Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Morning Mail - 07.29.09

King of Ward 3: I will not forget your voice!
Doctor's Wife: And I won't forget your face!
(Source: Blindness)

I have an ear infection right now, so I haven’t been blogging because it’s very frustrating. In my head I sound like darth vader, and when people talk to me, I can’t hear out of one side which means all the sound gets pushed through the other side and it’s like mass confusion.

The last two days I have been out until at least 11PM. I have not visited any club or lounge.

After a long conversation with my mother, I will admit that although this is selfish. I hate when people become emotionally attached to me. I really hate the fact that my actions can cause someone’s day to be ruined. Especially because personally I don’t feel that I ever intentionally want to ruin someone’s day. And like when people do similar things to me, I don’t get angry, because I think whether or not it was intentional. I can’t call it.

Do you guys remember my facebook note on co-workers? So I’m talking to my co-worker yesterday and she is like, yeah I only go to Park, Lotus, Josephine’s, Lima, Shadow, etc. And I give her this look like, 1) She’s not Black, which threw me off because of the nights she would go, 2) You’re too close to Dylan!, 3) This is how it begins. So my teammate who I also go out with from time to time is like, word, then we should all go out and see who really knows how to party. I stomped on his toe.

I’m not sure I’m ready for football.

I have noticed that I have new followers, welcome, and I’m going to keep making sure to keep pushing out good material. I know sometimes I get a little ultra-Kanye, but I try and keep it as 100, excuse me, 1-hunnit as possible.

Crashing the car is taking the world by storm.

Funny quotes from the week:
“Can I be your main side piece or just your emergency 3AM booty call?”
“Shorty got an onion on the low..” “That ish is not on the low.”
“That b*tch is craaaaaaazy.”
“Something about this photo album doesn’t seem right.”
“When it comes to crashing cars, I have the highest car insurance on the planet.”

Me and Castro are about to start Charm School and Charm Seminars on short weekends. If you know any ho3s or women in need of help with making better decisions, please let me know.


sunyblack said...

I would just like to say, you officially killed me with: "If you know any ho3s or women in need of help with making better decisions, please let me know."

Hilarious, I would say just sit in the food court at Pentagon City, that should be prime recruiting grounds for some candidates.

True2me said...

Im a ho3 in need of help with making better decisions..SIKE NAH..Im proud of my bad decisions

HOLLA...and feel better