Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Post Swap with DC Diva: 20 Something, Single, Fabulous & Unhappy

I’m so happy to be able to have this young lady bless the mic today. As many of you know I’m one of her biggest fans. Many of you close friends of the Doc have received several gchat messages, “Yo, check this out, start at the beginning and read until today. Bet 5 you be hooked.” However, first thing that drew me to her blog was her ability to remain real and true to herself and allow us a bird’s eye view of what’s going on. At this point now though, her commentary on the foolishness of these fellas out here in my city, combined with her love for vodka, keeps me satisfied. We are swapping our blogs today to get a change of pace. Visit her blog, http://dcdatingadventures.blogspot.com/, when you get a chance and make sure you follow her on twitter, @DCDatingDiva.

“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. - Einstein

In my excitement to write a piece on something other than my dating life, I got overly excited about the possibility of writing about sex during my blog swap with Dr. J. I had it all planned out. But then I had an epiphany (it has nothing to do with the wack sex I got after a 6 week drought) and decided to write on why it is, that with every corner I turn, it seems as if single, seemingly successful 20 & 30 something’s are so un-happy. (don’t worry, I’ll write about hot steamy head board bangin sex next time) My vision came to me as I sat at Busboys & Poets this past Saturday eavesdropping listening to two women chat about their jobs. One was a new lawyer (yeah she was that loud) and the other I’m not too sure about. But their conversation went a little like this.

New Lawyer: “I’m sooo unhappy at work. I thought after becoming a lawyer and being able to pay my bills, and live in comfort, that I would be happy. But it’s not my passion. My productivity is so low. I’m not happy. I have to work all of these billable hours. I have no social life. My real passion is writing. I’m thinking about just quitting, following my dream of becoming a freelance writer and maybe waitress to make ends meet. But I feel like as a lawyer, I’m helping my family. I can pay my bills and not have to struggle. But I hate it. I'm not happy”. (yeah, she said it like 10 times as if her friend didn't get it the first three)

Her Chick Friend: “Yeah. I know what you mean”.

What her chick friend really should have said: "Stop bitching and do something about it"... Ok, maybe not that harshly (actually some people like it rough), but sometimes you gotta kick your friends in the ass, to get them jump started. You can't keep sympathizing with them and enabling them, by saying "I know what you mean". Ask them what the F*ck, they plan on doing about it...ask yourself what the F*ck you plan on doing about your situation...

It's not just job satisfaction that I've been hearing gripes about. It's relationship (or lack thereof) satisfaction, friend satisfaction, self image satisfaction, sex satisfaction (I'm raising my hand, cause I too suffer). My solution...disclaimer: may not work with people who have pint sized obligations, .i.e children end disclaimer... QUIT. Yep. I said it it. Quit. You hate your job, quit. You hate your relationship, quit. You hate the fact that you gained 20 pounds since college quit eating out and knocking back six packs, you hate your friends quit them too...ok quitting everything may seem a little extreme....but you get the point.

We can sit around all day and lament about our sad, pathetic lives, that others would dream of having. Or we could STOP BITCHIN' AND START A REVOLUTION...(i.e. do something about it).

Thanks, that's all.


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Cheekie said...

Great idea ya'll, with the cross posting.

And um, Diva, the above post actually inspired me! I mean, I've heard it before, but maybe it was the way you put it. lol