Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dr. J's take on Power Couples

I hate when someone refers to a couple as a “Power Couple.” I just really don’t get what that means. To me, it’s usually refers to the fact that the two people have a lot of power and combined they are like Captain Planet. Like a Black doctor and a Black lawyer are dating and they are power couple. I have problems with money and wealth being the basis for a relationship. I’m sorry like I think that the real basis is um… what’s the word I’m looking for? They “care” about each other, no wait, “Love.” That’s the word I’m looking for.

I think that Power Couples can be good, they can be based on love and because of the bond that you share for each other’s success you grow to be a Power Couple. Take Michelle and Barack Obama, they didn’t start off as a Power Couple, but they are now. But I generally think that most Power Couples are made of things that are superficial and temporary. I think that in order to get a Power Couple level, most of these people have professional degrees and are very focused on their personal success and so quickly you find that both parties are selfish. They have been focused on themselves for most of their lives. They have made it a point to do well in college, grad school, and in their career. They not only did well, but they’ve reinvested the harvest. The stereotypical party in a Power Couple has much personal success. For example, Bob and Sheila Johnson were never a Power Couple, they were seen as two powerful people until after they split. However, I’d say Jay-Z and Beyonce are a Power Couple. (In fact, I think they represent the rubric.)

Relationships built on love seem to last longer and throughout the test of time. I look at a relationship like Robin Thicke and Paula Patton and I’m so sure that love is behind their bond. Because on both sides of that relationship I could clearly see reasons why it is stressful. However, they are able to do it and keep the fire in their relationship. Look at what happened with Madonna and Guy Ritchie.

Like Robin Thicke says, “We just riding out on love.”


True2me said...

Most "successful" negros dont want a human companion..they want some things they can type on a list, place in a computer and spit out this robot of a person.

no one cares about personality and heart and what kinda person they are. They care more about their status in life and how much they make

Its stupid ..life just cant work that way

we focus too much on material things

Dr. J said...

How about I had this same conversation with DCBuppie last night? I said, as a "successful negro" my thing is that I appreciate what a woman has to offer, but she must understand I don't give a lot of credit for some things.

My example was for a woman with a career. I've always said, "My wife can work if she wants to, but she doesn't have to." People may get upset about that, but all's i'm saying is that's the home I will build for my wife. I won't feel either way about her working or not.

But personality and heart are paramount to me in a partner. All those material things waver.