Friday, February 11, 2011

Afternoon Mail - 2.11.11

Jake Shuttlesworth: I pray you understand why I pushed you so hard! It was only to get you to that next level, Son. I mean, you's the first Shuttlesworth that's ever gonna make it out of these projects, and I was the one who who put the ball in your hand, Son! I put the ball in your crib!
(Source: He Got Game)

In my young age, I didn’t know why my father did some of the things he did. I didn’t understand. My parents spent most of my childhood apart so the time I spent with my father was on weekends here and there. It mainly meant that I had to get advice in odd ways. I think it’s because of this that sometimes I come to realizations that wow, my father was trying to drop some deep knowledge on me.

If a woman tells you she’s crazy, believe her.

I don’t know why men will deal with a crazy woman and then start complaining that she’s crazy. But the flip side is that men have a tendency to date crazy women all the time. It’s almost like they prefer crazy women. I don’t think men really like a docile woman who is sane, they want her to be liable to break some shit or they just don’t like her.

Do you like country music? I can’t lie, I think that country music is pretty good.

TODAY on the train I did something I never did before … so I get on the train and get my window seat. A couple stops later a really large woman comes and nudges my bag as if to say, “Excuse me, can I sit there?” I was busy typing on my laptop so I look up and around at all these open seats outside of mine. I’m just like, why do you want to sit next to me when there are all these seats available. So I just was like, “Actually, you can have this seat.” And she sat down, and I went and sat somewhere else. But the lady I went to sit next to would not stop laughing for like a whole stop. I was like, “stop being so hot.” Back in the day “hot” meant like drawing attention to yourself. Anyway a few stops later a seat opened up that didn’t have another pew in front of it and the large woman moved to that. It was weird, I felt like I was being rude, but I just did not understand why she chose me to sit next to.

I am really excited about this weekend because I think some good things will come from it. First off , I’ve got the idea and outline for my next eBook done. So I can start writing that. But in addition, I don’t have to do anymore writing for SBM because I posted the whole series already. Yep, all ten of my points and commentary are already done.

I haven’t had a good beer in a long time. I think I will work on that for tonight. Like after a while you just get bored with Miller Light and Heineken. I don’t know why people think Heineken is the best beer ever; it’s not even the best in its class. I’m trying to be done with liquor for at least a month or two. I go through phases where I just don’t see anything productive out of drinking hard liquor. I’ll have a beer here or there, but I’ll chill hard on the Hennessey.

I’ll be in Syracuse on Tuesday, those of you who are able to make it to the event at the University, it will be great to meet y’all. Please believe me, there will be some madness on Marshall Street afterwards.

Where the Knicks fans at? I should at least be able to get me a honest adult beverage and some pizza for tonight’s game.

Enjoy your weekends. Please drink responsibly.

I heard a rumor that drinking too much can cause birth control to be less effective.

How many people got shook just now?

Life is good. God is good.

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SaneN85 said...

I didn't get shook, because I'm not getting any.