Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Insecurity: We all suffer from it, just don't be so obvious

The following things exhibit extreme insecurity, and thus they bother me:

1) Do I look fat? Aesthestically insecure.
Whenever asked this question I go to a place in my head that gives two answers; (1) Yes. (2) No, and since you don't, I think you must have some type of eating disorder, so i'm inclined to say, "Yes" just because I know it will really piss you off. I don't like people who look for affirmation and validation in the eyes of other people to me that's just a sign of low self-esteem. I realize that we all care what people think, but we cannot be slaves to other people's opinions of what right and wrong is. If you said to me, "Dr. J you look a hot ass mess right now" but I thought I looked fly, i'll just keep right on moving because no one asked you to wear what I have on my back.

2) Blackberry vs. iPhone.
Don't you just hate when someone has to tell you about something they have and compare it to something you have? I'll give you a perfect example, i've never heard of a BlackBerry user coming up to someone with an iPhone and saying, "My phone is better than yours." However, every person with an iPhone feels the need to tell you every chance they get how much better their phone is than yours. In my opinion, if you were so happy with it, you wouldn't feel the need to prove it was better. I think people should pay for what they want to pay for and not comment about what someone else spends their money on. That's simple manners. I tell you one thing I learned early on from my father not to comment on what he spent his money on. That was an easy way to get a, "Maybe you should mind your own damn business."

3) I'm focused on my career. Bullshit, you don't think you'll get what you want.
This is a weak statement when ever I hear it from anyone. Because at the end of the day we make time for what we want to make time for. And there are 24 hours in a day and 99% of Americans do not work 24 hours a day. The average work day is 8 hours, of which most people are only productive 75% of the time. That's approximately 6 hours, remove the hour you took for lunch and in reality you only do about 5 hours of work a day. Leaving you with 19 hours a day to BS. When you say, i'm focused on my career, or i'm too busy at work, what you really mean to say is, I haven't found the option I want so i'm blaming something other than my inadequacies or the fact that what I desire doesn't want me on someone other than myself.


True2me said...

Hey Dr. J,

Love the first post about insecurities, I have some body image issues myself that Im working to get over

and your last point..umm..dont you use the work excuse for finding your a gal pal

Dr. J said...

Nope, I do not. I said that some people use it.

True2me said...