Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NEW!!! Dr. J's eBook - 17th & K Street: Deluxe Version (Free Download)

The PDF version of the eBook is available, download it here.

The Podcasts are available, download them here.

The Mixtape by Carver the Great is live, download it here.

That's all I can say right now. 

"Wait, now I can't feel my face."

17th & K Street is here, people. I'm double cupped right now.

Life is Good. God is Good.

Thank you.


MrsLindsay said...

Tried to download the ebook but the link is taking me to SBM.org.

Dr. J said...

The link on there is the one for the pdf file for the book.

Lina said...

Just finished reading your eBook. I really enjoyed it.

Dr. J said...

Thank you so much Lina! Now check out that mixtape and podcast.