Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson 1958-2009, the only man badder than me.

My mother told me that my nickname was, Bad from birth.

Like I literally used to just sit there and record the music videos on tape. Like the old school VHS, then I would learn all the dances.... I learned Thriller in like a day and so at Thanksgiving or any family event they would be like, yeah lil' Andy do the Michael dance you showed me before. And I would do it and whatnot. I think every dance that Michael ever had I learned to do, even the dance from You Rocked My World. So I guess all i'm trying to say is that, anyone who is like who is Michael Jackson? I'd be like, well he's kind of a big deal... so ask about him.

Single-handedly the man is responsible for me, NEVER, losing an old school dance competition, because I can moonwalk better than Carlton. And i'm really glad that I copped my red leather jacket from the Beat It video, last year, instead of right now, when it's probably worth like $25K, and I only paid $300, na nanananan BOO BOO.

*tearing my tee shirt*
"Jump on!"
(Dancing with Africans in the desert)


Anonymous said...

i can't believe he's gone... my sister and i used to watch that moonwalker movie over and over again. we were always mesmerized by him, such an awesome talent.



*dead* @ your pic... should have known Dr. J - if you can rock white socks, black shoes & black slacks the way he did... well then "you're the man"


Anonymous said...

moonwalker movie was the most amazing shit i have ever seen in life. that rabbit just kept spinning...and i dreidel'ed along with him til i got dizzy and fell asleep in front of the t.v. no wonder mama always let me watch it whenever i wanted to.

True2me said...

damn I cant see the pic lol

RIP mike

next time I see you show me some moves j

True2me said...

wait..I can see it now


C. Dishmey said...

LMAO @ nonstopradio

I got wait to go to my moms house to watch it again, since i dont own a VCR lol.