggest problems I’ve always had is that I compartmentalize my life (Who says consulting jargon isn’t rubbing off on me). I go to different people for different aspects of my life and I don’t really venture out from it. I’ll be flat honest with you, I talk to Lowell about any and everything pertaining to my relationships and I’m not likely to ever change that. I will talk to her before I talk to the person I’m in the relationship with. That has been a problem in the past because people feel as though they can’t resolve issues with me, before I resolve them with Lowell. I talk about work with Grove. So by the time I get home and someone asks me how my day is, I’ve already talked about it all day with Grove. I talk about ambitions and the next vacation I plan to go on with Midtown. This doesn’t really leave much for me to talk about with any significant other of mine.

You see women are always saying that men don’t open up. That’s a lie, men open up, they just don’t open up to their girlfriends. The reason why is because men feel the need to be strong, to be the provider, to always have everything together. I’ve spoken to my friends and mentors who are married and they said that the woman they married was the woman they thought they could be themselves the most around. They could talk about anything and didn’t feel uncomfortable doing so, no matter how weak they might have felt. So I guess the takeaway here is that if your man doesn’t talk to you, chances are.. he’s just not that into you.

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