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Three Aesthetics Guaranteed to Capture the Eye of the Male Species by Mia Anita

Guest Post today from my good friend, Mia Anita, check her out here.

As summer approaches, I have recently been putting my style and beauty hypotheses to the test on separate occasions. Within the past month, I’ve discovered three common threads that link most men, no matter the age, origin, ethnicity, hopes or dreams. These three things for some reason are like stimuli to testosterone and I felt it was only fair that I share my findings.

A. Healthy Hair in a well put together style

Dr. J's note: Men love freckles.
In my post last week, Not So Much, pt. 2 on I responded to an anonymous comment surrounding the whole Carol’s Daughter model choice debacle and why I was not only confused but irritated with someone advocating the use of the phrase “good hair.” I continue this week to think how there are still people in 2011 within the Black & African American community that still find the phrase “Good Hair” acceptable for use and definition of a select few within the Black community. I’m still a bit perturbed, nonetheless I’ve found since then that other women with sense agree with me when I say, “good hair only means healthy hair.” Healthy Hair has shine, is soft, “trained,” and is most important, well moisturized. Whether natural, permed, pressed, straightened or dyed, hair is “good” when it is infused with the right product, time and care to make it smile on a daily basis. As black women, our hair is a reflection of who we are and what we want the world to know about us, and so it’s extra important when wanting to stand out in the crowd (for whatever reason – but in this case to attract a man) your roots must be prepared, because believe you me, men know more about our products and options than a lot of us do, so do your due diligence to come correct with the presentation of the locks and strands.

B. Red, Pink, Orange & Coral-based Lipstick

Dr. J's note: Lips, yum...

This category will only work if you research and take the time to find the right hue for your skin tone. As there are four colors listed, there are hundreds of skin tones that exist within the Black community. Please do enough homework to make sure the color accentuates and doesn’t make you look like Wanda from In Living Color. Also, keep in mind, during the summer months, your skin tone may change colors, if you have a go-to red lip you wear during the winter, that hue may not look right on you in the middle of august. The purpose of the color lip is to make your puckers pop, drawing the attention straight to your pout. Remember, when doing a bright lip, keep everything else simple. Clown school is not the end goal from this attempt.

C. Colors (bright hues – neon acceptable)

Spring and summer are the one time during the year that Brooklyn and the Bronx bring out colors other than navy, grey, black and brown. (Inside joke) The acceptance of color within the wardrobe livens up your mood and attracts not only the bumble bee’s but “dawgs” and sometimes “fleas” to your colorful wearable palette. (Disclaimer – depending on your attraction goal, the dawgs and fleas may require pest deterrent) The key to wearing bright colors is to not wear more than 2-3 colors at a time. The chic woman wears a full neutral look with a pop of turquoise in her necklace or in a blouse, and a pink based lip. Colors make you look brighter even when you may not feel as bright. A bright yellow or rich purple looks beautiful when bounced off of warm golden or sun kissed chocolate skin. The key is to wear in doses and to not outdo the rainbow.

Now, of course there are more than just three ways to attract a male, and yes all males are different but ALL males are truly, really simple creatures. As much as I hate to admit that on the net, it’s true. Their motivation is often led by or influenced by some woman in their life, whether it be mom, grandma, aunt, cousin, girlfriend or wife. No it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out aesthetically pleasing traits to capture attention, but it takes many a long time to realize the first and foremost way is to be happy with who you are and confident on what you have to offer, inside and out. You may find the day where you have all the outer traits on point, but if you’ve never invested on fine-tuning you inside, then the exterior doesn’t mean much.

Lastly, please remember, the title of this post says “capture the eye” not “capture, keep and get a proposal next month.” It is my belief; women have the power to lead a culture in the direction she wants it to go. However, the difficulty is in the woman discovering and implementing that power into action. And I’m not talking about the “power of the p*,” I’m speaking about the symbolism behind the phrase. Once you have that man’s attention, what are you going to do to keep that man’s attention and make him want more of it the next day, next week and next year?

It’s an ongoing quest to become the whole woman, but with a little TLC, we can all become the ideal and more!

What are some of your tips and tricks used to capture his eye?

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