Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Keep Ya Bidness Out The Tweets: Top 5 Ways To Get Caught On Twitter

The following is an entry from Radio, a good member of the Type iLL blog Family. Wooooooo! He hit the nail on the head with this one!

"It's Twitney, Bitch!" - Anonymous

Twitter! Home of just about everybody right now…right? This damn new “thing” adds an unnecessary level of f*ckery to our everyday lives, whether public or private. With quick and easy first hand access to so many people, one would think that they have hit the gold mine with regards to pimpin.

I beg to differ, and I have 5 reasons why:

1. Everything you say is “googlable.” Yes, I don’t give a f*ck about At least not yet…Google is still the search engine of champions. If people want to know something about anything, they “google” it. Some of you have screennames that are extremely uncreative (you used your real name).Game over for you if you try to get cute and say some slick sh*t, and it ends up popping up as the first line in your girlfriends random google search. Got ‘em.
*note that even if your partner doesn’t have twitter, this is how you can still “get got.”

2. Sending messages that should be DM’s. Oh sh*t! Some of us send mad reckless tweets to more than one female at a time! Chicks y’all be wyling alot too. Don’t get reported to @hoecop, seriously. You know that “@replies” are fed to everyone, right? …and then there’s the literal f*ckups , like being on ubertwitter and squealing “oh sh*t” after publicly asking @yourconcubine for the time to meet at the hotel so you can get it on. I know, you thought you were sending a DM. Your bad.
*Twitterberry is good for doing people dirty with this one.

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