Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Morning Mail - 07.22.09

Gracie Hart: You think I'm gorgeous, you want to kiss me...
Gracie Hart: You want to hug me... You want to love me... You want to hug me... You want to smooch me... You want to...
(Source: Miss Congeniality)

Can I tell you that I think that Jay-Z is the greatest rapper of all time? However, I also think Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player of all time? And I never liked his attitude on the court and off the court as it pertained to his team. Just like I don’t like how Jay-Z thinks it’s cool to be 42 and dictating ish to people like he’s the bomb.

Nowadays, I feel like I’m an recovering addict. I say to people all the time, “Listen, I’m an asshole, I’m working on my ish.

Tell me why, my site is getting blocked hardbody for cussing. Eff them.

Should I move to NYC? Would DC miss me?

Real talk, I have to show love to True because it’s hard to describe our relationship. When there’s someone who I know like that, I just have to give it up.

Am I the only one who just doesn’t want to cheer for Sotomayor?

I also don’t agree with taxing the rich to pay for healthcare. It’s not that I don’t agree that charitable giving, or giving for the greater good is a great thing. I just don’t think it exemplifies good policy. Like seriously, the rich should pay for healthcare. Right, and the poor who don’t work, have nothing better to do, so they should clean the streets… Doesn’t make sense to me.

D.O.D. Death of Drake – Best I Ever Had music video

I can’t do this all day long….. Beyonce – Sweet Dreams

Taking my ass home after work.

Sometimes, I wonder if people realize that we are a lot older than childish playground gossip he said she said ish.

SBM is blowing up. Don’t forget to show love to buppie and TBJ though!

I wanna do a Prospect Park recap joint right now. Will do briefly.



“Listen, I’m an asshole, I’m working on my ish."

Now Brian said that to me, and I totally understood. But some people didn't get why I sided with him :/

I liked the fact that he admitted his flaws, and made an EFFORT to be a better asshole...

True2me said...

yoooooooooo sup Dr. look handsome in ur lil twit pic too..just wanted to say that

why work on being an asshole..thats you....BE YOU...Im not working on SPIT but accepting who I am.

DC will miss u...dont LEAAAAAAAAAVE

The District's Buppie said...

If you are going to be an asshole, you might as well be the best asshole. And you my fellow blogmate... are the BEST at what you do! I think ur getting bored with DC tho, and a drastic change may be what you need. Sometimes its good to be missed? no?