Thursday, August 26, 2010

Morning Mail – 8.26.10

Alex Whitman: [Isabel tells Alex she's pregnant] But we were only together one night.
Isabel Fuentes: That's all it took.
Alex Whitman: And I used a condom. Lots of them.
Isabel Fuentes: Well, one didn't work.
Alex Whitman: But that's it's job! It's whole purpose in life is... to work.
(Source: Fools Rush In)

Why in the world can I not get my internet to work on my laptop at home?! Last night I was determined to not be denied and ended up being denied.

Thong Thursday is officially the most nastiest greatest thing ever. I remember when it started. I feel bad not everybody getting paid though.

And why people always put up they best pic ever on twitter? Seen you in real life like... o_0. This aint Blackplanet.

I don’t think Trina is that attractive, but she looks nice in pictures.

There’s never any time.

I got to go.

I hope to see you guys at Park tonight.

Life is busy. God has a plan.

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