Thursday, February 24, 2011

Morning Mail - 2.24.11

Carl Peterson: What's going on with you and Molly?
Dupree: What?
Carl Peterson: You heard me. Are you in love with my wife?
Dupree: Have you lost your mind? What are you talking about?
Carl Peterson: Dupree. Dupree, just answer the question.
Dupree: Whoa, hold on, Jake LaMotta. I'm not gonna answer... that's a sick question!
Carl Peterson: How come you can't answer it?
Dupree: I'm not going to answer because it doesn't deserve and answer. How could you ask me something like that?
Carl Peterson: You're very clever, Dupree. You're living in my house. You're going to town on yourself in my living room. And now, you're moving in on my wife.
Dupree: What?
Carl Peterson: You think you got it all figured out, but I'm on to you, and you're out of here!
Dupree: Oh, no. Hold on. You're not throwing me out of here. I'll leave!
Carl Peterson: Good! And while you're at it, leave the flask and the groomsman's outfit.
Dupree: But you gave those to me. Those were gifts.
Carl Peterson: All right! You know, keep those. But leave the insignia, because that was for my best man.
(Source: You, Me and Dupree)

I hate when you ask a person a question and they just don’t answer the question. Just answer the question. We asked my friend where he was one time and he replied, “I’m in the city where the skinny n*ggas die and the fat people eat them.” Exactly, no one had a clue what he meant. He actually meant Philly, but just answer the question. I’m also the type of person who asks very good questions. This is because I think about what I say before I say it. So don’t get offended when you answer one of my questions with an explanation and not an answer and I say, “that was a binary question; yes or no.”

Do you have a friend like Dupree? A friend who just shows up and overstays their welcome. In the old crib, I felt like I had several. There’s nothing like having this situation on your hands...

Carl Peterson: Dupree, what you did in our bathroom last night was disgusting. Molly nearly passed out.
Dupree: I know, I know. Believe me. I'm never eating Buffalo wings again. I don't care how much I love them. I'm off them.
(Source: You, Me and Dupree)

None the less, I’ve been over at Single Black Male lately, writing my ass off about: Ten Things Black Folk Need to Change Right Away. Today is the last installment, please check that out. Here are the other links too:

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In conclusion, I’m so tired of sneezing this week.

Are we still recording? Let's go to Applebee's, i'm hungry than a motherf*cker.


redlady821 said...

OK more randomness - but I will comment anyway.

When I was still single I had a girlfriend stay with me for over six months. She drove me nuts. She wasn't as bad as Dupree but she had a habit of waiting until I had male company and then coming out in something really skimpy and saying, "How does this outfit look?" Every time my company knew exactly what she was doing and they would say she was playing herself. I wonder if she knew how stupid she looked whenever she did that?

OK, I'm finished.

SaneN85 said...

Redlady, you aren't used to the randomness yet? LOL

BTW, the series over at SBM has been great, J.