Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Morning Mail - 06.02.09

Ryan: One - you can't do it. You just can't. This isn't a personal attack towards you, I'm just saying that no man can do it, it goes against nature. The male was biologically designed to spread his seed. You're gonna piss off the seeds Matt! It goes against science! You wanna be the guy who goes against science?
Matt: And two?
Ryan: And two, are you out of your fucking mind? You're the guy who can't finish a sandwich, you think you can go 40 days? Did your brother put you up to this?
Matt: No - in fact he's been about as supportive as you are. Look, this doesn't affect you in any way.
Ryan: Oh, this affects everybody...

(Source: 40 Days & 40 Nights)

What was strange about yesterday was how it ended… I just went home, watched TV and went to bed. I had no energy to do anything else.

I love Law & Order!

Here’s something that’s been on my mind. If a girl tells you, I do not want to have sex if I’m not in a relationship, and you tell her, OK, then I don’t think we should talk anymore. Am I wrong? And let me follow this up, and preview my I’m a Libra post. It’s not that I have to have sex before a relationship, I just hate being told what I can and can’t do.

I told someone to watch Friends and they said, “Ehhh..” And I said, well you should watch it because I find that show to be hilarious and if you did maybe you’d understand some of the things that I find funny. It would clue you in on my sense of humor.

I had some really weird dreams last night. I had a dream I was fighting these huge super heroes in Capital Plaza. That’s really weird to me.

At times you keep running out of reasons for why you won’t do something.

Finally got my work laptop back yesterday from IT. New hard-drive at least they didn’t take my documents. Pictures and Music is gone.

Since I’m back at the client site for a few days, I’m back to my shitty wireless connection.

I did not share this with you all yesterday, I was up until like 6am on Sunday morning. An accomplishment for my sleepy ass!

I decided to blog about Performance Reviews. Trust me it’s a must read. Please check me out at:

Look, do yourself a big favor and download this song: Be By Myself – Asher Roth, I have never heard something that really summed up life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Starting to think about how perhaps we overcomplicate things, we blur the lines of what relationships should be. We “play house”, and then wonder why we can’t find life partners. I think that sometimes after we’ve tasted from the tree of life, our complete system of standards changes and we now overcomplicate simple factors of our lives.

The cell phone that flew into the pool on Saturday, TOO FUNNY.
http://simplywanderlust.wordpress.com/ I love them.

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Yep, as a young Diva, my Mom grounded me from the phone & TV & told me I couldn't get on it....so I'd do it when she was at work, and even got bold enough where I would turn the ringers off at night, and watch my phone light-up in the darkness.... she never said when....

So Dr. J - nothing is written in stone....unless it's written in stone!