Thursday, June 11, 2009

Casual Sex Is Screwing Relationships

I saw this on the internet today and wanted to share it here. Take a look.

by CocoaDiva

Hooking up, and getting it in with random folks you have no real interest in dating is killing relationships. There I said it. Start sending me those hate comments right now. I am sooooooo tired of hearing about everyone having sex and blowing out backs. Someone is lying or I should have bought stock in Trojan during this recession. I swear to God if I hear about another jumpoff I may sell my eggs to science.


True2me said...


if you dont want a relationship then dont have one

if you want a relationship...have one..its that simple lol

Anonymous said...

People are killing relationships...

but I agree with Diva abt the jumpoffs, so tired of hearing about it. After all the education on what is a jumpoff, how to tell if you're a jumpoff, damn if they don't know by now... well fuck em, pun intended.


Hmmmm. Well you all know how I feel about sex and relationships, etc... But why are only women referred to as JO's....guys are JO's too???

Dr. J said...

Men are a different type of jumpoffs though when compared to what a woman jumpoff is.